(Lack of) Sewing Progress

I am a bit frustrated because the sewing mojo is high – I have a lot of projects I want to make, it is finally getting cold out, so I can actually wear the coats on my list, and my brain keeps wandering to all the things I want to sew.  Not to mention all the fabulous sewing projects popping up on other blogs being so annoyingly inspiring.  In spite of all this, sewing progress has been lacking.  Mostly due to my thesis writing efforts, but also partially because once said thesis writing efforts have been finished, stash relocation will be necessary in all likelihood, so I have been preemptively relocating a lot of my sewing materials. Which I think will be good because then everything will be located with my sewing machines, but it has been a bit disruptive to my sewing process.  So I have a lot of things sort of quasi-started but nothing remotely close to being finished.  Here is an assessment of my sewing progress as of the moment:

(1) Ok, so in my last sewing-related post, I mentioned that I had started work on my metallic trench coat projects, featuring the BurdaStyle 11-2012-118 pattern:

So far I haven’t done much – I have traced the pattern and cut it out, but no muslin as of yet.  I am going to keep working on this, but because of the stash relocation, my cutting space is a bit tight at the moment, so it is a bit difficult to find the room to cut out such large pieces.  So in all reality I am probably going to end up working on the other projects I have sort of started before I get around to finishing this coat.

(2)  Since my sewing system is in disruption mode at the moment, I found it easier to be tracing patterns than actually cutting fabric and sewing it, so I thought I would get a jump on the other project I wanted to try and finish before the end of the year, my teal blazer project:


I have been obsessed with this pattern ever since the magazine came out last year (this will actually be my 3rd pattern from that issue, so I guess I am getting my money’s worth for that one), and I have been meaning to make this as part of my year-long sewing challenge, but I have been putting off tracing the pattern.  (Ummm, yeah, it is kind of annoyingly detailed and it is printed in RED on the same sheet as some of the really large pink “extra” pattern pieces and thusly very hard to trace.  I woulda just said “aww screw it” if I didn’t really really like this pattern.)  Anyway, so this pattern is also traced, cut out, and last night I snuck in a bit of sewing time in order to fit a muslin.  Actually the fit was mostly pretty good right away, but I still need to do a few alterations.  I am pinching in the back ever so slightly to accomodate my swayback, though this pattern needs less adjustment than most.  Also, in this pattern it is really evident that I need to make a square-shoulder adjustment.  I don’t think I have done this before, but I have the tell-tale riding up around the back neck area, and when I add shoulder pads it just exacerbates the problem (and I definitely want to use shoulder pads for structural purposes).  It won’t be a major adjustment, probably about 1/2″ or so.  I also need to do a full upper arm adjustment on the sleeves.  Actually, I noticed with this pattern it seems more close-fitting than a lot of other Burda jackets I have tried, but I think that is because (1) it is supposed to be a fitted blazer and (2) it is supposed to be made out of sweatshirting material and thus would theoretically have a bit more stretch in the fabric.  My fabric actually is quite stretchy, but I want to add a full lining, so it can’t be too tight.  The original pattern only calls for a half lining (since it is supposed to be a lightweight summer pattern) but I want a full lining, so I sort of drafted my own lining patterns (only tricky for the front because the front facing is a bit oddly shaped dur to the dart position).  I am *hoping* what I plan is going to end up alright.  Anyway, this will probably sneak ahead of my trench coat in the production line, simply because the smaller pattern pieces are much easier to deal with in my current jumbled situation.  Not to mention, level of construction detail is much less (as in fewer pieces to cut and fewer details so sew), which could be nice right now.  I wouldn’t expect to see a finished jacket anytime soon, but, on the other hand, with a Monday holiday maybe I can sneak some sewing time in.  I am currently trying to convince myself that this would be a good pattern for my first attempt at a bagged lining since there aren’t any vents or other hem details.

(3) Tutorial skating costumes are cut out and ready to sew, but I haven’t really started on them yet, mainly because I think I need to replace the blades on my serger.  I have noticed the last few projects that it has been getting a bit gummed up when sewing through some fabrics that it should have been treating like butter, and I am fairly certain that the knife blades have been dulled to the point where I need to change them.  Which I can do, but haven’t mainly because I am lazy but also because I have only one set of spare parts right now and previous experience has taught me that one should ALWAYS have a spare set of serger blades hanging about.  Always.  So, I am going to maybe hopefully order another back-up set, so I can put some fresh blades on and go from there.  I have the first section of the tutorials written, but I do want to make sure the whole thing is complete before I post them (can’t commit to a timeline right now and I don’t want to leave anyone hanging).  I will get to work on the sewing and construction posts when I can, and the tutorial is still coming.  Just really really slowly.

So, overall, ummm, yeah.  Sewing progress has been minimal.  Actually, due to new-boot breaking in awkwardness, skating progress has felt a bit minimal too.  Though today I was starting to finally feel like I could almost bend and push again.  Almost.  And, well, honestly “real life” has been in a giant holding pattern ever since I started really working on my thesis writing.  So, right now, nothing really feels like it is progressing in any meaningful fashion.  But, well, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a bit brighter.  Of course, it remains to be seen if that light is the outside world calling or a giant train about to steamroll right over me.

2 thoughts on “(Lack of) Sewing Progress

  1. Funny, I find that there are certain Burda issues that I really get my money's worth from, too. I can't wait to see how both of these go forward.

    Thanks for the shout out!


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