New Patterns Abound! September Burda Early Preview, Burda Plus Fall/Winter, and New Fall Simplicity Patterns

My time is tight right now, between skating, finishing costumes, and eating and sleeping, but I wanted to mention that there are a LOT of new pattern releases in the past few days.

Firstly, the September Burda early preview can be seen on the German and Russian websites.  I have to say, so far, I am impressed.  Or, at least intrigued.  I see a lot of things I think I might like, so I am excited for the full preview of the magazine to come out.

Trench coat love!
Dress with potentially interesting seaming.
I also like this dress.
Cute jacket in the plus sizes.
Cute Burda Plus dress.

Also, the full preview of the Fall/Winter 2012 Burda Plus can be seen here.  I am not seeing anything drool worthy, and a fair number of the patterns can be found in the regular monthly magazines, but there look to be a lot of good basics, so it could potentially be a good addition to a pattern collection.

Finally, the Fall Simplicity Collection has been announced.  This collection looks to have a lot of crafty looking patterns and easy Halloween costumes for kids, but there were a few interesting new patterns:

New Leanne Marshall pattern – I think this dress is super cute!
Ok PR dress pattern.
New Cynthia Rowley jacket.  Not wild about the cut-outs.
PR coat pattern.  Perhaps a bit butch for me, but still a classic shape.
Odd cape and fuzzy vest… I am not such a fan of this one.
I do like this costume pattern though.
This new steampunk one looks sort of uninspired though.

Overall I am liking the Leanne Marshall pattern, and the Snow White 1773 costume pattern.  I can probably live without the others.

So – what’s the verdict?  Are we excited about September Burda?  Anything you are dying for from the new Simplicity line?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “New Patterns Abound! September Burda Early Preview, Burda Plus Fall/Winter, and New Fall Simplicity Patterns

  1. The August Burda issue was a good one, and fingers crossed the September will be good too.
    Nothing in Simplicity caught my eye. The LeeAnn Marshal dress is interesting, but in the end I probably wouldn't sew it.


  2. I agree! August Burda was a step in the right direction after such a disappointing July! I have high hopes for Sept.

    I'm feeling a bit “meh” about the Simplicity offerings.


  3. Since I don't subscribe to Burda, I can only comment on the Simplicity patterns. Overall, I think their release was rather dull and lacked creativity. I like the Leanne Marshall pattern but that is about all from the release. I don't sew costumes and the PR coat looks dull to me. Hopefully this is early fall and there will be some more to come! :]


  4. I thought the Simplicity patterns were kinda boring and so what. Absolutely nothing that even remotely interested me. I really didn`t care for the Leanne Marshall pattern, but that is probably my age talking.

    Unfortunately Burda is unavailable where I live so I for once, have no opinion 8-).


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