Newsflash: Fall Vogue Patterns Announced!

Though I am crazy busy and haven’t really had time to keep up on my blog reading, I did want to post the new Vogue Patterns for fall.  Overall this is a pretty great collection.  At least, it feels very Vogue, if that makes sense.  Very stylized.  Perhaps not the most wearable patterns for everyone, but there certainly is a lot that I would consider fashionable.

First of all, check out these fabulous coats:

V1320 – Issey Miyake Designer Pattern
V1321 – Donna Karen Collection Pattern

Part of me knows that I can’t get away with wearing these oversized coats – they just make me look huge.  Another part of me doesn’t care and wants to get these patterns anyway.  I have a weakness for coats.

There were also some great pants and suit options:

V1325 – Anne Klein Pattern
V8836 – Very Easy Vogue Pants
V8835 – Very Easy Vogue Skirt
V1324 – Donna Karen

There were also a lot of cute dresses in this release:

V8825 – Probably my favorite pattern of the fall releases.
Also, I have some of that fabric.
I wouldn’t use it to make this dress though.
V1317 – Chado Ralph Ruchi
V8829 – Cute shirt dress with many style options 
V1314 – Tracy Reese – I predict this will be one of the most popular patterns.

I am also trying to convince myself that I don’t need every cowl neck pattern ever drafted, but I might be failing:

V8831 – Vogue Custom Fit with cup sizes.  I like the style lines.

Also, for those of you who are into trend chasing:

V1316 – Rebecca Taylor Designer Pattern
V1322 – DKNY – Color blocking + cape = slightly crazy?

And, although overall this was a great collection of patterns, with Vogue there is always a chance to go to the crazy:

V1312 – Mizono – Most Awkward Model Pose of ALL TIME
Oh, and the dress is kinda dowdy and boring too.

So, what do you all think?  Which are your favorites?  Did I miss anything exciting?  Overall I think there are some great patterns here, both in terms of basics and designer patterns, and I will be eagerly awaiting the next pattern sale.

8 thoughts on “Newsflash: Fall Vogue Patterns Announced!

  1. Eek! That last post looks like she is, well, going to the toilet.

    I *love* that cowl pattern. I am much less in love with the crazy cape jacket!


  2. I rather like the trouser suit and the red dress (would like it even more without the big ties).

    I'm not so keen on the cut-and-shut cape/jacket thing, or the toilet dress.

    Will add that trouser suit to my wish list…


  3. Love love love the Donna Karan skirt. Perefect of those of us with skater's butt.

    The red dress would be pretty for someone like me who likes conservative work dress. But the front bow would have to go.


  4. I am an ice dancer and beginning sewer. Can you share how you drafted the pattern for the skirts you use on your competition dresses (both symmetrical and asymetrical)? I hate tne skirts included with skating dress patterns and I've tried drafting my own (and like you, I prefer to add them to the finished body and not incorporate them into the waist) but haven't had any come out well. Yours are flattering and beautiful. Thanks!


  5. Thanks for the compliments! I won't be able to do a post with pictures for a while because I am currently at a competition without access to my patterns, and don't have a lot of time/interent access for a while, but when I get home I will take pictures of my patterns and do a post where I will discuss how I attach the skirts to the costumes.


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