Newsflash – Burda Easy Fashion Spring/Summer 2012 Announced

BurdaStyle Russia has the full preview of the latest Burda Easy Fashion up for viewing.  In general, there is nothing that I am super excited about, so I don’t think I will actually try to find this issue.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t look at some of the designs inside…

I think this skirt would be a favorite among the bicycle riders –
just enough flare and not too long.
The jacket/pants are a nice practical combo.
I realize this is a sack dress with elastic waistband, but I still sort of like it.
I like the keyhole neckline – shouldn’t be too hard to duplicate without the pattern though.
I also like the neckline/contrast fabric bands on this dress.
And here is some of the colorblocking trend.
More colorblocking – I actually rather like it on this dress.
At first I thought this jacket pattern could be interesting…
But after studying the line drawing I decided I didn’t need it.
Also, I have to admit this skirt made me laugh –
it looks like she is wearing a fishbowl around her waist.

So, overall, not very exciting issue to me, however, I don’t usually respond as well to the easy Burda patterns as much as I do to the more complicated detailed ones.  So, I wouldn’t say this issue is a bad issue, it just isn’t exciting enough for me to search one out.  What about everyone else?  Anything here really excite you?  Or are you going to stick to the regular monthly issues?

One thought on “Newsflash – Burda Easy Fashion Spring/Summer 2012 Announced

  1. I think there are some good looks here, but they could probably all be recreated with patterns from the regular magazine and the right fabrics. (Though this is true of many patterns and that doesn't stop me buying them!).


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