Newsflash – New Simplicity Summer 2012 Patterns Announced

Simplicity has announced yet another round of new patterns for Summer.  You can check out the new collection here.  In general there are lots of summery dresses, though in general most of them seem a bit bland.

Simplicity has also jumped on the peplum bandwagon with this Project Runway pattern:

And I did rather like the new Cynthia Rowley patterns:

This could be great for the color blocking trend.

Also, Simplicity has new costumes!

Even though I haven’t made any costumes lately I still like to collect the patterns.  This release also had a few skirts and wardrobe patterns, but all of the designs looked similar to Burda patterns I already have, or I wasn’t too interested in the designs.  So overall, not the most exciting of releases, but I do think I will pick up the costumes and the 1801 Cynthia Rowley pattern.  What about everyone else?  Are you excited by this release, or are the designs sort of meh?  Will you be jumping on the peplum trend, or avoiding it like the plague?  Any of these patterns a must buy, or will you be skipping these releases?

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