I Love Getting Packages

I love getting things in the mail.  It is so terribly exciting.  Especially when said mail is coming from halfway around the world.  One of the best things about having my sister study in Europe is I can force her to get cool stuff for me she loves me and sends me awesome gifts.  Though perhaps some of it is payment for the hemming of her jeans, which, as all good seamstresses know, is the ultimate leverage in getting someone else to do something for you.  Either way, I have some pretty amazing loot, so let’s take a look, shall we?

Olympic stuff!  For this summer’s London Olympics.
Assorted pins and goodies from England and Norway.
Also, one might notice Charles Darwin hanging out in the crowd.
More awesome buttons!
So sparkly!
The ones on the left are actually a pretty green/pink color, but hard to photograph.
Jane Austen book from the museum.
And historical fashion books from the Jane Austen museum!
Fashion in the Time of Jane Austen – has lots of great photos and drawings, as well as useful text. 
Jane Austen Fashion – More informative text about historical fashions with fewer pictures.
Costume from 1500 to the Present Day – A great overview of changes in European fashions over the past 5 centuries.
As you can tell, I am quite excited by my gifts.  The general England/Norway/Olympic stuff is cool, I have some awesome stash fabric that will look amazing with these buttons, and the Jane Austen fashion books are totally awesome and unique.  All in all quite a great haul considering all I am doing is being a lazy sibling across the sea.

2 thoughts on “I Love Getting Packages

  1. I love getting stuff in the mail too!! I got 5 different shipments last week, lol. But three of those were different parts of a Bday gift I had ordered for someone. However, three patterns did come in the mail for me, lol. A terrible habit I have started.

    I did just order a pair of shoes though that will be showing up for me next week. They went on super sale and I just couldn't resist, lol.

    It looks like you got lots of awesome goodies. I love all those buttons!


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