Confessions of a Stash: December Weekend Haul

Well, since the events of last week were a bit devastating for me, I was a bit bummed this weekend.  The sewing machine and serger have been moved to my parents house (perhaps a blessing in disguise?  As I will be home quite a bit the next few weeks due to the holidays), but have not been set up yet.  This weekend was actually very busy, so I did not have time to make a new space for them yet, but it will be my main goal for next weekend.

Despite my lack of sewing and quasi-depressed state of being, this weekend was actually a pretty good sewing weekend, at least in terms of stash building.  Firstly, I have a very understanding mother who very much approves of the whole sewing thing, and so she helped make my weekend a bit brighter with a bountiful stack of Burdas!

Yay Burda!

I also picked up a few Simplicity patterns.  Of course, they are all patterns for guys, which won’t be immediately useful for me.  The reasoning behind this is that I might, maybe possibly, get a paying sewing gig in the near-ish future, making skating costumes, and I need a starting point if I am to be sewing tuxedos out of stretch velvet.

Simplicity patterns…

Also, since I had to move my center of operations, I picked up a few notions at half off so that I don’t have to cart so much back and forth on a weekly basis.

Notions.  And a few zippers for upcoming projects.

And, of course, what would a stash accumulation be without some new fabric?  I found this really pretty metallic cotton in the red tag bin at Joann’s:

My new fabric!

I am not sure exactly what it will be yet.  Definitely a jacket, but possibly also some (slightly crazy) pants or maybe a skirt?  I have enough for at least 2, maybe 3 projects.

But the weekend haul doesn’t stop there.  I also had a few packages arrive in the mail!  A few weeks ago, on Cyber Monday, I decided that, although I was totally bummed by the failed shopping trip and not really interested in buying fabric, it would be dumb to not buy some cotton sateen while it was on sale, since I was going to buy it for some of my projects eventually anyway.  So I was really happy when my box from Mood arrived with my fabric:

Left: Blue Bemberg Rayon Lining, Back: Blue Cotton Sateen, Front: Black Cotton Sateen

Words cannot describe how smooth this fabric is!  It is fabulous – the weave is excellent.  After finding such wonderful cottons I don’t think I could ever be tempted by quilting cottons again.  The quality is so high I think I am quickly headed on my way to fabric snobbery…  Also, I splurged and got myself a little gift too:

Canvas Mood bag!

You see them all the time on Project Runway, and now I have one of my own.  This will be great for all the project toting I am going to be doing in the next year…

And, finally, as if all of that wasn’t enough, I also got a couple of Burdas in the mail too!  I am slowly building up a collection of older issues, which I really enjoy owning.  So many of the older Burdas have some really fabulous designs.  This time I got:

November 2009 and November 2004.

The 2009 issue is in German!  It is really nice with gold lettering and super thick glossy pages – very fancy.  Luckily, the seller also included photocopies of the English instructions, so I can follow along if I need them.  And possibly tech myself German.  In either case it is a unique addition to my collection and I am glad to have it.

The 2004 edition is fabulous and has some wonderful classic styles.  I know that it is hard to find the contents of some of the older issues online, so I thought I would share a few images of the inside:

I already have a green pea coat, but now I want another one!
Loving the military style jacket on the left
So many great classics.

So, all in all, despite my frustrations at the end of last week, this weekend ended up being pretty good!  The only downside – I think I am getting sick, again!  I just went through this a few weeks ago, and I am not exactly thrilled by the prospect of dealing with it again.  Especially since when a certain someone comes home from Europe I am sure they will have all sorts of new and exciting germs to share as well.  Bah.  Not very fun.  At least I can while away the hours flipping through my growing stack of Burda magazines…

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