Saturday Shopping Bust

Well, Saturday shopping trip didn’t turn out as I had hoped.  In fact, it didn’t turn out at all.  There had been a plan to go to the LA Garment District (can you say fabric heaven?), but it got unscheduled sort of last minute.  So all of my planning was for naught, and my Black Friday weekend fabric haul amounts to exactly nothing.  I know I could look at fabrics online, and there are some good sales, but, well, quite frankly I am kinda disappointed and I don’t have the patience or desire to search through fabric online at the moment.  I don’t know what’s worse – the complete and sudden lack of interest in fabric, or the feeling that I am acting like a petulant child in need of a good spanking.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping Bust

  1. Bummer 😦

    I spent ALL.weekend debating over a fabric mart purchase (since Tuesday I think). Finally put in the order ad realized I left out something I really wanted. I'm majorly bummed.


  2. @ Jessim – hate it when I do that! Spend so long debating a piece you forget that you really needed to order something else.

    @Chris – I had a cold a few weeks back, but mostly over it now. I think I was just more disappointed about not going than I expected to be, and annoyed at myself for feeling so upset over something that really isn't so critically important in the grand scheme of life. Also made me realize that there are some other issues I haven't really dealt with as much as I had thought, which really added to the bad funk.


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