Newsflash – New Butterick Patterns Announced

It is time yet again for another round of pattern announcements – this time from Butterick.  Like the recent McCall’s announcement, it seems like there is an emphasis on (retro) party dresses, crafty items, and PJs.

Overall, I would have to say I am disappointed with this set of patterns.  In fact, there aren’t any I am planning on buying.  That’s right, not a single one.

I mean, there are a few that are ok-ish… kinda, sorta, I guess:

B5706 – simple dress for sequin fabric.
B5708 – Retro tie dress
B5709 – Blouse pattern
B5710 – Another shirt pattern.

Now, granted, these patterns aren’t bad, but they aren’t terribly exciting either.  The dresses are fine, but I already have other patterns I love much more, so I really don’t see a need to get either of those.  I know a lot of people are looking to make sequin covered party wear for the holiday season, and that first pattern could be great for that.  However, I just don’t think I need it in my stash.

As for the shirt patterns – I would have been more interested had I not just bought two McCall’s blouse patterns.  While I usually get better fit with Butterick, the McCall’s patterns were much more interesting, so between the four patterns, I am glad I went with the two from McCall’s.

As for the other patterns… They are so blah I don’t even know if they are worth commenting on.  Except maybe another cape pattern, although it is the most blah cape pattern of the season:

B5715 – Another cape

One thing I will point out though, is that Butterick does a much better job than most pattern companies in terms of having an extensive size range.  While Simplicity and McCall’s often don’t get any larger than a 24W, and Vogue rarely goes past a size 20, Butterick has sizes extending into the 32W and 6X size ranges.  Now, granted, I don’t really need patterns in those sizes, but as someone who has dealt with medical issues and the related weight problems, I still appreciate the fact that they are there.  I do think there are a couple of nice plus size patterns this time around, especially the button down shirt pattern:

B5721 – Plus sized button down

I always had such a hard time finding RTW button downs, and this pattern looks great.  It mimics the gathered shirt front style (similar to the recent Vogue pattern that has been making a splash on Pattern Review), and has nice princess seaming.  It even comes with C/D, DD, and DDD cup sizing.  There are also a few plus sized wardrobe and jacket patterns that could be ok.

Overall though, blah.  Just blah.  I mean, the designs aren’t even crazy enough to be worth posting to make fun of.  They are just boring.  And, as I am often informed on Project Runway, boring is worse than bad.  And I think I would have to agree.  I would rather spend time looking at the Burda crazy than the Butterick boring.

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