Newsflash – December Burda Full Preview

The full preview including the model photos, garment photos, and line drawings has been posted to the Russian Burda website.  All in all I would have to say I am really excited by the patterns in this magazine.  Although there are not quite as many great classics as were in the October issue, and the gowns are not quite as fabulous as those in the November issue, there are still a lot of great things I want to make up.  Along with some of the usual Burda craziness.

Firstly, what’s the deal with the bubble hips?  It makes everything look super wide and shapeless…

Agh, no!  No more sack dresses.
One of the fur coat patterns – harder to see in the fur, but it does have the bubble hips.
This could be ok if you are super tall and thin… like the model
Crazy coat with crazy bubble shape

Although, I do have to admit that while I think that last coat is a bit crazy what with all the haphazard fabric placement, the model photo does put me in the holiday spirit…

Not that we get snow where I live.  But, you know, it feels wintery.

Moving on to some good stuff – I really like the skirts in this issue.  Normally I am all about the pants – which were fine in this issue, just not super exciting.  I thought the skirts were great though:

Both flattering and not boring.
Nice soft pleating.

And, of course, there were the lovely gowns in this issue:

Ok, so the hem is weird and the bow is too big in the back, but I still like the top in the front.
Simple and flowy.
Love the gathers at the top.
I like the neckline and side gathers.
I would probably make it shorter though.

I also really loved a lot of the tops and dresses this time as well:

Simple, but looks nice.
Swoon!  I love this shirt!
Perhaps I love it even more as a dress?
But do I love it the most in green?
The line drawing so we can all appreciate its details.

Yes, I am quite aware that those are all the same pattern and that they all have the same super low cut neckline, but I can’t decide among them which is my favorite.  I love the long sleeves and the short sleeves, I love the black contrast in the shirt, but I love the skirt on the dress.  I would probably get the most use out of the shirt, but I can’t stop looking at the dresses either.  It is quite possible I may need to make ALL of them.

Also, as per usual, I am obsessing over the Burda coats:

Fur isn’t usually my thing…
But she looks so cozy!
Still don’t think this would look good on me, but I do love the design.
Love the short jacket.
But I love the long coat more.
Although it looks like it would take FOREVER to sew.
Of course, then there is this lovely trench, which I am lusting after.
I LOVE the back on this.

Actually, I have the PERFECT fabric for the trench pattern.  It is a rubber-backed poplin that I got at Hancock’s this past summer, and I have been waiting for the perfect raincoat pattern to come along.  I think I may have just found it – not too many seams, but enough details for interest, but no button holes that I was dreading on the rubberized fabric.  Yes, indeed, this one is for sure going into the must make pile.  Possibly as my first big project for 2012?

I will say that I think Burda has some great patterns for the Plus section this month as well:

Oooo sparkly!
I actually really love this tunic top.
And this dress is fabulous.
And I love the idea of the sequin belt.

I love that tunic top, but it is too big for me.  Of course, I could grade down, but that takes effort that my sickly brain is not wanting to comprehend at the moment.  Or I could just grade down a little bit and sew it up for someone else…

Of course, with Burda it can’t just be fabulous classics and sparkles all the time.  I mean, if everything was simply amazing we just wouldn’t appreciate it as much.  Or something.  In any case, there were some woefully uninspired designs this time around…

The, why yes, I DID make this in 20 minutes top.
I know sewing with sequins can be a pain.
But just tacking them to the front of the dress isn’t the answer.

Although, perhaps worse than underdone is overdone:

Because we all secretly want to look like Christmas presents during the holidays.

So yeah.  There is some bad, and a little bit of ugly, but I would say most of the designs in this issue are quite good.  Not quite the level of fabulousness that was in the previous two months, but still good.  Which brings me to my Best and Worst picks for the month of December:

Best of BS award goes to:
Lovely green dress!
I debated heavily between the green and white dresses, but eventually went with the green.  As a garment photo, I like the white dress more, but on a person I preferred the style with long sleeves.  I was also tossing around the trench that I love, but I think my obsession with it is more because I know I am going to make it, rather than that it is the best pattern from this magazine.
And, of course, the BWTF Award for December goes to:
A whole manner of unflattering.
Was there any doubt?  I mean, yes, the square shirt and sack dress are boring, but this top is downright hideous.  It is like she took and ugly bridesmaid dress and made it into an ugly shirt.  It brings to mind the words “wide” and “saggy” which is not a good thing.
So yay!  Another month of Burda down, and I can’t wait to get the magazine.  Did I miss anything?  Other than the dog clothes, of course.  Did I skip anyone’s favorites?  Discussion is always welcome in the comments.

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