Can You Fall Off the Bandwagon If You Never Got On?

I was going to get on the “reduce fabric purchasing” bandwagon, I really was.  But, well, Columbus Day weekend sales happened, and enabling from my mother did not help my resolve.  I think part of the problem is getting all of those great Burda back issues from 2006 – I have so many new ideas and inspirations for sewing projects now.  In any case, I did do quite well picking up a few items I have been needing this weekend:

Shoulder pads, a mess-o-elastic, hooks, glass head pins

It seemed like a good idea to get the shoulder pads as I have lots of plans for making new coats.  For some reason they have just captured my fancy.  Part of it is because I have only six coats or jackets in my closet at the moment and only one of them fit well.  Three are RTW that were “as good as it gets” at the time, but are now much too big, one was my first coat project, which turned out just a bit tight across the back, and one was my epic failure from this summer.  The one that fits well is a navy blazer, but I have that for special occasions only, and it needs to stay nice until I can increase my options a bit.

Simplicity patterns – they had the new ones!

To my shock, one of the Joann stores had the new patterns!  I was able to get the two that I really wanted.  As for the other patterns – I have a copy of some of them, but I needed to get different sizes, as they were some of the first patterns I purchased, and I have since moved down well into the smaller sizes.  I will keep the larger sized ones though, since they could be better sizing for my sister.

Red glitter stretch velvet and purple/red shiny polyester.

 Ah, yes.  My mother was really loving the red glitter fabric, and I thought it had the possibility of being used as a competition dress for skating.  If not, it will be quite a nice practice dress for regionals or nationals.  The purple/red shiny fabric did not photograph well, but at $3/yard I couldn’t pass it up.  I am already thinking about the gown photo from the upcoming November Burda…

More fabric – snakeskin mico suede, brown poly/rayon/lycra, and purple striped poly.

The brown PRL will be used for pants muslins.  At $2/yard, if they turn out, hey, I have pants!  If not, I won’t be crying too hard.  The purple polyester will be used as a lining eventually.  The snakeskin microsuede caught my eye since I recently saw a snake print trench coat and can’t get it out of my brain.  I have been debating Burda patterns ever since.  I don’t usually do animal print, but for some reason I wanted to try the crazy.  We shall see how it turns out….

In any case, yeah, I did a bit more shopping than I anticipated, but with most of the items half off and fabric at $2/yard, I really couldn’t pass it up.  Oh yeah.  I also fell for the Fabric Mart $1.99 stretch poplin sale.  I just got some in my last package and it is fabulous.  Photos when that shows up…

Also, despite this coming week being crazy busy, I am still hoping to get a lot of work done on my coat… maybe some teaser pictures will be available in the coming week.

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