Newsflash – Winter Simplicity Patterns

Simplicity has just come out with some new winter patterns.  Although I don’t think I will be adding many to the wishlist, there were a few patterns of note:

The cape trend continues….
Decent men’s pattern.  Odd, being able to say that.
Another pattern for guys.  Hopefully this will be a continuing trend?
Doll’s pattern with the Lady Catherine Wedding Dress.
Close up view of the gown.
I really like the options in this pattern, especially the green shirt.

There are a few other coordinates, a multi-cup sized button down, and lots of crafty and kids options as well.  The only other pattern worth mentioning is the new Cynthia Rowley:

Ummmm…. what?

For some reason this pattern just seems so dowdy to me.  Which is sad, because usually I think the Cynthia Rowley patterns are rather modern looking or at least trendy.  Not that I own a lot of them, but for some reason this pattern just seems odd coming from the Cynthia Rowley line.  I suppose the shorter length could be cute in the right fabric…  I could see it as a nice summer dress as a short and sleeveless version.  But the long version just looks… off somehow.  I try not to judge a pattern too much on how it is made up on the envelope, but here I can’t avoid it.  The colors and fabrics are just not helping.  Perhaps this is Simplicity’s attempt at “70s fashion,” which Burda and Project Runway inform me is the latest trend?

In any case, probably won’t be getting too many of these new patterns, but there do look to be some trendy items, a few good classics, and the usual crafty stuff.  Now that I have a more well stocked pattern stash, I find myself being a bit more choosey about the patterns I want to buy.  I already have a nice set of classic styles, so I am a little less excited by the prospect of adding another button down shirt pattern to my collection.

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