JoAnn Labor Day Sale – Vogue and McCall’s

Apparently September is National Sewing Month, and with Labor Day weekend first thing, Joann is having some decent sales.  Of particular interest:

*$0.99 McCall’s (usually sale price is $1.99, so this is good!  Although probably too much to hope for having the new winter patterns in, but we shall see…)

*$3.99 Vogue (hoping to pick up one or two that I missed out on last time…)

*50% off notions wall (more elastic for me?)

*40% off cutting tools (scissors, rotary cutters, mats, blades, etc.)

*50% off red tag fabric (hit or miss, but we shall see what they have on hand!)

Also,  September 4-10, all thread will be 50% off as well, so this could also be good, depending on which days you go.

Since I recently stocked up on needles, thread, and interfacing, and my stash needs busting and not filling, I am really only interested in picking up a few patterns, but it is good to note what the sale items are in case I should realize I need something else in the next few days.

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