Burda Early Preview

The BurdaStyle early preview for October is posted on the German website here.  Usually I refrain from posting comments until the full preview (with line drawings) is available, however, this issue looks like it could be a good one.

Normally I am not a vest person, but wow I really like this:


These pants, I wants them!  I wants them soooo bad!  I need them.  I. Need. These. Pants.  I even know exactly which stash fabric is destined to become these pants.  Love them sooooooooooo much.

In fact, I think, maybe I love them enough to… gulp…. take out a subscription.  With a subscription, each issue is only $7.50, however, since I buy per issue from a secondary source I am currently paying $12.50 per issue (that price includes shipping).  On the one hand, I am giving up my ability to scoff and reject atrocities like the September issue since they will come to my door regardless, and arguably wasting money in that way.  On the other hand, assuming I would have bought an entire year’s worth of issues (based on this year so far, a valid assumption), I will be saving $60 a year.  That is a lot of $0.99 patterns.  I also won’t have to stress over the issues selling out from the online dealers, and I will get the magazine at the beginning of the month, not in the middle/end of the month.  Hmmmm.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Hm.  I like this plan.  And I will now be obsessively checking the Burda websites for the full preview so I can obsess over the line drawings and see the pattern sizing.

2 thoughts on “Burda Early Preview

  1. First of all, thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

    Secondly, I'm super excited about the October issue too, mainly for that vest and those pants!

    Thirdly, (pretty sure thirdly is not a word…) I subscribe in 3 month intervals to Burda, it's only $25 for three months and then you can skip September and subscribe around it…


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