Newsflash – Winter McCall’s Patterns

More new patterns!  I have only really been following the pattern release cycles for a few months, so I was rather unaware of how often new patterns are released by the Big4, but I will say that because they are all released at different times, there do seem to be new patterns rather frequently.  Which is sort of fun, actually.  In any case, you can look at all the new winter McCall’s here.  There seem to be a decent mix of lightweight jackets, a few dresses, some tops, kids clothes, pajamas, aprons, doll’s clothes, and holiday crafty items.  A few things stood out…

First of all, this top.  I don’t like the way it is made up on the envelope, but I do think it could be a fun pattern.  I like the idea of the lace sleeve.  I shall be interested to see in anyone makes one of these, and if it turns out, but I want to add it to my pattern stash in any case.
Nextly, this doll’s pattern:
I think these are some pretty cute doll’s costumes, so I will probably be needing to add this pattern to my stash as well.
Now for the few I am on the fence about…
First up this dress pattern:
When I first saw it I wasn’t too impressed, but I do like the line drawing….
M6433 line drawing
So… I don’t know.  In the photos I am just not that impressed with the fit on the top or the shape of the skirt.  I probably won’t get this one… I don’t seem to have as much luck with McCall’s as I do with the others of the Big4, so if fit seems dubious on the envelope it is probably best for me to leave it well enough alone.  Also, the more I look at it… the lower that top seems to get.  Yeah, this one can stay at the store.
Moving on, I also sort of like this simple coat pattern:
I like that it has a hood option, and I think the short (grey) version is cute with the little bit of flair at the hem.  It also says that this pattern is lined, which I prefer to unlined coats.  And this pattern is fitted through the waist (it doesn’t require the belt for the silhouette) of which I also approve.  My only reservation is that I have been loading up on the coat patterns lately, I may have to get one more.  Yup, for me it is all about the coats and the costumes.  And usually I am all about the details with the coat patterns, so it might be good to have a simple pattern (no buttons, zippers, etc) when I don’t want to fuss with details.  The more I look, the more I like.  Ok, yes, going onto the list.
The next pattern I debate because I always like the peasant blouse look, but every time I put one on it looks awful.  Very ridiculously bad.  Maybe I should wear them with a belt, maybe I just need to try different fabric, I don’t know.  But I do know they look bad on me.  Yet, I still want it…
What makes it worse is my sister can rock these things like nobody’s business.  She has all the fluffy floaty tops I dream of, but on her they look super cute.  On me… sackville.  On the other hand, I suppose if I do get it and it doesn’t work for me I could always give it to her…. Hmmmm…….  I shall have to… ponder this.
In any case there are a few other patterns I wanted to point out.  Firstly, there is this dress:
This does come with cup sizing and is intended for non-stretch fabrics.  However, it seems very similar to a certain Burda pattern from earlier this year…
I know the picture doesn’t show the back, but they are very similar.  I think that, despite the Burda being sized for knits, it would be possible to go up a few sizes and with a few alterations use the Burda pattern to make a dress similar to the new McCall’s dress.  On the other hand, if you don’t have access to the Burda May 2011, but love this pattern as much as I do, then McCall’s may have helped you out quite a bit.
Also, apparently capes are the in thing this season?  I mean, McCall’s just came out with this:
Right after Burda put out an entire magazine full of this:
I would have to give the win on this pattern to Burda.  I find the Burda pattern looks rather chic and retro-inspired, whereas I think the McCall’s heads into Little Red (green?) Ridding Hood territory.  I really want to know how many people are going to be going for the capes this year.  I know I am making one (right now actually, it is still in the tracing stage) but I don’t know if this is something that is actually going to be fashionable or just something the pattern companies think will be fashionable.  Hmm.  Remains to be seen I guess.
Also, while we are on the McCall’s/Burda pattern comparison:
Hmmmmmmm……  Let me just point out that Burda had four (4!!!) versions of this, plus a plus-sized version in their August issue.  It even made the cover of the English edition.  Seems like everyone is jumping on the drapey sweater bandwagon.  I still don’t know if I even like the way this looks!  In any case, needless to say, I won’t be needing to get this pattern as I already have the Burda issue.  But if you liked it and don’t want to deal with the Burdas, here is your chance.
So overall, not a bad set of patterns from McCall’s.  I think I will probably get the four I am considering and leave the others alone.  There are some other decent basic patterns, but nothing that had me super excited.  Did I miss anything fabulous?  I mean, aside from the crazy dragon headgear…
I’m not an egg anymore!

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