Newsflash – Burdas Abound

Ok, so while I will spend hours pawing through the new Burda Style previews each month, I am only giving the announcements and previews of their other product lines a cursory review.

The full preview of the Fall/Winter Burda Plus can be seen on the Russian website.  This is actually a great issue.  Can’t resist showing some of the fabulous coats:

And this nice dress:
And these fabulous pants:
Lucky BurdaPlus sized ladies.  I mean, Burda either gives them a sack or some of the most elegant patterns I have ever seen.  This issue also has some great staples like simple long sleeved fitted t-shirts, some simple but not totally sack-like blouses, and even a few evening gowns (simple, understated, and elegant looking).  If this were regular sizing in Burda I would snap it up in a heartbeat.  I suppose I could try to redraft for sizing, and the pants might fit.  But no.  I have other Burdas to sew up, so I suppose I shall be content.  Sigh.
The first preview for Burda Easy Fashion is up on the German website.  This magazine isn’t available in English, so I don’t know where one could find an individual issue, but it is possible to subscribe to the Russian or German versions from GLP News.  In any case, from the early preview I don’t see anything I am too drawn towards.  I usually like the structured, detailed offering from Burda, and Burda Easy Fashion seems to have more of the simple loose flowing type garments.  In the other hand, I do appreciate the younger aesthetic they have used for some of the styling in the preview photos.  There were a few things worth pointing out, for one reason or another:
I do like this skirt…
These pants… not so much.  Hammer time!
In what universe would this be considered “fashion”?
Ok, so the last dress… has potential.  But as is it is pretty tragic.  Overall, the first preview doesn’t inspire any feelings of covet, so I can pass it by.
Finally (ok, so I know this isn’t really news as it has been announced for a while), but the new Fall/Winter Burda envelope collection has been posted on the German website.  You can also look at the patterns on  Overall these envelop patterns look pretty good.  I mean, yes, Burda has put out more than their fair share of dirndl skirts and peasant blouses this time around, but there are some lovely coats, jackets, and pantsuits available as well.  I know those of you lucky enough to live near a Hancock sometimes get $2.99 sales (lucky!) but here in the middle of Joann land those things never go on sale, but are perpetually 40% off, and not valid with coupons.  Yeah, they are pretty much the only patterns I consider paying “full” price for.  I am hoping that maybe Joann will do something crazy, like have a Burda sale on Black Friday, but I am not holding my breath.  In any case, here are some that might just have to come home with me, $10 price tag or not….
Burda 7284

Burda 7269
Love those pants!  And that coat!  In any case, I suppose I should just be glad that the Joann stores around me are at least carrying them now, so I have access.  I suppose I should be willing to forgive Burda that September issue, since they look to have been so busy with everything else…  In any case, lots of fun stuff to look through, although not too much I am interested in actually getting, other than some of the envelope patterns.

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