More Vogue 1051

I have already done an official pattern review for Vogue 1051 here.  This time around I made a few moderate fit changes:

* I took in 1/4″ from each side of the back pant leg at the knee

*I took in 1/2″ at the top of the side seam on the waistband

Since I was making these pants on a budget in terms of time and money, I still haven’t done any of the fiddly bits of this pattern like the welt pockets.  I would have loved to explore my other pant pattern options, but I needed navy and grey pants, and I needed them fast.  Since I had already used this pattern, and the fit was pretty good the first time around, I went ahead and used it again.  The fabric is $3/yard polyester gaberdine, and with thread, zipper, and hooks, each pair of pants costs somewhat less than $10 in materials.  I could not have found pants this cheap that fit this well in RTW, I am sure.  The workmanship is not my best (the navy waistband is a bit wonky), but they got the job done.

Also, please excuse all the wrinkles.  The photo shoot was quite impromptu and did not have time to press out the wrinkles from having been shoved in a suitcase for a few days…

Navy pants… no cuff
Grey pants – with cuff
Grey pants front.
Grey pants back.

So yeah, not too terribly exciting, but sewing projects none the less.  When I bought the pattern I had originally thought I wouldn’t like the cuff look, but actually I think it looks a lot better than the pants that are cuff-less.  Huh.  I will have to ponder the implications of this.  In any case, I don’t know how much wear these will see.  The material is less than luxurious feeling (but not so awful that I felt the need to bother with lining them), and these are a bit too formal for my current work situation.  I am hoping by the next time I am in need to navy or grey pants I will have some newer, nicer sets.  With pockets.  But, we shall see.  Who knows, with the way my sewing projects pile up I may need to pull these out again next year.

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