Monthly Sewing Review – June Wrap Up

So, June has not turned out to be the fun month of sewing productivity that I had hoped it would be. Instead it has pretty much been a month of plague and recovery. Not only did I have my first go-round with the ronas, for some reason my body thought it would be good to kick off the month with the flu as a precursor. All in all this month has not been the most fun. And me being me, as soon as I had any amount of energy I overdid it and paid the price for the days following. Obviously all of this has resulted in quite a bit of sewing not happening. So, unfortunately, this month’s round up is not going to be super interesting.

Sewing Progress

No sewing projects this month, though I did use the Cricut to make labels for my needle boxes. Of course, I haven’t actually attached said labels yet, so no pictures until next month at least.

In somewhat tangentially related news, my sister did make some curtains! I helped with the math, so even though I did none of the actual construction I’m showing them off anyway:

She’s also building a fancy sewing cabinet! Perhaps we can also enjoy some fun sewing table photos once she’s done with the build. In the meantime, here’s an in-progress teaser:

Living vicariously is obviously not as fun as actual sewing, but it is better than no sewing adventures at all.

Sewing Delays

I spent most of this month being sick and the rest getting caught up from being sick. And the month was bookended with travel, so it’s been a busy time. Sewing energy just wasn’t happening with all of this, and I’m ok with that. So, sewing projects will be largely pushed to July, but hopefully there will be lots more time to work on things then.

Finished Projects

None, but I was being a good sewing cheerleader.

WIPs & Upcoming Plans

I didn’t really have a lot of solid plans for June, which ended up being just as well all things considered. For July I’d really like to make some summer wardrobe clothes, because despite living in a warm climate, I don’t have anything to wear in the summer. I’d also like to try and pin down what my work schedule is going to be (it has been in constant flux, then with being sick I’ve been in Work From Home mode due to work policy of isolation, so I’ve never really gone “back to normal” and it seems it’s about to change again, so… maybe I really do only need 3 functional pajama bottoms to get through the rest of the year?). So I still don’t have a good sense of what sort of work or even non-work “wardrobe” I might need or even want. Maybe July would be a good month to assess what I feel like I’m missing and make some more concrete sewing plans for the rest of the year. Or, alternatively, I could finally buckle down and make a button front shirt. Either of these could be good possibilities, but will probably largely depend on my energy levels next month.

6 thoughts on “Monthly Sewing Review – June Wrap Up

  1. Sorry to hear you haven’t been well. Fingers crossed you can get back to your sewing plans in July. Meanwhile – I am very excited that your sister is building a bespoke sewing cabinet!

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  2. I hope you feel better soon. At least though uou have a good excuse. I have also done little sewing the last couple of months but I have no such excuse. I just lost the will. I have stuff cut out but never seem to get round to it.


    1. I can understand that. For some reason the sewing mojo is not returning as expected, though arguably my energy levels are also still very low. I suppose it’s a thing that will happen when it is meant to happen…


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