Monthly Sewing Review – April Wrap Up

If March was busy, April made it look relaxing. It’s been a challenging month and I’ve had a lot of obligations. Despite knowing all of this I decided to jump into the Sewing Bee anyway. Why? Partially because I’m crazy, and partially because I just really love the insanity of participating in the Bee. Even though I feel like I’ve spent the last few posts just talking about the Bee, I still wanted to do a quick wrap-up of sewing things, so here’s the short monthly review…

Sewing Progress

Everything I’ve finished this month was Sewing Bee related:

While the weather has been really warm here, I know I’ll definitely use the hoodie when we get to fall, if not sooner. I can’t wait to wear the trousers somewhere, but I feel like they need somewhere special to go because they just feel so fancy. I also love that I’ve been able to use my embroidery machine in my past 3 projects – I feel like I’m learning a lot but also getting some really cool projects done that I couldn’t complete without it!

An update on my sister’s bridesmaid gown project: the machine sewing is complete and she is doing the finishing hand sewing herself. I have done a few remote coaching sessions, but it should be ready in plenty of time for the wedding!

Sewing Delays

The Bee isn’t compatible with delays, and somehow I’ve made it work so far. I guess that making it to the second round is something of a “delay” on other needed sewing projects. I’m not mad about it though!

Finished Projects

Both hoodie and the trousers were Bee projects and the only real sewing I’ve done this month.

WIPs & Upcoming Plans

So, my prediction at the end of March that I might jump into the Bee has come to pass. Which means I haven’t made any new white shirts or more work pants, even though I desperate need these by summer. For May, it all really depends on if I advance to Round 3 or not. If so, then I expect May may also be dedicated to Bee projects; if not then I might go back to the trouser and button down shirt plans. We shall see what the judges have in store!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Sewing Review – April Wrap Up

  1. You’ve made some great pieces for the Sewing Bee, but its a very tough contest with a lot of talent. Whether you advance or not I shall be excited to see your makes in May.

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