Monthly Sewing Review – March Wrap Up

While March has been super busy and I did manage to get a few sewing projects in, it somehow also feels like I didn’t really do that much related to sewing? Probably because I honestly spent most of the month working on real work, volunteer work, and actually participating in real-life events. The world (at least where I am) is really opening up and it feels like things got very busy very fast. Anyway, this post is mostly a wrap-up of sewing things, so let’s jump into the quick review…

Sewing Progress

I actually finished a few projects this month, and was able to blog them them too:

Much happier than last month’s post; I was able to celebrate a wedding in my green dress, and a big move with the hussif sewing kit gift.

I have also continued helping my sister with her bridesmaid gown project, which is nearly done. We were able to finish all the machine sewing this month, including the rolled hems. Now she just has to hand sew some hooks to the back collar and add a waist stay.

Sample rolled hem in silk chiffon.

Even though hemming the double circle skirt took literally forever, somehow the Sisyphean feat was actually completed and the dress is mostly wearable at this point.

Sewing Delays

I feel like everything has been a sewing delay except sleep. And even occasionally that. I think there were a lot of “last minute” projects this month, but I’ve always been a fan of using the last minute to best effect.

Finished Projects

Both the green dress and the hussif were finished this month, as well as my part of helping with my sister’s bridesmaid dress.

WIPs & Upcoming Plans

I was able to finish up my sewing goals from the end of February, which was awesome! I had decided to leave things a bit more open ended. I feel like my schedule is sort of insane from now until the middle of summer, but I would like to get at least 1 or 2 new white shirts sewn. I’d also love to make some more work pants because I think I’ll be in the office more often by the end of the year. The Pattern Review Sewing Bee starts Friday; I may take a look at the first challenge and see what it is for this year. On the one hand, I really don’t know if I have time to participate, but, on the other, it is the Bee and so I think I’ll always have some level of desire to participate. I don’t know. We’ll wait and see what April has in store!

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