Sewing Goals: White Shirt Summer

So, I’ve been largely absent from blogging the past few months (aside from a few pre-scheduled Sew, Wear are they Now series posts) because I have been super busy. I’m not sure how pandemic life (aka, largely not going anywhere or doing anything outside of the house) has ended up feeling more busy and exhausting than pre-pandemic life, but somehow it seems that way. There has definitely been a skewed shift of priorities in some ways, and it has largely led to a lot less sewing.

Part of it was needing a break after participating in the Sewing Bee, and part of it was just needing to take a break. I was able to participate in a few pre-pandemic life activities since then, and it has definitely been a boost to my energy and excitement towards the rest of this year.

Another boost to the energy has been that my sister has just started learning to sew. She has already made a hand-sewn apron, and started to learn to use a machine by making some pillow cases. She’s now well on her way to having a completed Cashmerette top and skirt, just in time for summer. There will be more garments and other sewing projects coming soon after, I’m sure. And helping someone else work on sewing projects has definitely been a big boost to my own sewjo. While I’m still in the middle of my mini wardrobe plans sewing projects (with fabric and patterns scattered about my sewing space in various states of completion), I have a much more immediate need for white shirts and blouses. When I work as an official judge, the dress code is a navy suit with a white shirt, and I’m over the basic white polo shirts I have been getting by with the past few years. I mean, they are fine, but I feel like I can do better. So I’m hoping to start what I’m going to term as “white shirt summer”, mostly because John Oliver made fun of all the news stations going nuts over the term “hot vax summer”, which is a pun on the “hot girl summer” trend of last year. It’s just meme turtles all the way down.

Anyway, long story short, I’ve found a bunch of white fabrics, and now I’m considering a bunch of top patterns, and hopefully there will be a lot of white shirts happening sooner or later. Here’s the pattern inspirations I’m working from while I narrow down my final choices:

I’ve got to spend a bit of time helping with someone else’s sewing projects first, but the fabric is pre-washed and ready to get cut for a bunch of white tops soon after. Even better: I can make a bunch of items and be really lazy about changing the serger threads…

Hopefully more sewing project posts soon!

14 thoughts on “Sewing Goals: White Shirt Summer

  1. That sounds like fun. I like your blouse choices, especially Burda 102. What magazine is that from ?
    This year has been way to stressful to sew. My autoimmune issues went through the roof trying to homeschool my 14 yr old and my 5 and 7 grandsons. Getting some testing and sending kids back to school so hopefully things will improve…

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    1. The Burda top is from January 2011, style #102.

      Sorry to hear about your autoimmune issues – it’s been a rough year and I can very much sympathize with autoimmune flares because of all the stress. Hopefully you will be able to get some rest and relaxation soon!

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  2. I have the pink pin tucked and the pale blue Vogue, but haven’t made either yet. All your options are lovely, and I suppose it will depend on the drape and your personality. I love white shirts, can’t get enough myself. I suppose it’s all those years waiting tables.

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  3. Give the v1687 a miss it’s a doozie see my review on or. It’s super fiddle to get a good finish and while I like mine I love the fabric and am not so keen on the pattern. Not great for busts

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