My Body Model Drawing Tutorial Guest Post Part 3

The final installment of my ongoing digital sketching tutorials on the My Body Model blog has been posted! It is the third and final part of a multi-part series that introduces using digital drawing apps with the My Body Model croquis, intended to take someone from being a digital art beginner to being able to use the tools and tricks available with digital art to plan and sketch a full wardrobe! If you haven’t been following along, you can also check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. If you know the basics of using digital sketching apps but want some tricks for how to more quickly play around with wardrobe ideas, you can go check it out!

Guest Post with My Body Model

One thought on “My Body Model Drawing Tutorial Guest Post Part 3

  1. A wonderful looking series. I yave beetoo overwhelmed trying to work on a homeschooling plan for my 14 yr old son and 7&4 yr old grandsons who live with us to think of sewing much as of late. I do have a blanket cut out for my my newly to be born grandson who will be entering this world Tues via C-section . Thanks for your many interesting articles and reviews over the years. Looking forward to the future!

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