My Body Model Drawing Tutorial Guest Post

Just a quick update to share that my latest guest post has been released on the My Body Model blog. It’s the first part of a multi-part series that will be a very basic introduction to using digital drawing apps with the My Body Model croquis. If you you have an interest in making your own croquis to test out the basics of digital sketching you can head over to the My Body Model site to check it out!

2 thoughts on “My Body Model Drawing Tutorial Guest Post

  1. Really like your writing style! Might have to try my body model, but might print instead. Now thinking about organizing my sewing space, do you have a blog post planned for your reorganization or do you have any ideas or resources? I have a very limited space in our living room and might eventually make space in the basement. Would love your take 🙏

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    1. Yes, I hope to do a post eventually about my sewing space reorganization (even though it’s a mess) but my best advice is rolling carts – they are great because you can put them in front of shelves but easily move them for multiple rows of storage in a small space. I made a pressing table out of a rolling cart and it is fabulous. I can also use to help extend the surface of my cutting table! I also have a (way too big) Pinterest board with lots of sewing room inspirations that I looked at, which could be helpful. Some are only good in big spaces, but some are really great ideas in small spaces too! (


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