New Jalie Patterns 2020

I feel like I’m a bit late to the party, but the latest releases from Jalie are here! Jalie is always a fun release because the patterns are usually much more sporty and practical than some of the more high-fashion focused brands. Plus, their patterns are usually well reviewed, and the instructions are top notch. So without further ado, let’s take a look:

4012 – Maxime. I think this jacket looks super practical. The seaming has some fun options for color blocking, but I also really like the monochromatic look on the left. The deep pockets look really practical for walking/running on a cold day (they look like the perfect size for phones and keys!), and the tall collar is always great for blocking out the wind.

4013 – Zoé. I also think this swimsuit pattern looks awesome! The seam lines create a really sporty look, but also give lots of places to adjust the fit, which is fantastic. The front zip is a super practical way to get off a wet swimsuit, and I know some people really like long sleeved suits for certain water sports.

4014 – Coco. It looks like the seam lines of this sports bra seem to add a bit of shaping, which is nice. I also love the option of the keyhole or racer back as well. The color blocking also makes it looks super sporty!

4015 – Elle. This top reminds me quite a bit of the McCall’s 7975, though the twist is more centered and the sleeves are much looser here. Also, this top is reversible! I think this looks great on all of the models, and I think the reversibility is a super fun design detail.

4016 – Jeanne. This looks like a really practical PJ set. I love the cuffs on the pants (great for trapping in the heat!) as well as the relaxed fit of the top. Seems like it is the perfect quarantine pattern too.

4017 – Geneviève. I don’t think this pattern is particularly unique (we’ve seen button front designs in both Burda and the Big 4/1), but it is something that is relatively new for the Jalie line. I think this skirt looks super cute and practical, and I love their take on the fanny pack/hip pouch/waist bag. I actually think it is a super cute design detail that is easy to add in as a “trendy” piece but leave off in the future, whereas the skirt is really classic and practical for a long-term wardrobe.

4018 – Reneé. Love these trousers! They are intended for ponte knits and thus have the super tight legging look. Again, I think this pattern looks fantastic on all of the models, so it’s really selling me on the style.

4019 – Bianca. This top/dress pattern is fine, but not overly exciting to me. It’s one of those patterns that is nice, but I feel like I have this silhouette covered already with all of the Burda in my stash. It is nice to see a casual woven t-shirt pattern though, so if you are looking for a good basic woven top, this might be a great place to look!

4020 – Florence. This shirt/shirtdress pattern is also one that’s not too high on my raidar. I think that again I’ve got plenty of oversized styles coming from Burda, but I do think this has some nice design details like the super deep pleat on the back.

4021 – Camille. I love this! I don’t have as much need for skating/dance patterns now, but I would have loved this pattern when I was sewing costumes more full time. I think the simple neckline and straps is perfection, and I love the option for the high legged or shorts cut as well.

4022 – Elizabeth. I’m a little less impressed by this skating/dance leotard pattern. It’s one of those things where if someone asked for every stereotypical skating costume design feature and put it all on the same pattern. I can see how it allows versatility in creating different necklines, but I just feel that it looks really old fashioned and sort of generic. I’m sure the drafting is just as great as all of the other Jalie patterns, but the style on this one just isn’t my thing.

4023 – Stella. These exercise leggings are, well, exercise leggings, but I do love the stretch utility belt option! It’s a fantastic way to keep electronic devices handy, especially if you need to keep a timer or pen handy, or if it’s just too hot to wear something with pockets while working out. The hat (with a hair opening?) is also a fun addition to this pattern!

4024 – Romy. I really don’t need to add a raglan sleeve sweater to my stash, but this looks super cozy! All of the models look awesome, and I think the relaxed fit is just perfect here.

And that’s it! Overall I think this is a great release and Jalie is adding a lot of awesome things to their pattern line. Some are in their wheelhouse of athletic patterns, but it is nice to see additions to their traditional clothing line as well. What do you all think? Have you sewn from Jalie before? Is there anything here you’d want to add to your pattern collection? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

6 thoughts on “New Jalie Patterns 2020

  1. I’m shocked at how many of these I like! The fact that some of them look like ready-to-wear actually wins me over (I know, an awful thing to say…). The first jacket looks great and very usable. The sports bra is on my list for sure – they cost a fortune where I live, and I won’t buy one I can’t try one first. LOVE the utility belt! My daughter would for sure steal it from me, lol… Those pants/leggings…. ♥ absolutely I’ll be buying that pattern. Like you say, it looks great on all the models, so I’m on board. Thanks for this! I’d missed these!

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  2. I wasn’t too excited about this release. A lot of the clothing styles are boxy or derivative of what I have already. Not needing costumes or active wear.

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  3. I’ve just made my first garment using a Jalie pattern. A basic T-Shirt but I liked the drafting and it went together well plus I liked the format of the large sheet you trace off. I really like the skinny trousers Renee and the Romy jumper.

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  4. Interesting! Jalie has never been on my sewing radar, but I’ve long been intrigued by the fact that a segment of the sewing community absolutely adores this company. I can imagine that for activewear, their reliable drafting and wide size ranges are major selling points. I do like the look of their non-activewear patterns, but as you say, most of the designs have already been offered by other companies.

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  5. I love sewing Jalie patterns. I like that their designs are fairly streamlined, and sew together quickly. I often make the same pattern multiple times. Even though I’m on a pattern and fabric “fast” at the moment, I did ask for several of the latest release for mother’s day, and am looking forward to sewing them up.


  6. Never having heard of Jalie before, I too am surprised at how many I like. Especially the sports bra (which believe I could adapt to front-fastening with a little blood, sweat and tears!) but won’t buy without trying on. 4020 is one I have to have and the fabric used for the girl’s shirtdress is almost identical to a tunic on the Marina Rinaldi website (just a shade under £400, so I need to find that fabric) :):)

    So many of the patterns are very wearable and lockdown friendly!

    I assume they will post to UK and will explore their website.

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