Vogue Patterns Summer 2020

So I don’t know what sort of events any of us will be going to this summer that would call for such lavish patterns as Vogue is providing, but then, maybe instead of sewing something entirely practical, this is the perfect time to sew something frivolous because you need a mood boost, you want to learn a new skill, or you just feel like it. I think there is a lot of eye candy in the new summer Vogue patterns, so at the very least we can all find some fun inspiration!

V1691 – Tom and Linda Platt. This sort of loose dress is not a style that I’m normally drawn to, but i have to say I really love the way it is cut here with the stripes. I think this looks like one of those really easy to wear dresses that’s great when it’s just too hot over the summer and you don’t feel like putting on pants.

V1692 – Júlio César. I love this! It is so sleek and elegant; the cutout at the front, the leg slit, and the super geometric racerback are all fabulous design features. I also love the pop of red lining too!

V1693 – Badgley Mischka. Despite sort of being over the whole ruffle thing because of the onslaught of ruffles in this year’s McCall’s releases, I have to say I actually sort of like this dress. I don’t think I need to make or wear it per se, but as far as frothy ruffled looks go, this one isn’t too bad! I do like the shaping on the sleeves and the front collar lacing, although it might be a bit low/open for my personal comfort level.

V1694 – Marcy Tilton. I think this is a really interesting style, and I really like the shapes from the color blocking here. Also, super cool sneaky pockets!

V1695 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina. This is another dress style that I wouldn’t wear myself, but I actually think looks really cute. I’m really not a “big bow” person (my inner 80s child is still traumatized by the prevalence of butt bows in that era), but I actually really like the use of it as a collar decoration on the burgundy version – it looks very luxurious. I’m not sure I appreciate the version with sleeves as much because I think the sleeve volume takes away from the bow feature somewhat.

V1696 – Vintage Vogue circa 1954. I always enjoy seeing the vintage reprints, and I think this could be a very popular pattern. I think the ribbons around the neckline to create the gathered effect of the collar is a really cool design feature, plus we get the very 50’s silhouette, which is always fun.

V1697 – I LOVE this dress! LOVE IT. The back is divine! The slim straps and the low back drape is everything. Plus, the bias cut is stunning, but also allows for a fun use of stripes as shown on the model above. This design is absolutely gorgeous.

V1698 – I’m a bit less excited by this dress pattern. It’s not the most exciting/innovative shirt dress style we’ve had, and the styling really isn’t convincing me to get too excited. Now, I could imagine some interesting uses of a border print fabric with the seam lines here, but I think there are more exciting styles in this release, so I’m going to move on.

V1699 – Pretty! Again, I don’t think this is necessarily the most innovative style, but I do think it is a nice option for your basic pretty empire waist dress.

V1700 – On the one hand I have to admit that this is a LOT of sleeve, but on the other hand I sort of have to applaud absolutely going for it with this pattern. It’s like that point of being so outlandish you sort of have to love its boldness. I think the short sleeved version is also nice; it’s a very practical version of this top pattern. I do think the neck has a deeper V than I’d personally want to wear, but I do think the waistband/peplum style is kind of cute.

V1701 – This top is another one that is making use of exaggerated shapes to really create “a look.” I think the white version looks a little stiff, but the print version has a nice drape to it, yet the collar still seems to be retaining its shape quite well.

V1702 – Claire Schaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection. Ummm, can you say love? I adore this! It’s like an inverted skort for adults! The drape and flow is just stunning.

V1703 – This skirt is also quite nice. I think it is in some ways very similar to the Burda pattern that was released recently, but I like the way the angled seaming has been used to play with the stripes here. It’s definitely a very cool looking skirt design, and I really like that it comes is both lengths!

V1704 – Rachel Comey. This is another pattern that I know I wouldn’t really wear (those sleeves are a lot!) but I actually sort of adore. I think the proportions work really welly here, and I think that even if the top is more of a statement piece that might go out of fashion in a few years, the trousers will definitely be wardrobe workhorses and have some great classic details.

V1705 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina. This might be a less innovative pattern, but I actually think this has some great basic items with interesting details. The gathers on the sleeve seams of the shirts add just a bit of interest, and I think the two-layered skirt is also a fun take on what would otherwise be a pretty standard style.

V1706 – I like this top and I like the pants, but I don’t know if I love them together? I’m totally a sucker for cowl necks and asymmetric drapes, and I love me a good wide-legged trouser, but I think there is just a lot of all over volume here. Still think it’s an interesting pattern, even if I would probably style these pieces totally differently in real life.

V1707 – Ok, so I think this is cute, but I also think there were a lot of similar patterns released last year (from Burda mostly) that make this a little less novel. I appreciate the tailored look with shorts though; it’s a really interesting juxtaposition of casual and formal styles. I do think the most outstanding piece from this pattern is the dress though; it looks really sharp and has lots of subtle details that are really great ( like the small collar, pocket flaps, and button placement).

V1708 – This jumpsuit has already been getting all the love on the social medias, but I will also exclaim over its cuteness. I think the modes look amazing. I just don’t know that I could pull off such casual chicness with a top that essentially ties on? I do really appreciate this… I’d just need to figure out the best way to hoist my bosom into place in such a style. Super cute though.

V1709 – Guy Laroche. I’ve always been partial to the Guy Laroche patterns from Vogue – there’s just something about his style that I really respond to. Anyway, I really like the simplicity of this coat pattern. It’s super sleek and elegant, and a total antithesis to the froth of ruffles that we’ve been getting recently. It is at once classic and modern and I think it’s a great option for the Vogue line.

V1710 – Rachel Comey. And we are back to the ruffles! Though I have to say that while I think the ruffle elbow patches are a bit crazy, I do think that the concept of mixing the large ruffles with the super tailored blazer is kind of fantastic. I really like the welt pocket detail; for some reason that just totally makes this design for me to as point where I can say I just “get it.” Still not something I see myself wearing, but definitely an interesting option.

And there we have it! Summer patterns are starting their roll out, and I have to say that I actually found this release very exciting. I don’t know that I would buy or wear a lot of these patterns, but I still felt really excited to review them, and really inspired to go back to my stash and think about sewing some things for summer. I know a few of these styles will make it onto my wishlist, because they are just too pretty to ignore. I was also really pleased to see the wide range of styles here – from ruffle explosions to absolutely minimalist designs. But what do you all think? Are you able to find something in this release to suit your tastes? Or is all of this far too extravagant in the time of COVID? Do you find yourself wanting to sew more practical things or more fantastical things in lockdown? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

29 thoughts on “Vogue Patterns Summer 2020

  1. There is little in the collection that appeals to me- too much volume and too many ruffles/gathering – those details would swamp me- The Marcy Tilton dress looks interesting – want to see other make of it. 1698 and 1707 are more my style -rather plain with interesting style lines.

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  2. Thank you for being the only person on the internet who can actually spell ‘divine’. For me – not a fan of frills – the Guy Laroche coat dress and the Marcy Tilton colour blocked tunic look fab.

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    1. To be fair I always spell it wrong first then realize it has the same root as “divinity” and smack myself in the forehead before moving on. Spelling… it’s a process! Also agree that the Guy Laroche and Marcy Tilton looks are super refreshing if you want to get away from the frills.


    1. I feel like Vogue has gone much more “high fashion” as it seems like they are going through something of a re-branding. McCall’s seems like it’s geared toward younger adults now, and Butterick is targeting a slightly more mature audience I feel like. Simplicity’s style has been (for lack of a better word) simplified quite a bit, and Kwik Sew is so geared towards crafting that I don’t even bother to post reviews anymore. Truly, I think the cosplay/costume segments have been hit the worst, as there haven’t been any new costumes lately and the Cosplay by McCall’s venture has been completely derailed. It’ll be interesting to see what happens from that and how the licensing has been affected by all the recent changes.


      1. It looks like Simplicity have brought out some good costumes but they look a bit bizarre pictured against the insipid blue and white minimalist envelope covers 😄

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      2. Yes, I agree about the categories. I saddens me that McCall’s is chasing the faddish fast-fashion market. None of the patterns in the latest Summer release (I couldn’t wait for your post) will be classics or even patterns you’ll use two years from now. At least I still have Simplicity, New Look, and Vogue (on sale only.)

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  3. Ohmygosh you are the ONLY person I’ve seen that likes this release. I think some are OK, but nothing is inspiring me to pay Vogue prices. The stripy sleeve balloons on 1700 are just -whoa too much, theres the asymmetric scrubs pattern 1706 for your COVID health worker chic, on 1705 the gathers at the raglan seam just look like it doesnt fit to me (what I get without an FBA) and the crotch framing trouserskirt jobby 1702. The only one I like but wouldn’t actually wear on me is V1704 – very disappointing this time, nothing that inspires me even for eye candy in the stash.

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  4. I quite like this release. Yes some of it is a bit out there, but what else is Vogue for? The only one I’ll likely buy is the Rachel Comey balloon sleeved top and trouser combo, but I will wait for the next sale for that. I love the Tom and Linda Platt dress but I have other sundress patterns that are as good.

    They are really reducing the emphasis on the designers now – you have to look quite hard to see who designed what in this release.

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  5. The elbow exposing jacket is lost on me. I don’t think elbows are the most attractive feature of the human body at the best of times but certainly not when you reach a certain age and definitely don’t need drawing attention to 😄

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  6. Thanks for this, as ever! But I have to say, for almost the first time ever, there’s nothing here from Vogue that I care about at all. And nothing relevant to my current covid life, or to my likely post-covid life, whenever that happens. Too contrived, too much bother, too much fabric! And, also, generally, too formal.

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  7. As you mentioned, I find there are some nice patterns in this release. I wouldn’t rush to buy any but will consider some of them when in the sale. I like V1692 as I think it would also look great in a more everyday fabric. V1693, without the ruffled sleeves would be nice made out of an cotton eyelet fabric (that I just happen to have :-)). I also am inspired by V1705, for which I think I can find some Burda patterns to copy this outfit, and the “double” skirt from V1705 is just the style I needed for a light toile de jouy crepe fabric. Not sure I need to buy a pattern for this style though.What bothers me the most are the badly sewn models: the fit of the short sleeves on V1695, or the sticking out at the lower back of V1697, etc. Wondering if it’s the pattern or….

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  8. Great review! I actually had seen 1709 and 1710 and thought “why?” because they looked so similar, but now that you point out the tailoring details on the Comey jacket, I see that one or the other might appeal to someone after a specific look. It seemed like a smaller release – don’t they usually have more than this? – but there is a wide variety of styles here! As usual I’m drawn to all the ones I wouldn’t have a reason to wear, like the jumpsuit and the Guy Laroche coat. But I actually quite like 1705 and 1706 as cute yet practical separates. And I’m making the decision that 1702 pants/skirt is absolutely appropriate for isolation and working from home. It is really gorgeous!

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  9. I didn’t see much that jumped out at me for this release. I just can’t see almost all of it fitting into my life, or my need to wear a bra. But then, I’ve been struggling with finishing a rather basic chambray shirtdress, because even that seems highly impractical for my life of staying home ALL THE TIME with little kids.

    That being said, I really want those skorts pants, because they would be fabulous for whenever my orchestra can start performing again.

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  10. The racerback on that dress is divine and the silk dress with back drape as well. and 1693 is really pretty but there’s a million dresses out like that already.

    There’s just SO MUCH FABRIC everywhere for a summer collection 😦

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  11. I am SWOONING over those floaty Clare Schaeffer pants — they are just divine. I can see them as the top of a super-modern wedding guest ensemble with an equally floaty top. They could go to an art gallery opening with a crispy black shirt and chunky heels. I LOVE THEM. I would extend the front drape to cover the crotch and copy the white silk too. I have absolutely nowhere to wear these pants but I pine for them.

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  12. These patterns make me want to draw them all…! They look swishy and beautiful and sensational but I wouldn’t really wear them. The Julio Cesar black and red dress is one I would actually consider, if I had a reason to wear a dress like that. The Sandra Betzina top is one that peaks my curiosity in terms of wearablilty – it makes a nice change from a basic tee shirt.

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  13. There may not be a lot of practicality but there certainly is a lot of creativity! So much more interesting than all the bland stuff that’s been turning out; although I wouldn’t be able to pull off 90% of it. Still… I’ve always wanted to do a steampunk sewing costume. Rachel Comey’s balloon sleeves jumped out as a likely candidate. And the above comment about the pants/skort working for concert black performances has me itching to try it. Although I’m not sure my short plump rounded body would pull it off as elegantly as the model. Elbow ruffles? I’m seeing Effie Trinket. 🤣 Sandra Betzina’s top and skirt are xute and probably the most practical for me. Skirts and Ts are my summer uniform.

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  14. I often look forward to new pattern releases and this one is no exception. I can’t wear a lot of them but they certainly are Cute. Thank you Vogue.

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  15. The razor-backed dress would look gorgeous on my daughter and she would love it. I like 1702 Claire’s white pants. Not sure if it’s a skirt over pants or sort of a wrap-style pant. Either way, I like them. It’s too hot here right now to look at these clothes. They are just too much stuff. Where are the summer dresses and shorts?


  16. I agree the Tilton is good, and the Laroche. As for some of the rest, I actually laughed out loud. V1695B is an outfit for a sad Pierrot, and V1700 is the puffy shirt from that Seinfeld episode. And V1710 makes me want to start sewing ruffle circles onto my knees, butt cheeks, and various other round parts of the body. You know, fashion! Maybe in the spirit of our present situation even a face mask with a rim of ruffles?

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  17. Very seventies. I had a skirt in the same stripes as a teenager. I like the Badgley dress and the blouse with the collar. I think a lot of these patterns have much potential in creative hands.

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  18. I have recently been keeping tabs on the Chinese fashion trends and a lot of them appear here. The suit shorts, the stiff white blouse with exaggerated details, the bows around the neck… the Chinese have been on the forefront of whats trending a lot these last two or three years. I don’t know if I have the body, but then when did I have the body for high fashion?

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  19. I love the “skort” 1702 pattern. I am currently making it in a double gauze for the beach. However, I agree with Sara Covich- the front drape needs to be extended over the crotch.

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  20. I have tried 5 times to connect the left front facing to the over lapping gathered front of view B, V1629 without any success. After 50 years of clothing construction, this pattern leaves more, than I dare say, to be desired. Reconstructing the front in order to make it work was the only option since emailing Vogue with a requested reply was unsuccessful. Like those who reviewed V1629 before me, it takes more than a desire to make a Vogue pattern creation to complete this one! Vogue designers, read your instructions as though you’re instructing and not as a designer who created it! Thanks for allowing me to vent my frustrations.


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