Sew Your Kibbe Challenge – December Round Up

December reflections and roundup summary goes here.

In the meantime, here’s what’s been going on around the sewing blogosphere…

If I’ve missed your posts or you would like to tell us about your Sew Your Kibbe year, please feel free to leave a link in the comments!

And, as with every month, here my top picks of new patterns for each Kibbe type from this month’s releases. It’s our final look at my Kibbe picks for the year! Here are my picks for December:


Simplicity 9051, BurdaStyle 1/20 #122, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #114. While the Simplicity design could be a bit “relaxed” for a Dramatic, I think the way it is presented as a monochromatic column actually could work quite well for a less formal Dramatic look. The designer jumpsuit from Burda certainly brings the angular emphasis to the shoulders, and the Burda anorak would be a great way to have a super casual piece that creates a long vertical line for a Dramatic.

Soft Dramatic

Simplicity 9058, BurdaStyle 1/20 #103, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #117. All of these styles have the large, soft shapes that work well for Soft Dramatics. I think the Burda top could be quite luxurious looking on a Soft Dramatic, whereas the jacket would be a great option for a more casual look.

Flamboyant Natural

Simplicity 9050, BurdaStyle 1/20 #116, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #111. The Burda sweater would be a perfect addition to a Flamboyant Natural wardrobe, and the Simplicity pants have a great relaxed fit as well.


Simplicity 9042, BurdaStyle 1/20 #112, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #101. The Simplicity dress would be a very versatile piece for a Natural, especially depending on fabric choice. The top could be quite elegant, and the cardigan/jacket could be a bit more casual.

Soft Natural

Simplicity 9041, BurdaStyle 1/20 #113, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #128. The Simplicity dress has nice waist emphasis, and the Burda trousers and skirt have a relaxed fit without being too voluminous for a Soft Natural.

Dramatic Classic

BurdaStyle 1/20 #106, BurdaStyle 1/20 #119, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #114. It was a bit challenging to find looks for Classic types this month. The Burda dress and trousers would actually be pretty great; the anorak might be a bit too relaxed looking, but it could be a decent option for a very casual Dramatic Classic outfit.


BurdaStyle 1/20 #106, BurdaStyle 1/20 #112, and BurdaStyle 12/19 #124. I think the Burda Plus denim style jacket has some great Classic lines, as does the dress. The blouse could also be great, though the fabric prints on all of these images would probably be a bit busy for pure Classics.

Soft Classic

Simplicity 9047, BurdaStyle 1/20 #118, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #112. I think Soft Classics would look really great in the Simplicity jacket, and the Burda blouse. It’s possible the dress could be a touch too structured for them, but I think the curved lines give it enough yin to work.

Flamboyant Gamine

Simplicity 9052, BurdaStyle 1/20 #110, and BurdaStyle 12/19 #122. The Simplicity coat can really help create those staccato lines, as can the skirt from Burda. The jumpsuit might be a bit too linear in its monochromatic form, but it has enough detail that it could be a fun pattern to try if there was perhaps some color blocking or a printed fabric was used.


BurdaStyle 1/20 #108, BurdaStyle 1/20 #121, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #104. I think all of these styles have the close fit and structure that Gamines need to really showcase their unique bone structures.

Soft Gamine

BurdaStyle 1/20 #112, BurdaStyle 1/20 #105, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #121. This Burda blouse is getting quite a workout, but I think the fit at the cuffs makes it very versatile! The Burda dresses are also nice options for Soft Gamines, though the vintage style could possible be a bit stiff.

Theatrical Romantic

BurdaStyle 1/20 #106, BurdaStyle 1/20 #110, and, BurdaStyle 1/20 #118. There really aren’t a lot of great options for Romantic types this month, but I think the close fitting sheath dress could be nice, and the skirt provides enough waist emphasis to be a decent casual option. The green dress is perhaps not the best in this printed fabric, but the collar detail offers some opportunity for Theatrical Romantic embellishments that could be quite nice.


BurdaStyle 1/20 #112, BurdaStyle 1/20 #105, and BurdaStyle 1/20 #120. Yes, I pretty much think this blouse could work for almost everyone! It’s pretty generic, which makes it pretty versatile. I think the dress could be a nice addition, especially for a quasi-formal office setting, and the cape is just a fun way to add glamour to the Romantic winter wardrobe.

Note: The IDs with asterisks (*) are no longer recognized by David Kibbe as official Kibbe Image IDs.

Honestly, this is probably not the best month as far as finding really specific patterns for the Kibbe types goes. There haven’t been a lot of new patterns released, and the new releases are pretty nondescript. But, it’s not all bad. I think this is a good month to see how one pattern could work well for a lot of different Kibbe types, especially if it was used in the context of really different overall outfits.

And that’s it! If you’ve found any other great Kibbe related content to share or have any updates on your own Sew Your Kibbe challenges please feel free to drop a line in the comments. And tune in tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion to this year-long Kibbe content challenge!

4 thoughts on “Sew Your Kibbe Challenge – December Round Up

  1. I really like the Burda side stripe trousers, though maybe a bit wide/flowy for me.
    Thanks as always for keeping these posts going. It has definitely helped me get my eye in a bit more for shapes that would work for me. (Natural)

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  2. These posts are a great way to have a second look at all the patterns. It is a lot harder when there are so few pattern releases in a given month though! I guess this gives us a chance to get creative with what we already have. 😃 I do look forward to seeing what Vogue and Butterick have for us in the next couple of months though.

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