Simplicity Patterns Early Spring 2020

The latest releases from Simplicity patterns are here, and we’ve got some stuff to discuss! Most obviously, Simplicity has completely changed their packaging. While it retains elements of the former Simplicity presentation it also has a more minimalistic, modern, and sleek aesthetic. I think we’ve all noted how Simplicity has been chasing the “indie” look for a while with some of their recent releases, but I think this new packaging really underscores that as well. I’m not sure if I like it, but I do like the addition of the line drawings to the front of the package, so that is nice. Anyway, let’s get to looking at the actual pattern designs:

S9040 – I feel like I should have something to say here, but I’m just not that excited by this dress, to be honest. It has an oddly retro vibe, but it doesn’t quite have the crispness I associate with styles from the 1950s. It’s like it’s trying to be this odd mashup of retro styles and the more modern relaxed aesthetic? I don’t know… something about it just seems… off to me.

S9041 – This dress, however, I really like. I think Simplicity has offered styles with similar necklines, and sleeve options, and the waist tie, yet for some reason I really like the way all of these elements go together here. When I first saw this release I had totally convinced myself I didn’t need this pattern, but, alas, I think I’ve talked myself into it. For some reason all of the elements add up to a style I really, really enjoy.

S9042 – This dress I don’t like quite as much as the previous style, but I do still really like it, and I think it looks amazing on the model. I like the sleeve and hem length options, but I really like the belt tie – I think it looks super elegant.

S9043 – Mimi G Style. I really like these mens trousers too! Of course, Norris looks great in everything, but I think these have some really lovely classic details that make a great pair of trousers.

S9044 – This tunic top has a lot of pintuck detailing. There’s nothing wrong with a good pintucked tunic, but I just don’t really feel like there is anything special about it one. Maybe it’s the model photo as well; the white on blue on this new pale background really just washes out all of the detail and the overall effect is somewhat underwhelming.

S9045 – This simple top is nice, but, well, simple. If I didn’t have as large of a stash as I do, I’d definitely be more intrigued by this top, because it has some interesting neckline treatments, but as is I don’t really feel like I need it in my collection.

S9046 – This is another top pattern that is fine, but not overly exciting. It looks comfortable, but it’s not really unique enough to get overly excited about.

S9047 – This jacket pattern is another pattern that is fine, but somehow not overly exciting. I think this could perhaps be one of those styles that might get made up in some fabulous fabric and catch everyones attention, but its a style I will be passing on.

S9048 – I think this wrap skirt is cute, but I’ve got similar styles from Burda that I prefer to this version.

S9049 – I can see this being a popular pattern, but I’m going to pass on this extra long wrap/apron-ish style. I do think the pocket details are nice, but I don’t need this pattern just for the pocket details.

S9050 – Another pattern where I feel like “Burda did it better.” This is one unfortunate side effect of having a large stash… it takes a lot to impress you!

S9051 – This wardrobe pattern is cute, but, again, both the top and pants feel very similar to styles that I already own.

S9052 – Mimi G Style. I do really like this jacket pattern from Mimi G, and I really appreciate a unisex style that looks super cool on everyone. The removable hood is an awesome detail, and I really like the back shoulder details as well. There are a lot of awesome details hidden in this pattern, and I think I really do want to add this one to the stash.

S9053 – I don’t usually have much commentary on kids clothes, but this is actually kind of cute in a weird way.

S9054 – The line drawings make the shirts in this pattern look a little bit crazy, but photo makes them seem pretty normal. And leggings always seem to be a great options for kids, since it gives them a lot of mobility.

S9055 – I actually really appreciate this for the fashionista kid (that I never was) who is totally rocking blazers in middle school. (Yeah, I’m definitely still not that kid… I’m struggling to rock a blazer for the day job. Or, well, rock anything at my day job come to that. Yeah, I need to get on it.)

S9056 – Yay, a pattern for boys! It’s nice that it has several fit options as well.

S9057 – I’m super not excited about this mommy and me sort of dress pattern. It makes me think of all the things in the 80s that I really hated as a kid…

S9058 – This top pattern falls somewhere between intriguing and just sort of weird? The plain top is kind of dull, and the drapey top is kind of voluminous, but the half and half top just seems sort of discordant? Like, it is definitely the most interesting view, but also seems like you are wearing two half tops? I don’t know. It’s like, I like the idea of it. I just don’t know how much I enjoy it in actual practice?

S9059 – Finally, we have this sweater/cardigan/jacket pattern. I do like the close fit of this, but I think it is another pattern that suffers from have similar styles already on the market. It’s cute, and I think it will look really good on a lot of people, but it is not something that I feel the need to add to my personal stash.

And that’s it! I’m curious to know what you all think – are there any patterns here that you have to add to the stash? Or is it a pretty dull release? What do you think of Simplicity’s new branding? Are you in any way ready to be thinking about “early spring” sewing or are you still scrambling to sew anything for the holidays? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

31 thoughts on “Simplicity Patterns Early Spring 2020

  1. There are some things I like in this collection but mostly I was thinking (like you) that I already have a Burda pattern that’s similar. The only one I’d consider buying is the asymmetric shirt. I know it’s had some stick on the Internet but I think it would look very cool in white or black.

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  2. Not impressed. Also not sure why they want to chase the indie market thus cutting out their own client base plus there are enough indie patterns out there already. I think people sew indie patterns exactly because they are that and not the common or garden mainstream pattern brands so not sure how successful this ploy will be. Don’t like the packaging and where are the costumes patterns??

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  3. I was at Hobby Lobby and saw Simplicity were $1.99 so I looked at the book. Saw new patterns by chance and bought one in my list and the suit pattern for my daughter. IMO that’s the only pattern worth buying for my needs. I also have a rather large stash but have been super frustrated with the patterns available for my daughter, she’s 10. I bought some mint green Cady fabric from Fabric Mart and will make her a suit for Spring. I know you don’t have kids to sew but I am hopeful some style will trickle down to the kid’s patterns , our future seamstresses. I like the look of the new Simplicity but the fabric choices are a bit bland in some cases. Mimi’s patterns look to be the most challenging out of the bunch. I sense a change coming to a more simplistic style period coming our way, maybe in response to our complicated world we live in. This could be a harbinger of things to come.

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    1. Yes, I agree that clothing often goes to offset the craziness of the world. So it could be that thing that asks for simplicity in a complicated world. And I think people are looking for that ultra curated “Instagramable” look from items in their life. I can’t say I really like the new look, but I totally understand why things are moving in that direction.


  4. Your typo for S9054 had me chortling out loud. And I agree with you, the diagrams are awful…

    S9044 reminds me of a shirt I wore non-stop when pregnant. I loved it then, now – not so much. Why are the men’s classic suit trousers so short? Classic tailoring always has them resting on the middle shoe lace or level with the base of the man’s heel. Ankle short just looks daft.

    But I do like the line drawings on the front.

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    1. Yeah… being exhausted and writing blog posts late night is definitely not the way to make sure typos don’t end up in the post… (It was totally funny in that context though.)

      I think the short men’s trousers are trying to parallel the ankle-length trend in women’s pants? Lengthening the trouser pattern wouldn’t be too difficult, though i do agree the shortness looks a bit odd. I took it as a style choice, though perhaps not one I would choose if i were making a proper pair of men’s pants.


  5. The first dress (light blue) gives me weird sister-wife vibes and I can’t shake it. Maybe if it were done in a colorful print, I could be persuaded to like it.

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  6. I like the line drawings on the back, Don’t like the new logo style but will get used to it, I’m sure. The patterns are very indie-like so good luck to Simplicity chasing that market. The younger sewists seem to have an extreme bias against sewing any Big 4 pattern. It constantly boggles my mind how much money those women spend on patterns, taking their chances on quality of drafting. Those dresses with the prairie / sister wife vibe are very trendy at the moment. The line by Vampires Wife are everywhere on the red carpet and look nearly the same so again, congrats to Simplicity for watching the trends and trying to catch them quickly. My only purchase might be S 9041. I like the crossover bodice for the wrap look without the hassle of wrap top fitting, which is always a bear for me with a small bust.

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  7. I was at Hobby Lobby last week during the 1.99 sale – indeed it is the ONLY reason I go to Hobby Lobby – and picked up a few of these. When I first saw them, I thought nah, nothing there. But then I got looking and it turned out I liked 4 of them. And now I see those pants and wish I had purchased 9050 also. Simplicity pants don’t generally fit me well, so it’s probably not the end of the world. I like the pockets and waistband. I got the jacket 9059 because it’s about the heaviest jacket I need where I live. It just looks simple and I like the side tie. The MimiG anorak 9052 came home with me. Not generally a fan of MimiG’s look and this is probably the first of her designs that I’ve purchased. It’s just too handy. The top 9046 – I like it. I’m probably one of the few that do. Not sure what it is but I see potential. I guess that was it. The other patterns I bought were from an earlier release. I went with the Harry Potter robes – because. 😉 I thought Simplicity was going downhill, but in the last 6 months I’ve purchased more Simplicity patterns than any other brand. The look of the pattern envelopes is ok by me. I think the designs have become more simple and maybe that’s a good way to attract new people to sewing. Sort of a “hey, you can make this” even if you are new to sewing.

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  8. Simplicity’s new packaging seems a bit bland, but as long as it doesn’t actively distract from the product it’s fine with me. This release is all over the place though! I love dress S9041 and the Mimi G jacket, but if I were to stick to designs that suit my personal style, the only thing I would get is the top S9045 and possibly the more structured wrap dress 9042.

    However, the winner of everything is the girl’s pant suit. I made a matching jacket and pants for myself in 7th grade and it was great having a custom outfit that really fit me. It was 1972 so you can imagine how groovy the style was. I like this trend of more fashionable patterns for kids.

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  9. Not impressed as well. I usually find the Simplicity patterns intriguing, but this time I don’t like anything. S9042 and S9059 are the most interesting, but I have already something else in mind.
    I also was waiting for the new Mimi G patterns as I am huge fan, but oversized parka and male trousers are not my jam :/

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  10. Not impressed with most of them, but I love 9059. I love the double dart detail and the sleeve shape, although I plan to lengthen the sleeve. It is for wovens but I plan to make it out of a nice ponte knit. It will be a cute cardigan for work. I will probably put a snap to close it instead of the button or tie options.

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  11. I like the new look and the new pattern styles, but then I like plain and simple. I am not an Indie buyer, but always buy from the Big 4. I do think though that too much of this new look would leave me cold as I also like classic Simplicity.


  12. Mimi G nearly always has at least one interesting pattern, I rather like her styles! But otherwise there isn’t too much that stands out to me. That said, I do appreciate the simplicity (tee hee) of many of the patterns, if I were just starting out and didn’t like Burda (….), I’d probably get a couple to play with. One of the jackets is not bad, and a couple of the tops. (my pattern stash is… huge….)

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  13. Not sure about the new branding. Seems…boring? Wish they hadn’t axed so many favorite designers like Andrea Schewe and Sew Chic. But I’m probably not the young demographic their reaching for…hate to think I’m , mhmhm, mature, but in the world let’s face it target audience is usually 20s and 30s and I left that years ago.

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    1. I’m pretty sure Andrea Schewe retired – she wrote about it on her blog, so I can’t really fault Simplicity for that. But their costume patterns have certainly been lacking since her departure.


      1. I read her blog too and Simplictiy created her retirement… she’d not planned on it. They ‘let’ her go. It was a surprise but she’s tries to be really positive about it.


  14. P.S. I think your observations are spot on and I have to admit I do like a couple things. I might even brake down and buy the boys dress shirt. I don’t really enjoy sewing the, but my son could really use one that fits for church. He’s extra small for his age and store brands are either too small or drowning him. Like 9041 and 9048 for me.

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  15. I love the girl’s Blazer and pant! I too wish I was that cool, then and now! I will most likely be getting the boys button down shirt for my son and appreciate there’s relaxed fit! I don’t think there’s anything for me in this collection though. One of the wrap skirts maybe, but otherwise no. The last few releases have not had any vintage reproduction patterns and those are always my favorite. I’m disappointed and nervous about that!
    Oh, and I don’t like change! So not used to the new packaging look!

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  16. Went to Joanns and looked through the book. At the beginning of the crafts page they announes that all crafts would be moved to Kwik Sew and Costumes announced that all costumes from all books will be moved to their own book. Hmmm Don’t like the sound of that….


  17. I have not bought and do not plan to buy any of these. They are all so basic, I already have something very similar or I don’t want the style anyway.


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