Burda Easy Magazine Winter 2019

I’m a bit late in posting this due to all of the holiday madness, but the final Burda Easy for 2019 has been announced on both the German and Russian sites.

Overall this looks like a pretty decent issue. We get 5 patterns with 3 versions each, as has become rather standard for these magazines now that they are published 4 times a year instead of twice a year. All of the styles look relatively easy, and are actually pretty cute! Let’s jump in:

#1ABC – I really like the coat variations, especially the option with the tie belt. I think the long version looks really practical for winter, as it would be nice and roomy and easily fit over a sweater.

#2ABC – Speaking of sweaters, I think these are some pretty cute options. I like the dropped shoulder and high neckline – they seem like very on-trend details. I’m not sure I love the sweatshirt fabric Burda used for view C – it makes it feel a bit cheap, but I do like the wrist ties in view B and I think the styling in view A looks very luxe.

#3ABC – I really like this top/dress too! I think the square neckline is a fun detail, especially for a knit top. I really like the way Burda has made the draft of the separate pattern pieces for the top; aside from color block options, it should be easy to put together.

#4ABC – I’m not as excited by this dress (omg so short!), but I do think that the jumper version is quite cute and could be really popular. Burda’s styling there is on point.

#5ABC – Finally, we get some trousers. What’s great is I think these would pair well with the tops, and look great with the coats as well. I’m also a bit shocked at how much I actually like these pants, since they really are just elastic waisted with elastic cuffs. I think Burda did a great job with the styling, and they have pretty much convinced me I need to try them. Not gonna lie, Emily Hallman’s sequin joggers may be where I end up drawing inspiration for fabric choice though… I’ve been obsessed since she made hers and now I think this might be a good pattern to try my own…

And that’s it! Overall I think this is a pretty decent collection from a Burda Easy magazine. I think it has a nice mix of pieces, and these styles certainly look like they would be quick to sew over the winter season, which is definitely a bonus. Probably nothing that is an immediate need-to-make, but all of these patterns will certainly be options I’ll keep in mind as we head into the new year.

9 thoughts on “Burda Easy Magazine Winter 2019

  1. A bit disappointed since most of these patterns are not new. They have been released before as envelope patterns and I already own them. Seems like burda has been over recycling patterns lately and it’s getting ridiculous. It’s a pity that the designers are so lazy.
    If I had a subscription I would be angry.

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  2. As Dana said, the patterns are recycled, ALL of them, in different monthly issues of Burda style. Still, I love the coat (and the sweater, and the trousers)! Do you think it would be okay to make the coat single breasted though? Would it be okay to use curly fur fabric for it?


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