Sewing PSA: Download Your Files

The news has been all over the sewing community, but I thought I’d just add a quick note since so many people come here for the Burda posts. It seems that the US Burda site is being re-configured, and that all of your account data, should you have any, will be going away. This includes any patterns you may have purchased in the past, so if you need to save anything from the website, you have until Sunday Octover 20, 2019 to do so. While I’m sure this is a great inconvenience for anyone who has made a lot of purchases from the US BurdaStyle website, I’m wondering (hoping?) that maybe this means the English site will be up-to-date with pattern releases and maybe (hopefully?) might offer ways to purchase the magazine through the website. Of course, none of this can be known until October 21, but here’s hoping, in any case. If not, at least we’ve still got the German and Russian sites to use for reference!

28 thoughts on “Sewing PSA: Download Your Files

  1. They did the same thing with the German site, I believe it was about two years ago (I’m German, so I bought everything through there). NO warning at all, luckily I had most of my purchases saved on my computer, but lost all account info and favorites, and they deleted a lot of older patterns at the same time that I would have bought before the change had I known (I try to buy patterns right before making them usually, b/c otherwise I sometimes don’t end up making them).

    The new site was reeeeaallly buggy for quite a while as well, and I still don’t like it – the filter function is ridiculous, for instance (I can filter for two dozen vague style descriptors but not for practical things like sleevelength or knit/woven – really?!). I hope they do a better job with the US site.

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    1. I’m thinking the old magazine kits and pattern bundles are going to be going away. I don’t see these on either the UK or German site, but I’m not too familiar with these sites.


  2. Burda Style UK has also changed – – though I didn’t use it much as it wasn’t very useful to me. New UK site seems to be run out of Strasboug – BURDA STYLE : ÉDITIONS DIPA BURDA SAS.
    26 avenue de l’Europe – CS 60052 – 67013 Strasbourg CEDEX.
    Same goes for the UK site it says “IMPORTANT, if you had a customer account before the transfer of this site, you will have to recreate it.”
    The English is a little odd and odd bits come up in French so looks like its being done by people who don’t have English as their first language.

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  3. How interesting – it had not occurred to me someone might pay for pattern and then not download it ! I suppose it’s people who buy from a tablet ? And there’s me feeling guilty about buying a pattern and then not using it. My excuse is I’m a pattern nerd. I use a desktop and have a huge folder on it of Burda downloads 😀

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  4. There are a lot of patyerns on my wishlist from your Kibbe series but I simply don’t have the funds to buy them right now. I’ll be sad if they go away…😔


  5. I think the UK site is really poor compared with the US site. The search is really bad in comparison and a very limited sorting of the patterns. Also no sales offers, or blog posts. I always use the US site, despite being UK-based as it is so much better. It will be a real shame if it changes to be more like the UK site. A waste of all that fantastic resource.

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  6. I am one of the lucky ones, I suppose–I speak Russian, German, and English, so I can compare the sites. The American English site was always the worst. The German one is okay, but none of them beat the Russian site. For one thing, the user base is really inspirational–spend some time looking at the Фотофорум (Photo Forum) tab of the site and you’ll see that the level of craftsmanship of the Russian sewers is really quite high. And moreover, they regularly have sales on all the patterns, as low as 50 rubles per pattern (that’s under a dollar). It took me a while to figure out how to find a payment method that works on there, but it can be done–they take Apple Pay and a few other payment methods that Westerners might have be comfortable with. So try the Russian site, guys.

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    1. Good morning!

      Thank you for the heads up on the Russian site. I am in love!! Pattern sale right now, many patterns for under $2. Some were a whopping $0.16!! Hubby smiled at me saying to stop at $30. Poor guy underestimated the power of a great sale meeting a wish list. 🙂
      How do you go about paying for it there? I did not see the Apple Pay option, nor will they take my US issued Visa card? Any suggestion is welcomed and appreciated.


      1. Oh noes, I think they got rid of ApplePay–it was very recently that I used it, too. Not more than a few weeks ago. This is really too bad, I do not have another easily available method. I guess Samsung Pay would be a reasonably safe bet, if you have a Samsung cell phone or tablet. (That’s how I used ApplePay–I installed it on my iPad and tied a US-based credit card to it). I haven’t used Samsung Pay myself, though, and you cannot just install the app if you have an Android phone, it seems.

        I did have a problem last time I ordered from Burda, where the site seemed to refuse to accept my payment and I had to try again, and then it turned out the transaction went through twice. I later emailed them (in Russian) for help with it, and they were totally cool with it and refunded my 2nd payment. But, I wonder if this was part of the reason they killed ApplePay as a payment method–there was some sort of problem with it? I hope they restore it.

        One possibility is that they do not accept it now, or Apple is not doing it anymore, because of the sanctions. All sorts of US-based companies cannot do business in Russia anymore because of sanctions–for example, Amazon used to be able to ship to Russia but now they are not allowed to. So yeah, Apple could be another example.

        Anyway, I’ve emailed the customer service people to ask about ApplePay–if they tell me anything useful, I’ll report back!

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      2. I had forgotten to update my comp!aint……
        They still take Apple Pay! My 12 year old saved me! Initally the order was on my Kindle. He logged me in to an old Apple device and VOILA! it worked.
        According to a friend at TD Bank…. Russia does not accept US issued bank or credit cards. Apple is magic, not caring too much on the how but it works.

        As for patterns…. I went a bit crazy after exchanging currency rates, two fantastic sales, and one brilliant coupon. 60+- patterns for $24. A difficult pattern was purchased first to make sure I could handle the language barrier. Took a minute but all turned out well. Definitely worth the extra time.

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    2. Wow guys. I seriously did not expect Russian customer service to be this helpful. I emailed Burda, they said they didn’t really have much to do with the payment options that show up on the site and that I should ask Robokassa (their payment system management company). I just had a brief but effective chat session with them, and they told me what another poster mentioned–you have to view the site from a device that has the Apple Pay app installed, otherwise the payment option is not visible. I am not seeing Apple Pay on Firefox/Linux, but when I logged in from an iPad, the icon is there alright. So yeah, problem solved!

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  7. If they are so incompetent to not be able to migrate a meager database I bet Burda spent as little as possible on them or even worse, might have spent way too much on them. As always, backing up saves yourself some trouble. Always.

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  8. So the new site is up. Everthing pre2015 is gone.😢 I’m not sure if they have all the 2015 going forward. It’s not all done yet but does seem easier to navigate. Of course a lot of the bells and whistles are gone including all the makes.😔


      1. After silently crying for a few days over the changes, I still do not relish the new setup as much as I hoped. Ugh!

        That being said… they do have patterns going back to 2009. I clicked for all patterns- kids, ladies, crafts, ect- to appear with the newest released first. Around page 35+-, showing 24 per page, the older patterns show up. The release dates started creeping right back up before going down again around page 55.
        Most of the patterns still dont have a picture or working links for full details, especially the bundle sets.

        We shall see.


  9. So according to Burda, Joanns and Barnes and Noble are both supposed to be carrying Burda Mag now. But neither of the ones closest to me have any idea what I’m talking about. Do you know how I can get individual issues of the mag in the US now that GLP is gone?


    1. You can subscribe through Roltek using the following contact information: or call 1-877-776- 5835. You can also subscribe through the UK Newsstand ( They have a convenient online ordering form and ship to the US. It is a bit more expensive, but if you have issues contacting Roltek it is an alternative.


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