Burda Plus Magazine Fall/Winter 2019

The Burda Plus Fall/Winter 2019 issue has been announced and you can check it out here! It looks like a great issue – definitely one to consider if you don’t regularly subscribe to Burda or Burda Plus but do enjoy styles in the Burda Plus size range. Let’s take a look:

You can see a quick overview with Burda’s hand YouTube flip through:

So for nearly all of these styles I feel like I’m have Burda-deja-vu; I have looked back to see if I can find any of these as reprints from the main magazines or the printed pattern collections, but I haven’t found any direct correlations. I have found a lot of styles with similar features, but no exact matches, so I will treat these as new patterns until someone can point out if/where I’ve missed the originals. Let’s take a look at what’s included:

Love this coat! It looks chic and snuggly. The welted in-seam pockets are a great touch, and I love the proportion of the shawl collar. It looks fabulous.

I’m also obsessed with these jackets! The waist emphasis is a nice detail, as is the really classic collar. I also like that it comes in two length variations – I think Burda has done a marvelous job of styling here as well.

Gorgeous! I’m not going to pretend like we haven’t seen a lot of dresses like this from Burda before (we have), but they always look great. I really love the styling here as well.

Love the collar detail on this wrap dress. It adds just enough to make an otherwise basic wrap dress feel special.

I wasn’t too impressed with the line drawing of this dress, but I do think it looks great on the model. The gathers at the collar add some interest, though it all does get lost a bit in the busy print.

Another simple dress that I think looks really chic. This is one of those dresses that I think could be really versatile – I could see it paired with sneakers and an oversized cardigan just as easily as I could see it with heels and some restrained jewelry. I think this is a great addition to this issue.

These hi-low hem tunics have been pretty popular this year; I really like this one because the neck binding makes a really clean and unfussy shape, but I also really like the subtle darts that add just a hint of shaping. I think the model image really sells the garment too.

This top looks really similar to other recent offerings from Burda; it’s cute, but nothing too original. I’d also worry that the neckline might be a bit low/open, and we don’t get a good view on the model to really see how it sits.

Pretty basic top. Not bad, but not terribly exciting either.

I do like this sweatshirt! I really like the lined hood as a feature – I think the model looks super cute.

These are some great super classic trousers. I really like the belt loop detail and the nice streamlined (but not too tight) fit.

I always marvel at Burda’s ability to convince me that sweatpants can, in fact, work as office wear. I don’t know if I’m bold enough to try to pull it off (read: I don’t know if sweatpants are a good trade-off for pumps), but I do like this pattern. I’m firmly in the camp that all sweatpants need pockets.

This is a pretty simple skirt, but I think it looks great on the model! I love the drape of the bias cut material.

And that’s it! Personally, I think this is a phenomenal issue for the Burda Plus publication. I’m pretty sure these patterns are new (or, at least, new for this size range and/or haven’t been published in the magazines previously), so that’s pretty enticing. I also think this is a great nearly self-contained capsule collection for fall. The long coat, short blazer, and LBD could get you through holiday work parties or other fancy events, the longer jacket could serve as a more casual, but still dressy piece for the transitional fall weather, the trousers, skirt, and tops paired with some of the dresses could easily get you through a work week, especially when paired with the blazer, and the sweatpants and sweatshirt would be great for post-holidays couch-lounging. I feel like I’ve been pretty unimpressed with the Burda Plus options in recent memory, but I think this issue is fabulous. What do you all think? Are you looking at any of these Burda Plus patterns as inspiration for fall? Is anyone going to hunt down this issue? Or does this seem like a rehash of so much Burda you already own that you can give it a pass? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

22 thoughts on “Burda Plus Magazine Fall/Winter 2019

    1. Ask the sellers that sell the monthly issues if they can order Burda Plus for you. Usually their distributor should have both. Bonus: If enough people ask they may start carrying it.

      The black front wrap dress with the cut on sleeves is Burda-Plus-1-2010-427. I was looking through this issue just a few days ago.

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    2. Ask the sellers that sell the monthly issues if they can order Burda Plus for you. Usually their distributor should have both. Bonus: If enough people ask they may start carrying it.

      From the post:
      “I have found a lot of styles with similar features, but no exact matches, so I will treat these as new patterns until someone can point out if/where I’ve missed the originals.”

      Burda-Plus-2-2019-406, the black mock wrap dress with the cut on sleeves is Burda-Plus-1-2010-427.

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  1. I love the fashions in this issue. I agree with Catherine’s assessment of the Plus size designs-they really do look less trendier than the non-Plus designs. However, these designs on their own look fresh and on trend. So, how do you know the Burda webshop will ship this issue to the US. I would like to get a copy.

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  2. These look really great. I’m at the bottom range of Burda Plus and would definitely go for some of these. I definitely like the coat. I love shawl collars. I’m looking for a coat pattern that’s really warm but not too intricate so I can actually finish it before winter sets in. Preferably with a Romantic bent. This California girl has still not acclimated to Utah winters after 10 years.
    The whole issue would be a great capsule wardrobe.

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  3. This is great! As someone who has hit menopause at a young age (early 40s) and is dealing with the body shape changes that come with that… (harder to lose weight, needing to grade my waist up a good couple of sizes now) these patterns look like a godsend!

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  4. That coat and the simple dress give me heart eyes. Definitely picking up this issue, which I haven’t before. I am 46 and usually got by with an FBA on normal patterns. Do you know if the Plus is a different block? Will I need a toile?

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  5. The coats are envelope pattern 6393 and 6394. The grey princess line dress is envelope 6680. They are on the simplicity website. I pretty sure that black dress is an old pattern also. I didn’t try to look for the others. I just renewed my subscription for Burda plus with the company that took over from glp. Will see if I receive it.

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  6. The jersey top is 6308 envelope pattern. The trac pants 6678 also both on simplicity website. I think it is likely that almost all of these are reprints, unfortunately. I always feel cheated when I subscribe to the mag and they use reprints, most of which I already have. For others, would be better to get the individual patterns from simplicity since directions will be in English, unless you can read German.

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