Sew Your Kibbe Challenge – Semi Late July Round Up

Like June, July was obviously not a great month for me as far as Sew Your Kibbe progress went. I was home for about 3 days of the month, and of those I spent about half my time sleeping and the other half doing work related things. I’ll go more into my July adventures in a later life update post (there’s a lot happening, and more than I’m wanting to write in this monthly wrap-up), but suffice to say, I’ve been busy.

Even though I didn’t get much done, there has been plenty of Kibbe related goings-on around the rest of the internet…

As with June, I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of your posts, which hopefully I can link to in the August wrap up. I’m still getting back to the rhythm of regular life, and I’m really not caught up on social media yet. If you’ve got any fun Kibbe related content please feel free to leave a link in the comments!

And, since there were so many good releases in July, of course I had to do my top pattern picks for the Kibbe types for the month:


Vogue V1650, Vogue V1645, and BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #104 (pants). All of these have the straight, elongated, and angular shapes that look so great on Dramatics. And they are all super stylish!

Soft Dramatic

Vogue V1649, Vogue V1636, Vogue V1639. All of these have the exaggerated oversized shapes that Dramatics need, plus they have just the right mix of hard and soft elements to the designs. I feel like so many of the Vogue designs are great for Soft Dramatics.

Flamboyant Natural

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #114B, Vogue V1634, and Simplicity S8960. All of these styles have the elongated, unconstructed shapes that are recommended for Flamboyant Naturals. I think the Burda top especially could be a versatile piece for layering or alone for the rest of the warm summer days, whereas the Vogue dress could be pretty great for a fall work look.


BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #108B, Simplicity S8950, and Vogue V1646. All of these styles have a slightly unconstructed shape, but aren’t quite so strong in the silhouette as the Flamboyant Natural picks. The Burda top could be a really versatile piece depending on fabrication, whereas the Simplicity top is much more casual, and the Vogue pattern is much more professional/work appropriate.

Soft Natural

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #120B, Simplicity S8956, and BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #117B. Both of the trousers are great; the Burda option has the tapered hems, whereas the Simplicity pattern has that slight waist definition with the facing detail. The Burda sweater adds a nice amount of soft draping, with some lovely styling to add that touch of waist emphasis that Soft Naturals need.

Dramatic Classic

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #113, Vogue V1631, and Simplicity S8957. All of these patterns are stunning. The blazer is a fabulous mix of classic shapes with just a hint of added sharpness, which is somewhat softened with the pleats at the waist. The Vogue dress has the extra yang in the shape of the collar and sleeves, and the trousers from Simplicity have a classic shape, with some added yang detail options.


BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #121, BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #105, and Vogue V1643. This has been a good month for Classics! The Burda dress would be stunning on a Classic, and it would actually pair very well with the Burda coat. If you feel like you are a Kibbe Classic, you should run to pick up this Vogue pattern – it has so many good pieces that will work so well for Classics!

Soft Classic

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #116, BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #123A, and BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #106. All of these pieces would be very versatile additions to a Soft Classic wardrobe. The Burda Plus trousers would also be great lengthened to a full trouser length, and the skirt is a perfect shape for a Soft Classic.

Flamboyant Gamine

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #110A, Vogue V1648, and Vogue V1640. Burda styled the jacket perfectly with the contrasting colors. The Vogue jacket has a great silhouette for a Flamboyant Gamine, and the bird appliqué could also add a nice layer of detail. The Vogue pants are great in the cropped length, as it really adds that staccato line that Kibbe talks about for this body type.


BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #125, Simplicity S8946, and Simplicity S8955. I had a bit of trouble finding really solid Gamine looks this month, but the Simplicity jacket is probably the winner for this image ID. The jacket would actually be really great for Flamboyant Gamines or possibly even Dramatics as well.

Soft Gamine

Vogue V1633, Simplicity S8945, and Simplicity S8951. All of these styles have higher necklines and fitted cuffs with waist emphasis, which is all important for Soft Gamines. What’s great is that all of these styles have very different feels… The Vogue dress is quite elegant, whereas the Simplicity dress feels more casual/relaxed, and the cardigan is very cute/retro. It definitely shows that you can definitely have personal style and follow image ID recommendations.

Theatrical Romantic

BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #111B, Simplicity S8979, and Vogue V1638. All of these are great for Theatrical Romantics. They all highlight the waist and show off the Romantic figure, but have just a hint of added sharpness that Theatrical Romantics need in their looks.


Simplicity S8959, BurdaStyle Magazine 08/2019 #115, and Simplicity S8948. These are all great looks for Romantics! There is a lot of soft, flowing shapes here. The Mimi G. vest in particular is a great piece – all of the shapes are very rounded and the waist is highlighted, but it also has a very tailored and professional look. With sleeves it could be a great Romantic blazer option!

And that’s it! If you’ve found any other great Kibbe related content to share or have any updates on your own Sew Your Kibbe challenges please feel free to drop a line in the comments!

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