McCall’s Patterns Early Fall 2019

I have returned! I will give a more in-depth look back at my summer adventures after I get caught up on all of the pattern releases and other posts I’ve fallen behind on the past month and a half. By now I’m sure most of the sewing sphere has moved on from this news, but I thought I should still post things here for completeness sake. Probably will have a bit less depth to the reviews, but hopefully the magnitude of catch-up posts will offset the lack of information contained therein. With that, let’s rewind all the way back to the McCall’s Early Fall release and look at what’s coming up for the next sewing season!

M7966 – Learn to Sew. These look like some easy pants and shorts to sew up for kids. I could definitely see these being useful for the summer/fall transition months.

M7967 – I think if I did not already have a lot of closely fitted knit sheath dress patterns this could intrigue me a bit more. I do like the neckline options and the sleeve options here though.

M7968 – This is a nice sheath dress option if you prefer woven fabrics to knits. It also has some interesting sleeve options.

M7969 – This is another pattern I like, but feel I can skip because I already have a lot of similar styles in the stash. It does look very relaxed and like it could have a very comfortable fit though.

M7970 – This pattern is very similar to 7969, but with a few different ruffle and skirt options. I’m not that impressed with the line drawing of the maxi dress, but I do really like how it looks in the photograph though.

M7971 – This dress looks pretty basic from the front, but the back has some interesting cut out details.

M7972 – Laura Ashley. I feel like the ruffle front could be a bit much on some people, but it actually looks pretty cute on the model. Otherwise, the more plain version could be versatile for a lot of people, and it could be a great pattern to use to get a very nice fit since it has so many seam lines.

M7973 – I feel like this dress is a bit too prairie style for me, but I could see it looking very cute on someone who has a different aesthetic. I think styling could play a big factor in how this dress reads though.

M7974 – I think this dress is pretty cute! It’s definitely a style I’d consider making for my sister; I think she would look amazing in view A or B, and I could see myself trying views C or D for a more casual look. I know I have similar styles, but I really like the mix of features with the button detail, the defined waist, and the slight gathering at the front and back yoke.

M7975 – Love this shirt! I’ve been dying to add more twisty tops and dresses to my wardrobe, and this one is definitely on the list.

M7976 – I’m a bit less excited by this boxy top; I’m sure it would be very comfortable to wear, but I think I’d have to do a lot of alterations to the fit and length to get it the way I’d want, so it’s a pass for me.

M7977 – This is another top that just isn’t for me, but could possible be really cute on others. Though maybe styled a bit differently than presented here.

M7978 – I like the shape of this top, but it seems really short? The other views are probably a bit longer, but since I usually have problems with my tops riding up, this photo is not a great selling point.

M7979 – Palmer/Pletsch. This is one of those patterns that looks really cozy and comfortable on the models, but just isn’t doing it for me with the line drawings. I’m sure there will be lots of cute versions popping up this fall though.

M7980 – I’m always dubious about unisex button shirts… but this one does have some nice western-styled details if you really like that aesthetic.

M7981 – I feel like these button front skirts have been very popular this summer, so I’m not surprised to see another pattern show up. I feel like if you have one you don’t need another, but if you don’t this pattern is pretty cute.

M7982 – I’m really not a fan of these pants – the waist yoke really has a diaper-like feel that I just can’t get past. Maybe I’ll feel different if I see a few versions in real life, but this is a total pass for me.

M7983 – This bodysuit/pencil skirt combo is slick. I feel like I already have serviceable bodysuit and pencil skirt patterns that I could use to recreate this, but points to McCall’s for styling here.

M7984 – If you told me this pattern came from 1982 I would believe you.

M7985 – Khaliah Ali. I’m not sure how I feel about the culottes, but the peplum style top is pretty cute!

M7986 – There are better sweater patterns on the market. Pass.

M7987 – Learn to Sew. It’s nice to see a man’s pattern in the Learn to Sew line! And there are lots of styles in this one pattern, so that’s a good value for the cost of a single pattern.

M7988 – Angela Clayton. Beautiful! I always love her costume pattern. They have such lovely details.

M7989 – Yaya Han. I feel like this is very similar to previous Yaya Han patterns? I usually collect the cosplay patterns, but I don’t feel like this adds anything unique to the line. It could be a really cute winter coat if you wanted something a little over the top though.

M7990 – Outlander inspired costume. The coat has some lovely details!

And that’s it! Honestly, I feel like a lot of this release is a pass for me, aside from maybe that twisty top pattern and that one dress I really want to make for my sister. I’m sure the internet has moved on at this point, but if you have any opinions or want to share which patterns you’ve already acquired, feel free to leave a comment!

10 thoughts on “McCall’s Patterns Early Fall 2019

  1. So good to see your posts again! I always enjoy your perspective. I’ve already bought the Khaliah Ali pattern and it will be up next on my project list! I also bought the low twist top- 7975. Looks like it could hide a bit of tummy fluff under that twist!

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  2. I did buy the twist top! and the Angela Clayton dress. Pioneer Days are big where I live and just ‘needed’ that dress! The more I look at it the more I need 7974 too. i actually really like the dress with the ruffle front as well.

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  3. It was a solid collection for me!! I added 5 to the stash – 71, 75, 76, 79, 82.

    I admittedly kind of passed on 7971 until I saw Erica B’s. 7975 – like you, I’m with all the twist stuff πŸ™‚ 7976, I have been looking for the tie-front view in a pattern! And then a local sewer made it and now it’s on my transition-to-fall sewing list πŸ™‚ 7979 has another picture where it’s the shorter sleeved view without the sides cinched up and it’s dreamy!!! I bought it just for that!! πŸ™‚ And I’m taking a chance with 7982. They are speaking to me and I have a suiting fabric with *fantastic* drape that I’m hoping will work well. Fingers crossed!!!


  4. I purchased the twisty top, but that was all in this mix for me. So happy to see your posts on pattern releases again! Been waiting for you. πŸ˜‰

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