Burda Easy Summer 2019 and Burda Summer Dress Special 2019

This year Burda Easy has been split from 2 issues per year to 4 issues per year, and the summer issue has been announced on both the Russian and German Burda sites.

As with all recent Burda Easy magazines, we get a few basic styles with several variations on each. I think Burda has done a great job of picking styles that would be great for a summer wardrobe. Let’s take a look:

First up we have this wrap skirt. I like the options for no ruffle, small ruffle, and big ruffle. It looks really great styled with both more casual and more formal tops as well. Cute and versatile for a summer look.

I’m not as excited about this top; the tube top with the giant ruffle is probably the most trendy, but least practical. I do like the crossover knit top, but Burda has made several recent styles that are very similar lately. The final variation is a rather basic tank, with a tiny ruffle detail that is just a bit too sweet for my personal aesthetic.

Based on the line drawing I didn’t think I’d like this rather basic dress pattern, but I actually really love the way it looks on the model, especially the two views with the ruffled hems. It looks chic, comfortable, and easy to sew.

I love a cowl neck top, so I’m immediately sold on all of these versions.

I love the middle view, with the tight knit cuffs! Such a cool look! The fabric on the fringed version is stunning, and while I might use a different sleeve treatment, the overall look is very effective. I’m less excited by the plain white style, but perhaps in a different fabrication I would be more excited.

The ruffled shorts are a bit much, but I do actually like the blue floral version on the model. And fully stitching the side seam could have a nice basic elastic pant as well.

And that’s it! Overall I think this is a really great issue of Burda Easy; definitely a bang for the buck in this issue. Many recent releases I’ve criticized for being a bit boring and basic. This release is also full of basic patterns, yet I find them interesting and exciting. I think that is one thing Burda does very well; it creates patterns for garments I’d actually want to wear. I mean, maybe not those shorts, but certainly many of the other things in this issue would be very fun to wear as part of a summer wardrobe.

In other Burda news – Burda will be releasing a special summer dress issue! There will be 16 styles that are all reprints from the past decade (some of these styles go back as far as 2011). I didn’t feel the need to do a review of the issue since it is a reprint, but if you are curious which styles will be available you can check it out here and here.

And that’s it! Does anyone else get excited by the Burda Easy magazines, or is it just me? Do you feel like you get your money’s worth with this sort of an issue, or do the variations on the same pattern make it not feel worth it? Also, is anyone interested in the special summer dress issue? Or is it a pass because you’ve got plenty of dress patterns (or the original issues they came from) in the stash already? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Burda Easy Summer 2019 and Burda Summer Dress Special 2019

  1. These are really basic designs, but with the way Burda has used fabric has made them seem fresh. A person with few or no patterns would really benefit from this issue. I love that wrap skirt with and without the ruffles.

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  2. I think Burda does easy patterns well, like you say they manage to create patterns for garments that you would actually want to wear. The elastic waist pants and ruffled dress are particularly cute.

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  3. One look at the line drawing for the shorts pattern and I thought “blech”, but they look great on the model! I’d absolutely try to sew them. Love the crossover top, cowl top, and the kimono with the cuffs. I’d buy this issue in a heartbeat, but can’t! Boo. If anyone has an extra issue to sell, I’d buy it…!!

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  4. Lots of fresh wearable styles. My favorite being the wrap skirye and cowl top. The ruffled pants are fun and I love all the floral fabrics! I want ALL the florals. 😉

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  5. I always get excited about the Burda easy (you’re not alone!)… Maybe it’s nostalgic since they are the first Burda I used before ‘graduating’ to BurdaStyle. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find an English version lately… Has it been discontinued?

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  6. I want this issue!! It’s not available in English, is it? Do you know how/where can I buy it? I think these silhouettes are simple enough that I’d be fine with instructions in a foreign language…

    I love the kimmono and the two ruffled versions of the dress!!! I also love that denim skirt that’s paired with the pink cowl top (I know it isn’t a pattern but it’s so cute!)

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