McCall’s Spring 2019

We are getting all the new patterns this week – the spring McCall’s patterns have also been announced! I feel like I’ve been a bit disappointed by the Big4 patterns lately, but not so here – I want to buy all the things! There’s a lot to see so let’s take a look:

M7927 – David Tutera. I really like the skirt on this dress! The front may be a bit low for a lot of people, but there are some options for more coverage. It’s also probably a bit glamorous for most everyone’s lifestyles, but it is elegantly pretty.

M7928 – Nicole Miller. I like this dress too! The lace is really pretty, and I love the silhouette here. It’s a really nice use of a scalloped edge as well.

M7926 – Create It! Ooooh! I really like this dress. I could totally see myself in the version that the model is wearing; that is such a cool neckline!

M7922 – Another dress I really like. I’ve got similar patterns, but they are all for knits, and this is drafted for a lightweight woven. So that totally justifies adding to the stash, right? I love the way the twist looks on the finished dress!

M7920 – This dress is cute, but not as exciting. I don’t feel like it would add anything to my pattern stash that I don’t already have, but I could definitely see the appeal of this pattern if you didn’t already have something similar. It has lots of nice options for a really easy spring/summer look.

M7925 – This pattern has a lot going on between the sleeves and the ruffles and the buttons… a lot. The bold print McCall’s used caught my eye at first, but I’m less excited by the options in the line drawings.

M7937 – This is one of those pattern I think is cute, but also know I would never wear. I do like the vintage vibe of the bustier tops though – cute!

M7936 – Learn to Sew. Not the most exciting jumpsuit ever, but it does look quite easy to sew.

M7929 – Laura Ashley. The sleeves on this top are so big! Like 80s poof big! I think the sleeveless peplum top could be really cute, but I’m unconvinced by the giant sleeve versions.

M7930 – Generic-ish tunic top. We get one in every release pretty much, so there’s not a lot to talk about here.

M7933 – Ah! This skirt is so cute, I love it! I’m not normally into super ruffly things, but I’m really digging it here on this skirt. Plus, the fact that it is an elastic waist pull on means simple sewing and simple fitting, and I’m all about that right now.

M7931 – I like this skirt because it is quite simple, but I know I’ve already got similar styles in the stash, so I can give this one a pass. It’d be a great wardrobe booster though.

M7932 – I’m not the biggest fan of paper bag waists, but I’ve seen them look quite cute on others. The proportions might be a bit much here, but, otherwise this is a nice gathered skirt.

M7934 – Bell bottoms are coming back! Groovy!

M7917 – Learn to Sew. This is the kids version of M7755, which I still think looks awesome and I still want to sew it.

M7918 – Malia. Are the knee patches cool or weird? Discuss.

M7938 – Yaya Han Costumes. The second version of this jacket is definitely geared towards cosplay, but the first version would make a super cute winter coat!

M7939 – Yaya Han. I’m sure if I hadn’t been living under a rock for the past 3 months I’d know what this was a reference to, but, I’m ashamed to say, I do not.

M7940 – Outlander costume. Apparently it’s just the bodice, the under shift, and a scarf? The skirt, I believe, is from M7823. I do like the top quite a bit though.

M7941 – Angela Clayton. Pretty! I am really glad they’ve added this line of historical costume patterns – there has been so much gorgeousness happening from these patterns lately!

And that’s it! Personally I’m excited to see some new silhouettes making an appearance in the McCall’s line… I think we’ve all had our fill of ruffle sleeve tops. Though I will admit that this release is pretty heavy on the party dresses and costume patterns. What do you all think? Are you as excited as I am for a bunch of costume items and party dresses you really don’t need in your stash/closet? Or is this release a pretty big pass because it is so heavy on frosting? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

15 thoughts on “McCall’s Spring 2019

  1. I do love the knot front dress – even more now I know it’s for wovens. The rest is pretty but not practical for my wardrobe unfortunately. The first would be good for summer weddings or to save up for the festive season (our summer) though

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  2. I’m really liking this release too. Very tempted by the knot front dress. Lots of other appealing designs too. The dramatic evening gown they led with is spectacular. One thing I noticed – all the patterns seem to have multiple views, and not just simple variations either. Good value for money.

    The knee patches on the kids trousers sound like a great idea to me. Kids are really hard on their clothes…well mine is anyway.

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  3. The men’s cosplay coat is giving me strong Petyr Baelish (Game of Thrones) vibes. I couldn’t find an image of the character with that coat, though.

    Nothing jumps out at me in this release, though I do like the knit skirt (7933).

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  4. That ruffle skirt is pretty fun, and the Yaya Han coat looks like it would be a blast to make and wear. I’m honestly not seeing much that would work with my generally casual life, since I’m not into jumpsuits, so I don’t know if I’ll add anything to my stash. Maybe the shirtdress, though, since I already know I’ll need a nursing friendly dress for a family wedding next spring. Hmm…

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  5. the asymmetrical neckline dress is very pretty. I’m thinking trying a bustier top like the straps of the 7937, with the length options of the 7929 but buttons on the back! Oo no way… seems I don’t have a basic envelope like the 7931, if it is for a bias cut maybe add it to the stash, but have to look on the burda stash first

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  6. The first two fancy dresses are lovely but alas, I would be a living illustration of the phrase “all dressed up with no place to go.” 7920 shirt dress is nice with the cut on sleeve so no messing about with my usual broad back adjustment. Is 7931 cut on the bias? If so, I might have to get it. Love your roundups as always!

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  7. I’m finding less and less I like in all the pattern releases lately. I’m wondering if it has to do with my lifestyle now, my age, my job circumstances but not much makes me want to rush out and buy a pattern – not Big4 or indie. From this group only M7925 really stood out to me and I’m on the fence about M7920. Will need to see that one made up before I decide to give CSS any of my money.

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    1. I think that’s fair. Honestly it’s been a while since I’ve been really excited about a release (excluding Burda, and even then…), and if you exclude fancy party dresses and costumes, there really isn’t *that* much I’m excited about here either. More and more I think, “but my stash is better,” and I expect it’ll be even more so the longer I sew. Perhaps at a certain point I’ll even be less excited by the costume patterns, but I’m not quite there yet. 😉


  8. Thanks for the round-up. I wonder if M7931 (skirt) is bias cut, for some views at least. There is some cross hatching on the sketch that seems to indicate fabric on the bias, but the McCalls website doesn’t have proper descriptions on it, so it’s impossible to tell!

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  9. I really like the patterns from Angela Clayton (she makes some many beautiful costume/historical clothes), but they are a bit too hard for me to create, maybe one day I will try!

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