Burda Spring/Summer 2019 Catalog Patterns

Interestingly, the Spring/Summer Burda envelope patterns made an appearance on the Simplicity site before being announced on the German Burda page. There are a lot of great spring/summer looks in this release, though I must admit that several of them look to be re-releases of magazine patterns (or, at least, very close to those patterns), and others are pretty basic designs. I think there are still some great options to add to a pattern stash, but I think I’ll be able to show some restraint when the next pattern sale rolls around. There are always a lot of new things to look at with the Burda pattern releases, so let’s get started!

There is a lot to see, so I’ll try to group things by category. First up, dresses:

6321 – Due to “the Meghan effect,” trench dresses are all the rage. There are, of course, lots of other trench styles on the market, but I really like the versatility of this dress, between the trench style and the shirt dress style. The pretty fabrication is definitely selling me on this design as well.

6310 – I’m less excited by this slouchy t-shirt style dress. I can see the appeal of “secret pajama” garments, but I feel like I already have something similar from one of my many Burda magazines that could easily be modified to approximate this style. I do think it looks like a quick to sew, comfortable style, and I do like the hood option. I just don’t think I need to add it to the stash.

6311 – The blue version of this dress feels a bit childish with the rick-rack pockets and tie straps, but I do like view B’s neckline. Personally I’d prefer a longer hem for myself, but I do like the aesthetic proportion of these styles as is.

6312 – Nothing really special with this empire waist dress. It’s cute, but basic. Again, I can see how this would appeal for a summer wardrobe, but I don’t think I need to add it to my already overflowing pattern stash.

6320 – I find this fitted sheath dress much more intriguing. The cap sleeves are a nice detail, and there are a lot of seams for extremely precise fit. Certainly, there are many similar sheath styles from Burda already, but, if you like the details here this is a pretty cute design.

6322 – Like style 6310, I find this pattern to be a bit dull to justify adding it to the stash. I do think it looks like a good pattern to use with a large print fabric (as shown in view B), and the subtle shaping is a nice detail. But, on the whole, I think this is going to be a skip for me; it keeps coming back to the realization that I already have similar styles in the stash and that I really don’t need another.

6338 – This wrap dress has some cute variations. The different sleeves, collar, and skirt actually provide a lot of options for combining elements to create unique styles.

6339 – This is one of those patterns that pre-Kibbe I’d dismiss as being a bit dull, but post-Kibbe I’m realizing that it just isn’t something that will mesh with my personal style. I can see view B being a great summer dress for someone who enjoys a straighter silhouette, whereas View A has nice potential for color or print blocking to really highlight the details of the seaming and silhouette.

6343 – I really like this dress, but then again, it has been on my to-sew list since the July 2016 issue came out. This version has additional options with the sleeved top, which was not included in the original magazine release.

6344 – I also really love this wrap dress, but both versions also came out in the July 2016 magazine, so I already have them in the stash. Definitely need to consider moving them back to the top of my to-sew list.

6346 – Even though this doesn’t fit in with the Kibbe Soft Natural recommendations, I’m obsessed with this dress, especially the short cocktail version! The neckline is gorgeous, and the strong geometric shapes are very eye catching. I also love the rich looking fabric Burda has used to style this dress. There are far fewer fancy gowns in this release than we normally see from Burda, but I think that this dress is a nice addition to their line.

Next category to look at: coats, jackets, and sweaters.

6315 – I always think Burda has fun sweater options. The color blocked hoodie is super cute, and the pocket on View B looks very much like what is found on a lot of RTW today. I really like how the diagonal like of the color block continues onto the sleeve pattern. I feel like so often that is the sort of detail that would be shortchanged in the drafting, but not so with this pattern.

6334 – This is a really nice jacket option if you’ve been looking for that “little French jacket” style with a bit of fitting, or if you’ve been wanting to add more peplum styles to your wardrobe. This is exactly the sort of pattern I’d have bought without thinking before doing my Kibbe explorations; now I’m putting a bit more thought into deciding if I really would make or wear this style of jacket, or if there are already other styles that I’d rather add to the wardrobe. Though I do think this might be something I’d make for my sister… It’s far too easy to be permissive with pattern purchases when you are considering multiple style types.

6335 – This kimono style jacket has some nice details around the edges of the design. The kimono trend has been super popular lately, and this is a “super easy” pattern, so if you have been wanting to jump on the trend, it might be worth checking this pattern out.

6336 – We had a few of these pentagonal sweater styles in the recent Burda magazines, but if you like this style, it’s another “super easy” pattern. View B looks super cozy, though I’m not convinced of maneuverability based on the photo of view A. I’d be very curious to see if anyone makes this design…

6337 – I really like this jacket pattern. My recent travel has convinced me I need a casual jacket with zipper pockets (that isn’t loudly proclaiming my nationality in block letters and team colors), and this might just fit the bill. I also really like the option for a hood. And possible travel next year to possible freezing cold locals might inspire me to sew a hooded vest to wear under a pimped out wool coat… I’ve got a lot of wardrobe updating to do this year… Regardless, I really like this pattern. I think it is versatile, and fabrication can take it from super casual to super chic in a jiffy.

Next up on this Burda tour is tops!

6313 – I think this style of top is a bit sweet for my taste, but I could see it working well for a Soft Gamine summer look, especially tucked into a skirt to create that definition at the cuffs, collar, and wrist.

6314 – I’m probably alone, but I’m still digging the exposed shoulder trend, and I like how the ruffles are fairly subdued here. I don’t know that I like all of the views of this pattern enough to add it to the stash, but I can appreciate the versatile nature of this top pattern. As shown there is a definite casual vibe, but I could easily see these styles working with fancier styling to create a less casual look.

6323 – Personally I find this top to be a bit voluminous for my taste, but I do actually like the way Burda has styled this pattern. If you like more volume, the options of using a casual voile or a fancier lace/silk combo are pretty inspiring for a very versatile spring/summer wardrobe.

6324 – I really like this top! The waist tie is a nice detail, as is the sleeve detail on the tunic version.

6325 – This is one of those tops that “should” work for me, but I’m just not excited by it. I think perhaps it is the high neckline? It feels a bit claustrophobic, and I’m just looking at it! The darted waist is a nice detail, but overall I think this is going to be a pass from me.

6326 – On the other hand, I’m very intrigued by this button down blouse. In a drapey fabric I think this could be quite nice. I really like the curved hem and long/short sleeve options of view B, and I really like the neckline views for both styles of this pattern. After doing my Kibbe series, I’m appreciating how difficult it is to find a button down top with a more open neckline, so I’m definitely keeping my eye on this style; it’s definitely a contender for joining the stash.

6327 – This blouse also has some nice detailing. The contrasting stripe and button placket is a fun feature, and the overall silhouette is nice if you want something streamlined and simple.

6328 – This is a really basic t-shirt pattern, but I think I like it because it is so basic. There’s not a lot of shaping, there’s not a lot of detail. It’s the sort of fit that It’s the sort of pattern that will really let the fabric shine, and will be basic enough to use over and over. Even when the sleeve ruffle trend ends, the basic long sleeved and short sleeved versions will be perfect styles for repeat garments.

6329 – This is another nice, basic shirt. I like the gathers at the collar and the sleeve options.

6330 – This top has some interesting options for color blocking, and the tie belt is also a fun design feature, especially for a “super easy” design.

6331 – I have a RTW top that is very similar to the black version, so you can be sure I’m picking up this pattern for when I inevitably need to replace it. I really like the details on this design, and how it can work for both a more casual and more dressed up style, depending on which view you sew.

6345 – I’ve been wanting a slouchy top like this for a while now. I really like the way the sleeves hang on this sort of cut, and I think the way Burda used the striped fabric is very eye-catching. I’m sure I already have similar styles in the stash, but I do like this easy top.

There are several new pants pattern in this release, though most of them are quite casual.

6316 – Harem pants are always a controversial style… Some people love them and some people really don’t. Honestly, I can’t say I’m a fan of having that much fabric caught between my legs, but I guess I can understand how this might be a fashion statement?

6317 – Burda seems really enamored with the dropped crotch silhouette of late. These sweatpants aren’t my personal style, but I will admit they are the sort of trend I’ve been seeing the younger crowd rock lately.

6318 – I’m… oddly enamored with this jumpsuit design. The olive green style has a pleasantly nonchalant quality about it.

6332 – The is the only really tailored style of trousers in this release, I feel like these could have fit in very well with so many of the Kibbe recommendations that mentioned cropped or tapered trouser styles. It also has a nice, easy, relaxed fit that would be nice for warmer weather seasons.

6333 – I don’t need another basic sweatpants pattern, but if my stash were not already so full, this is exactly the sort of PJ pant pattern I’d want to have.

Burda has a few new skirt patterns, though the styles are all pretty similar.

6319 – This circle skirt is pretty cute, especially with the different waistband options. I’m not sure any of us needs to add a circle skirt to our stash at this point, but the details and awesome pockets make this a nice option if you happen to be in the market for this style of skirt.

6340 – Here’s a nice “super easy” wrap skirt pattern. I really like how Burda has styled it to showcase the versatility of this design.

6341 – This is another skirt pattern that I really don’t need, but sort of really want. I feel like the longer version would work really well in the wardrobe I’ve been planning out the past few weeks…

6342 – And, finally, yet another large skirt. I think the details (and pockets) of 6319 make it a more interesting option, but I can see how this might be appealing because of the smoother line through the hip.

There are some cute Burda Plus styles in this release:

6304 – I really like this dress! I think the version with the leg slit is a fun detail for an otherwise simplistic dress, and the waist tie detail adds a bit of interest to the other view of this pattern.

6305 – This tunic/dress looks like a really comfortable option for summer sewing. It’s also “super easy” so I expect it’ll be a nice quick sew as well.

6306 – This tunic top is not the most original style in this release, but I can see how it could be a nice, casual piece in a spring wardrobe.

6307 – I really like this basic top; it’s a pattern I’m considering getting so I can make a few things for my mom. I wish the green trousers were also a pattern from the Burda Plus line; they’ve got a really interesting hem.

6308 – Another fairly basic t-shirt, but I really like the neckline detail on view B and the ruching detail on view A. Another pattern I’m definitely getting because I think my sister would really enjoy this as a workout top.

6309 – I also really like these Burda Plus trousers! It’s a nice classic trouser pattern with a tapered hem, which I’m coming to appreciate more as a silhouette. Another style that’s definitely going on my wishlist.

Burda is also giving us a few men’s styles this release:

6349 – Not my favorite man’s shirt from Burda, but I can see how it might be a good pattern if you wanted to make a Hawaiian style shirt as shown.

6350 – These athleisure inspired trousers are interesting. I appreciate the styling, but I can understand how the cropped style might not be that exciting for those who like a more traditional cut.

6351 – I also like this jacket. It’s obviously inspired by the recent bomber jacket trend, but the lack of a gathered waistband gives it a much sleeker, more streamlined feel.

We even get a few maternity styles this release:

6347 – I like this top, it’s cute! And pretty great for highlighting the bump if that’s something you’re aiming to do…

6348 – I’m not so sure about this romper pattern. I’ve not had a child, but from what I’ve heard, having something that might allow for, erhm, easier access to the privy might be more appreciated. The style is cute, but I’m not sure how practical it is? Though perhaps not having trousers to fit around the bump would be more comfortable? Perhaps mothers out there might have a bit more insight into the practicality of this pattern…

There are a lot of kids patterns in this release. Rather than go through them all individually I’m just going to post them as a giant lot:

I never have much to say about the kids clothes, but I feel like there’s nothing really new or exciting here. A nice range of sizes though, so that’s nice.

And that’s it! Of all the pattern companies, Burda is the one for which I have the greatest weakness, but I think I doing my Kibbe series has really helped me see what patterns I have and also narrow down options that will be more likely to result in successful garments for me, as opposed to wanting things just because “ooooh shiny.” Though, on the other hand, maybe it’s easy because this isn’t a particularly strong release from Burda? I feel like many of my favorite styles are a reprint from the magazine, and a lot of the new styles are quite simplistic. I’m a bit underwhelmed by this release on the whole, though there are a few patterns I’m adding to the wishlist. What do you all think? Is this the spring/summer release we’ve all been hoping for? Or is this largely a pass? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Burda Spring/Summer 2019 Catalog Patterns

  1. Burda seems to have gone extremely basic in this release. I feel it is mostly aimed at beginner level and doesn’t appeal that much to me this time. However, there are a few good basic top patterns that I like. My favorite pattern from the release is the wrap top pattern. I actually already purchased this (couldn’t wait for the sale), Along with the basic top pattern 6329 of which I like all versions and the circle skirt pattern. I think the circle skirt with the ties will work well for a romantic wardrobe. Since reading your Kibbe Series I am being much more selective with the styles I want to make. I also like the wrap dress 6338 and the side tie shirt sleeve top. Disappointing with all the re-releases. I also have many yrs of Burda magazines so don’t need those.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like several of the tops. I was hoping they would be available during the recent Joann’s Burda pattern sale, but I checked in at a couple of Joann’s and they didn’t have them yet. Too bad. My list to get includes the hooded sweatshirt (6315) and the tops 6324, 6326, and 6330. I really like them all.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Lots of super cute basics here but also some things that make me go hmmm. Trench dress and panel skirt 6341 are very nice. Also love 6304 dress and 6309 pant, and I would wear many of the tops. My issues with some of the other patterns are mainly with styling. Why put a belt on fitted jacket 6337 and ruin the lines? And what is happening on 6335? Is she dressed for an evening out in her patriotic double-breasted button bathrobe? I’m so confused. Anyway I thought overall there were a lot of nice patterns but after the initial thrill of newness I realized once again that I have designs that are nearly identical in my pattern collection already. No purchases for me.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I will be buying the mens jacket pattern 6431. Just what I am after! Other than that will probably make some harem pants because I love them, but I will not be buying a pattern having successfully managed to make these several times before without one. Some good dresses, but I have plenty of similar patterns already. I dont like any of the skirts.I quite like some of the tops but I think I have similar already so it would just mean more cluttter so probably will leave them as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That cocktail dress is outstanding…. ♥ ♥ Not sure I have the skills to sew it though, but will probably get it anyway. And I might try it.

    It’s strange but the paper pattern releases never look as exciting as the magazine patterns, but in the long run there are many that are pretty darn nice. I love the tops! Lots of cool color blocking, and the jacket 6337 is definitely going on my to-sew list: doable and super wearable.

    Even though some of these are magazine repeats, I’m shamefully fine with that – it isn’t necessary to trace *thumbs up*

    Thanks for this! The pattern I might try for anniversary 25 is this one, it looks to be at my sewing level, would fit my kibbe, and done in a dark, mysterious fabric, maybe would look nice?

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  6. Thanks for the overview! No really new patterns here, I prefer the magazine. If you’ve been collecting them for some time, I think I can save you from buying at least one of the patterns you mentioned: blouse 6345 with the yoke/sleeve thingy seems to be identical to 6/2016#101, also shown in two variations, one of them with stripes. Not an issue I own, but I’ve been eyeing this top on my library. Would love to see you make it!


    1. Funny, I thought that looked familiar and looked it up as well. They did change the stripe direction, which shouldn’t matter that much if the fabric isn’t stretchy.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Underwhelmed here as well. The men’s patterns are nice and I like the maternity top a lot but the other women’s patterns are all a bit bland. I think the styling in the magazine is so much better than on the envelope patterns too.

    On the subject of pregnancy dungarees…they look really cute on, but you change shape so rapidly that it hardly seems worth it to sew something that complicated for a few months of wear. And also I’d be worried they wouldn’t be comfortable. I lived in brightly coloured sack dresses 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I found pressure on my pregnant waist to be uncomfortable at times and I’m not really into dresses. My pregnancy overalls were SOOOOO comfortable! Despite not being into dresses, I do like the lines in the stripey dress (6343?) and both of the tapered trousers.

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