My Image Magazine Spring/Summer 2019

My Image isn’t one of the more prevalent sewing magazines, but I generally like their simple clean designs and use of bold prints. The latest issue (#18!) is released full of new spring/summer looks. You can flip through the whole magazine here.

The silhouettes in this issue are pretty simple, but there are some cute spring/summer options:

I think the wrap bodice on the shirt dress is interesting, though perhaps a bit low on the v-neck opening? The other dress is pretty simple, as is the maxi. I do like how you can mix fabrics in the maxi dress to create a top/bottom sort of style.

The skirt is much cuter on the model than in the line drawing. The sleeves on the top are an interesting detail, though I think it can add a bit of a padded shoulder look.

I do like how they’ve styled the maxi dress for most of the garment photos.

The ruffle jacket is cute. Not something I’d want for me, but I like that it has a little something going on. I’m much more interested by the top/pants combo on the right. I think making matching separates to give the look of a jumpsuit is such a cute idea!

The dress with ruching looks a bit more fitted here. I’m not a huge fan of the button down top and shorts, but I don’t often go for those silhouettes.

More versions…

I think the white pants are interesting… they look very fitted and long in the line drawing, but on all of the models they are cropped and a bit wider. They look really comfortable for summer though.

My Image is great at making patterns that work well with a bold print.

The dress on the left is a bit dull, and the one on the right does not look well fitted to the model. I do like the style lines though; the neckline is really nice.

More vires of the trouser options.

I like that top on the right; the dress on the left still looks like it’s a bit large and unfitted.

These clothes definitely have a summer vacation vibe, but I can’t say I’m particularly excited by any of them.

I do think the top/pants look really nice in this more drapey fabric. I really love the way that whole outfit looks. The dress with the ruffle looks a bit un-fitted through the body, but the ruffle detail is nice in that it continues across the back.

At least the open back prevents the sack dress from being a total snooze.

I still wish the middle dress didn’t need to be worn with a cami underneath.

More views of the same…

I do like the instructions in My Image – they have lots of detailed pictures for tricky things, but assume you can get along fine with basic instructions otherwise. The middle image shows the four PDF patterns for this issue – even if you hate tracing you could try one of these garments. Finally, looks like they will be doing another special summer issue this year, with some more basic designs.

And that’s it. I honestly feel like the My Image designs have been getting simpler over the years. I’m not as impressed or excited by many of these styles as I have been by their designs in the past, but I do think this magazine is a great value if you really love simple wardrobe basics that mix and match well. What do you all think? Would you rather be subscribed to a magazine where you know you will get a bunch of wardrobe basics, every time? Or would you rather have something like Burda, where one month could be full of basics and the next full of fabulous party gowns? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

Sidenote: If you can’t get enough of looking at patterns, McCall’s put up a selection of Marfy’s winter looks on their site. I’m aware that Marfy’s full catalog is actually not on the McCall’s site, and that McCall’s just recycles a lot of older patterns as well, so I’ve stopped doing a review for those patterns. But I still enjoy looking at the drawings and thought I’d mention it for anyone else who enjoys the Marfy art!

11 thoughts on “My Image Magazine Spring/Summer 2019

  1. First of all I have to say that the little insets of the fabric types (I guess that’s what those are?) along the sides of the pages have an incredibly strong nostalgic appeal to me. Does My Image always have those? It’s like paging through old Montgomery Wards catalogs.

    I see that they have some larger sizes, but you wouldn’t know it from their models. Also, I sense that at my age, I might not be the target demographic. 🤣

    Other than that I was intrigued by a couple of the line drawings – the skirt was cute and the wide collar dress had potential. But something was lost in translation because the versions on the models were not at all what I was expecting.

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    1. I feel the same! What I like on the line drawing and the photos are not the same things. Also, yeah, they’ve been doing the fabric insets in the past few issues; it’s pretty common for them.


  2. The ruffle jacket and ruffle shoulder dress are my favorite. What can I say but I love a good ruffle. Also it’s nice to see an over the shoulder ruffle that is not off the shoulder. I could actually participate in the ‘trend’. I like several other things too. Our Barnes n Nobles carries My Image. I may have to drive up the 30 min. to pick it up. I would probably subscribe to Burda though…more eye candy.

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  3. I thought this was a bit disappointing. I’m pretty sure some of it’s down to the fabric choices, especially the prints, because the technical drawings were much more appealing. There’s something odd going on with the shirt dress though – the pattern is the most interesting one in the collection but the button band is doing something strange on both the samples. The blue one looks curved and the pink one is pulling.

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  4. I gave up MyImage subscription a few years back when it felt like they crashed down into uber simple. The first few years are gems with lots of creative details and seams. I’ve subscribed to Knipmode but just dropped them due to too many repeats and simplification. The Facebook group of Knipmode also has (courtesy of Google translate) other women complaining about same observations. So well done Burda for keeping up creative juices. I’ve got a huge collection now so I’m torn between no more magazines vs. subscribing to show support.

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  5. I actually like the non-knit basics they offer, which I find are harder to come by than knit basics (I am looking at you, wrap dresses!). I really like wearing wovens in summer, and though I think their styling is not up to BurdaStyle-Standards, they are apparently just two people, so I forgive them. I also love the sets, and oddly for me the button down shorts combo… But yes, that wrap-over shift dress really needs to be done better. It looks like it was made for curvier model…

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    1. Two people, for real? In that case, colour me impressed. They do seem to favour rayon, and that is my favourite thing to wear.
      Price wise, this magazine is the best value for money I’ve seen. (for non-Americans) They offered free shipping worldwide a few months back, and I ordered 4 magazines which worked out to less than 40 dollars. Considering what all my other options cost, this was worth it, in spades!
      Jalie tends to be worth the investment as well. The first swimsuit pattern I bought from them has been put to use over a dozen times. (family swimsuit sewing bee) My sister entered the two suits she’d made in the local fair and won first, and second prize with them.
      Love Burda, but they have become hard to come by. Shipping is unreasonable.


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