Simplicity Patterns Early Spring 2019

The holidays haven’t even passed yet, so it’s a bit hard to be thinking of pre-spring sewing, but either way the Early Spring release from Simplicity is here. I’m a bit late posting this because pre-holiday events have overwhelmed me, but there’s enough of interest here that it’s still worth a review. Let’s take a look.

S8830 – Shirt dresses always seem to be popular patterns, and this Mimi G. pattern has a nice, relaxed fit. The pocket details look fairly classic, but the oversized shape gives a bit of interest, and I like the curved hem detail as well.

S8831 – This dress has a pretty simple silhouette, but the seam lines give lots of places to adjust the fit. The neckline has just a hint of interesting detail, and the overall look is very spring-y.

S8832 – A nice wrap bodice maxi dress with sleeve options. I feel like I already have similar styles in my stash, but if you have been looking for a wrap-style dress this isn’t a bad option, especially if you like any of the many sleeve options.

S8833 – A similar style to 8831, but with a slightly more relaxed fit. The neckline is nearly identical, but the rest of the style has far fewer seams. Nothing really new in terms of style, but this looks like a good pattern to use with a boldly printed fabric.

S8834 – I really like this relaxed dress. The waist tie is a nice detail, but the whole look still feels casual and comfortable. This one is probably going on my wishlist, despite it’s simple shape. I think the built-in waist ties are a cool enough feature to warrant it.

S8835 – Not as excited by this dress. The style is similarly relaxed, and the gathering at the bust adds and interesting feature, but it doesn’t have quite enough of interest for me on a personal level. I think it looks super cute on the model though. I’d be super interested to hear thoughts on this design in the comments.

S8836 – After doing the Kibbe series, I know this wouldn’t be my best look, but I love this dress! The asymmetric neck design is a great detail, and the model’s garment looks like perfection. Stunning use of trim, and a great classic shape.

S8837 – The collar on this blouse is just so big! I think this is the sort of shirt that could look goon on the Gamines in the audience, but the style just looks so constricting to me. And the collar looks like it could be a bit large/ridiculous if worn open. It’s a pass from me, but only because I can’t see it working within the silhouettes I’m trying to focus on moving forward.

S8838 – I just feel this looks a bit dowdy? Perhaps it comes down to fabric choice, but I just can’t see this top looking on anyone.

S8839 – This top also seems a bit crazy. So much volume!

S8840 – I like the design concept of this top; the execution leaves a bit to be desired. As shown the pleat detail looks really interesting but the top looks stiff and awkward. In a more relaxed fabric though the detail would likely be lost. And the other views just aren’t nearly as exciting. It’s a pass from me.

S8841 – Basic trousers with pocket options.

S8842 – More basic trousers from the AmazingFit line.

S8843 – Personally I’ve got a nice collection of parka patterns from Burda, but I could see this making a cute spring raincoat if you leave somewhere that’s typically pretty dry.

S8844 – I’m not a fan of the sleeve ruffle, but I do like the elongated, streamlined look of this blazer. View B is definitely something I could see myself wearing.

S8845 – Personally I’m pretty solid on jean jacket styles, but I do think this unisex style from Mimi G is pretty cute.

S8846 – This wardrobe pattern comes in plus sizes, which is very nice. I think the dress is really pretty for spring actually.

S8847 – I’m oddly intrigued by this pattern. I could care less for the dress (I’m still not into the sack dress styles), but I like the slit trousers and the bare shoulder top. This is a maybe for me.

S8848 – I also really like this pattern, at least for the asymmetric tops. I feel like I’m not as impressed on the model, but I think it could perhaps look a bit more filled out on me? It would be a bit of a gamble, but I might risk trying it.

S8849 – I think this wardrobe pattern has a lot of cute basics for spring, especially if you like more streamlined looks. I think the cropped bolero style jacket is quite sharp, and the fitted dress with slant pockets is also very cute.

S8850 – I never have much to say about the kids clothes, but I think the wrap style tops look pretty cute here.

S8851 – The fun use of prints are so pretty for a spring dress.

S8852 – Ok, this boy’s shirt style is super cute! Don’t know how a young boy would feel about wearing a button up style like this, but the overall effect is adorable!

S8853 – Ruffly spring styles.

S8854 – I guess this is an apron? Which I guess is practical? I feel like as a kid I would have had that thing untied and off ASAP so perhaps not? Difficult to say.

S8855 – This knit overalls are actually kind of cute. I could see this being a big hit with the younger crowd.

S8856 – Moomy-n-me sack dresses. I’m not excited. Moving on.

S8857 – These aprons are pretty cute though! I really like the neckline options – such a fun detail for an apron!

S8858 – Apron/robe/baby things for the more practical set. The elephant motif is actually pretty cute.

S8859 – Storage options; I actually think the pop up brush holder is pretty cool.

S8860 – Sew your own letter decor. Too much work for me, but I can see how this could be great for making gifts.

S8861 – The most practical dog sweater ever. I know lots of small dogs who would totally love these warm styles for winter walks.

S8862 – Not the cutest stuffed toys we’ve seen, but the sequin bellies are a fun feature.

S8863 – Fantasy style dolls.

S8864 – American Girl doll clothes. I really like the dance theme with these styles – super cute!

S8865 – Barbie style doll clothes. Also super cute!

S8866 – Love this! I’m a sucker for costumes, but the lace up “corset” style back and long draping skirt are selling me on this design. So pretty!

And that’s it! Overall not the most exciting new collection, but not the worst either. I think there are some great options if you are looking for a new spring dress, but I’m a bit less excited by the non-dress designs. I’ll likely add a few things to the stash, but not too much; I feel like I’ve already got a lot of similar things. What do you all think? Are we already over these designs? Or are we anxiously awaiting the next available sale? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

19 thoughts on “Simplicity Patterns Early Spring 2019

  1. I’m really liking this one. There’s a lot of things that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in my Burda subscription, and even better they’re things I would make. I haven’t bought a Simplicity pattern for years but I’m seriously considering the pleated top.

    I am boggling a bit at the aprons though.

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  2. For me, this is the best Simplicity release in years. There are several must haves for me. I may have to drive south of the (Canadian) border to pick up 8834, 8833, 8842, 8849, 8842, 8839 (view C), 8848 and of course the coat pattern for dogs, cause I have to own every single pattern for dogs ever published. I even sew some of them. 🙂

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      1. I was thinking the same thing. I was also wondering if that yellow coat could be a rain coat which my Shih tzu/Maltese mix dog needs. I usually don’t put clothes on him but a raincoat would be ptactical.

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  3. Its nice to know if I need a puffy shirt sleeve pattern for a Seinfeld costume that Simplicity has me covered! Love your blog. 8836 is the best of the bunch.

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  4. There’s definitely some misses, but I think there’s much to be excited about. The Mimi G shirtdress is making me rethink the chambray shirtdress pattern that I’ve been mulling over for awhile, since that would require quite a bit of hacking on my part. I’ve been thinking that I could use a parka, since my old one doesn’t fit my hips anymore. I’m oddly intrigued by that same wardrobe pattern as you. And BOY CLOTHES! I already have a good indie button up pattern for them, but I can still be excited that they threw us boy moms a bone for once. I might check it out anyway, since the long sleeve placket on mine is a bit confusing. (Mine will tolerate them for church, at least so far.) I’m also wishing I had that costume dress back when I was making my Eowyn inspired costumes. Might not hurt in case I ever get back to the Ren Faire!

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  5. I totally love those retro dressy aprons. Several others are at least good. It boggles my brain that anyone would buy a pattern for stuffed letters though.

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  6. It’s an interesting collection, but once again, nothing inspires me to pull the credit card out.
    I think one problem with S8838 is the sample looks like it was made for someone 2 sizes larger than the model. I notice this on several of the other patterns with that model.
    I LOVE the dog coats! I tried to make dog coats from a Butterick pattern a couple years ago but ended up just drafting from scratch because my dogs are chimeras and don’t fit standard measurements. Also I was very sad when I realized that the hoods wouldn’t stay on because both dogs have up ears.

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  7. I think I’ll put 8833 in my stash! I also love the line drawings of 8838, but as Kateina pointed out, the model’s shirt is too big. I would expect that to be a more fitted blouse!

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