Fall 2018 McCall’s Patterns

The latest collection by McCall’s is here, just in time for the start of fall sewing!  To be honest, when I first scrolled through the McCall’s release page, I wasn’t overly excited, but I think there are a few patterns worth considering once you really examine the line drawings.  Let’s take a look:

M7834 – My initial impression of this dress was “cute.”  I particularly like the proportions on view B, the short sleeved top.  However, in the interest of keeping my ever-growing pattern stash manageable, I have to question if I like the pattern better than the many shirt-dress patterns I already own, which, I think I do not.  However, I do think this could be a cute fall look, and I think the fall florals are definitely a trend we will be seeing more of this season.

M7835 – McCall’s Create It!  This is another dress pattern I find myself responding to positively, but will probably skip.  I really like the darts and neckline options, but I think this is quite similar to McCall’s 7654, which has similar features but in a more restrained proportion.

M7833 – This knit dress and tunic pattern looks like a quick sew, and it could be rather cute.  I find myself looking at the maxi as a quick, yet versatile garment that could be easily dressed up or down.  I’m sure I’ve got similar patterns but I still want to put this on the maybe list.

M7832 – I get a slight vintage 60s vibe from this dress pattern.  The 60s has never really been my favorite fashion decade, so perhaps that explains why I’m feeling a bit “meh” on this design.

M7848 – This coat, however, is definitely going on my wishlist.  I’m a sucker for coat patterns, and while I don’t think there is anything especially innovative here, I find the collar options to be incredibly practical.  Personally, I’m really wanting a coat with a hood, and I find the fur trimmed hood to be super cute.  As a matter of preference, I’d move the side pockets to the front seam, but otherwise I think this pattern looks great.  It looks especially good for a newer sewer – no buttonholes (tricky in thick fabrics), no vents, no tricky collars, no welt pockets…  Yet is is still stylish while avoiding the “bordering on bathrobe” look.  Definitely a winner in my book.

M7847 – This Learn to Sew pattern is a great way to showcase fur fabrics, but it could also be a good basic coat pattern in wool or other heavier fabrics.  I like the proportions of the collar, it’s not too fiddly for fur, but it’s also not crazy large.  It’s nice to see the Learn to Sew patterns branching out to slightly more complex garments as well.

M7846 – I’m not really interested in getting this poncho/cape pattern, but I do appreciate the collar options and design.  I think this adds a level of interest that isn’t typical of the more ubiquitous square piece of fabric with a neckhole style poncho.

M7841 – I’m still not a fan of unisex patterns, BUT I do like the front patch pocket and hood options on this sweatshirt.  Plus, it goes up to XXXL, which is actually kind of exciting because I have a few people I sew for who aren’t in the typical XS-XL size range.

M7839 – If you want a non-unisex cut, this sweater could be a nice alternative.  From the line drawing I find the dropped sleeves to be a bit large, but I find myself really liking the fit on the model wearing view E.  Clearly, I’m really into the idea of hoodies this fall.

M7840 – This voluminous shirt isn’t the sort of pattern I’m usually drawn to because it is just so voluminous.  The model in the cream shirt is just drowning in fabric. However, the plaid shirt looks really cute!  So, I’d say this could be a fun fall look in a very drapey fabric – something too stiff is just going to look like you are wearing a literal paper bag.

M7836 – This is another pattern where the line drawing isn’t doing it for me, but I really like the asymmetric one shoulder view on the model.  I like asymmetry, and I like my shoulders, what can I say?  The slit in view D looks really long, so keep that in mind if you are thinking about trying this pattern.

M7842 – I love this top from the back!  But I’m not sure how I feel about it from the front.  The overlapping fabric seems like a cool idea, but, in practice, it just looks sort of odd and bulky.  Perhaps it would have a more interesting effect if it were color blocked?

M7838 – The 1860s called and they want their sleeves back.

M7837 – I’m so over the stick a ruffle everywhere trend.  The giant laces on the side are quite the statement though.

M7831 – Learn to Sew.  I feel like these sorts of overall jumpers have been super popular with the sewing community lately.  It’s not really something I’m interested in, but, again, I like the amount of detail McCall’s has put in their “Learn to Sew” patterns – topstitching, patch pockets, overall hooks.  If this is your style, there are lots of yummy details here.

M7845 – I think this skirt is cute, but definitely too mini for me as a matter of personal taste.  The ruffle and lace details are super fun for the fall though.

M7844 – Learn to Sew.  Or, rather, learn to pleat.  So. Many. Pleats!  It does look like a fun party skirt though.

M7843 – Learn to Sew pants and skirt.  Elastic waists, while perhaps not the most sophisticated closure, are easy to sew and pretty comfortable.  These cropped flared trousers are a pretty popular style at the moment as well.

M7851 – These fashion accessory bags have some nice details, though I’d personally try to figure out how to add an external pocket.  They might be a nice introduction to bag making, or a fun project to learn how to use materials like leather.

M7830 – It’s nice that you get an entire outfit in a single pattern.  The leggings and top are the sorts of things I assume kids like to wear, but you have to admit the pink fur vest is totally where it’s at with this pattern.

M7827 – This girl’s dress and bolero is pretty cute.  I’d totally have been into the bare shoulders when I was in my Princess Jasmin phase.

M7829 – Learn to Sew.  I feel like my mother would compare this to everything she had to wear growing up, though it is perhaps a bit modernized in its fabrication.

M7827 – Baby clothes.  I’m assuming the wrap over top is quite practical for dressing a baby?

M7849 – The bunny is so cute!  I really love the classic look of these stuffed toys.

M7852 – Ok, I wanted to get the Burda unicorn onesie, but is seems that it may not be available in the US (or, at least, I couldn’t find it in stores), so I guess I’ll have to settle for the McCall’s pattern.  To be fair, this one does have patterns for unicorn wings.  Also, I may or may not now be required to make a full My Little Pony set of onesies for New Years, because that’s totally a thing.  At the very least, I’m totally going to hack this in half and make a unicorn hoodie, because that’s clearly a thing I need in my life.  Clearly.

M7853 – I get very “Mary Poppins light” vibes off of this costume.  I think this is going to be a pass for me – there isn’t enough detail here to make it exciting, and the proportions are just a bit too exaggerated for me to want to try to convert the jacket to regular clothing.

M7854 – This GoT inspired pattern is another matter entirely though.  Is it severely lacking in detail when compared to the inspiration piece?  Yes.  Am I getting it anyway?  Also yes.

M7855 – More GoT goodness.  I really like the jacket pattern from this one.

M7856 – Probably the least exciting of the GoT inspired patterns, but it’s still going in the stash.  As a side note, the coat pattern could totally be made for non-costume purposes, especially if the length was adjusted.  The seam lines would be very flattering.

M7850 – And, finally, we have the doggie wedding pattern.  Because why not.  There are a lot of things I feel like I could say, but I’ll just leave this one open ended because I’m really more curious what people are going to say in the comments.

And that’s it!  I feel like there are a lot of ok patterns in this release – nothing spectacular, but plenty of decent options.  For me, at this point, it sort of has to be spectacular (or a ridiculous unicorn onesie, which, by definition, is sort of spectacular) for me to want to buy it because my stash is so full, and I’m not getting that with a lot of the patterns here.  The zip front coat (M7848) is definitely going on the list, as are the costumes (because I’m weak), and the unicorn onesie (because I have been denied by Burda), but the majority of patterns are a pretty solid pass – not because they are bad, but because I feel like I already have similar patterns that I like better.  What do you all think?  Are you getting the Fall Feels from this collection?  Or is it a total snoozefest that’s barely a blip on the pattern release radar?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

25 thoughts on “Fall 2018 McCall’s Patterns

  1. The coat 7848 in the short version with the hood is really cute and I want it because I have very few coat patterns in my stash. Mostly because I live in the desert, but I want to live someplace that gets cold in the winter so I feel I should be prepared and get that coat pattern. Otherwise, this collection is a pass for me. I have to admit that I skipped all the GoT inspired patterns, but now I will go have a better look at them.

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    1. To be fair, I think Simplicity has more detail in their GoT inspired costumes lately (though Burda’s Circe dress really takes the cake if we are doing comparisons), but I think there is enough of interest in these that I’ll get them anyway. I do have a weakness for costume patterns though.


  2. I don’t see any must-haves for me, but I live in Texas so it’s still getting into the 80-90 degree temps here. None of the costume patterns grab me, but I’m reconsidering the unicorn set since you mentioned a hoodie. I don’t care for adult onesies but a hoodie is tempting.

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  3. I agree that this particular release is kind of meh, but I’m excited for fall anyway! I am also weak when it comes to costumes. Do I ever end up making them? No. Do I buy them and gush over them anyway? Every time.

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  4. Meh, nothing inspiring for me, either we’ve seen it recently already (ruffles and crazy sleeves) or just dull (that boxy top is a lake of fabric to drown in). Costumes are cool and look easy to whip up as they have paired back the details though. Plus if I was sewing for babies any more that wrap onesie is great for easy dressing and keeping them warm with the extra round the front.

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  5. The only non costume pattern that I like (not love, like) is 7848, that is one nice pattern. I realize I repeat myself on every pattern post that you write. Enough with the F@cking sleeves. Really. Enough. Stop. No one needs a sleeve so large it could hold an infant .

    Love the costumes, but I’m not a wearer of costumes, so those won’t be coming to live with me.

    I have dogs. Small dogs that need coats and jumpsuits and booties in the winter and yes I sew them, and yes my dogs hate me for it. However at -20C, they don’t get frozen going out to relieve themselves. Besides they have a pretty nice life and dressing them up and humiliating them occasionally is how they earn their very cushy life. Having said all that, even I, a human who is over attached to her dogs, would not, under any circumstances, sew a dog wedding dress or suit. Stupid stupid pattern.

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  6. For me, the winner in this collection is that baby pattern!! Though I don’t sew for babies…but it’s so cute and practical! The unicorn is awesome too!

    There are a few I’ll buy. I saw a RTW poncho like that one without the collar (much less angled front seam though) and was going to try to draft something but I’ll just pay the $2! I will still remove some of the extreme pointy-ness. Durrrr McCall’s.

    I like the simple knit dress with ruching — both the main pic and the maxi version. I also like the Laura Ashley shirtdress and like the pattern they used with the fur…though I have no desire to sew fur…but it looks like a nice, simple pattern. Like any bulky fabric would work well with it.

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  7. I liked some of this collection a lot. The ruched dress is timely for me; I’d been considering drafting something similar after seeing the style in a few places lately. Yeah I know it wouldn’t be hard to draft but I’m lazy. The coats are also good.

    But like you I’ve bought far fewer patterns lately. Maybe there comes a point where you’ve just seen it all before! For me I think it’s also having catalogued my stash made me realise I have loads of patterns I will never have time to sew and I dont want to add more.

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    1. Yes, I’m having a similar moment with my fabric – I have so much good fabric! I haven’t been buying a lot lately, but I also haven’t been sewing as much for myself lately either. I love my stash, but I’m realizing things need to be pretty exciting if I’m going to add them in at this point.

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  8. Some interesting stuff there. I am also totally over the gigantic sleeves thing. I want space for my biceps to move easily, not dive deep and do somersaults.

    As usual I was totally distracted by the dog costumes. I have a friend who is a vet and gets seriously annoyed when people anthropomorhise their pets. She approves of coats for warmth however (and buoyancy vests). We have a whippet, she has a coat for warmth (which is pink). The only costume she will ever pull off is this:

    Meanwhile, I’m still looking for the perfect raglan top.

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  9. 7850 Dog Clothes. I used to hate dressed up dogglies, but as a foster carer of ‘difficult’ dogs, it’s useful to put a jacket on them stating ‘adopt me’, ‘nervous don’t touch’, etc. Making something really eye-catching is fun, and I can embroider text on it


  10. Being in my 60s, I think I’m beyond the cute little jumper (M7831) stage, but I’m seriously considering buying that pattern to make an unfussy apron with cotton or canvas fabric.

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  11. I found this post while looking to see if anyone has made up the GoT 7854 yet…it seems not! I’m about to start cutting it out anyway [and I already made the zip front coat in cashmere, with matching hat, go me!] Wish me luck


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