Fall/Winter 2018 Burda Easy Magazine

Yet another new pattern release is hot off the presses; this time it’s the Burda Easy Fall/Winter 2018 magazine.  I used to recommend the Burda Easy as a good starting point with Burda magazines, because they do not have overlapping pattern sheets, the styles are a bit simpler, and the instructions are much more detailed (about the level of the envelope patterns from Burda).  However, Burda Easy no longer is produced in English (I subscribe to the German language version from GLP), which makes me a bit more hesitant to promote it as a starting place with Burda (I now suggest the envelope patterns, which also include seam allowances and are available from Jo-Ann and the Simplicity website).  All that aside, if you have a bit more confidence and are willing to work with a non-English pattern, the Burda Easy sometimes has some really cute styles.  Although I’m not overly excited by this particular issue, I do like seeing the options for some simpler styles, as well as seeing how Burda makes variations from one base pattern.  The styles tend towards being a bit more youthful as well.  Let’s take a look:

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 4.23.27 PM.png

There are 6 main patterns, with three variations each.  The first pattern is a coat/jacket option for fall:

1A – This is a pretty basic coat, but I do love how Burda utilized such a simple design to highlight a cool coating fabric.

1B – This version is much more interesting with the hood and patch pocket options.  The simple style and seam lines would also be great to use with a water resistant type fabric for use as a short raincoat.

1C – I’m not as excited by this version of the jacket, but I do like the collar here.  The overall shape is a bit too boxy for me; I didn’t mind it as much in the longer lengths, but I’m less interested by this variation.

The second pattern is a paper-bag waist trouser:

2A – I think this waistband treatment has been super popular lately, and I actually really love how subtle it is here.  It’s a nod to the trend, without having the waistband take up the length of the torso.

2B – I’m not sure I like the cropped length of the pant, but I do think it’s cool to see a modern take on a trouser pant in very traditional suiting.

2C – I know Burda is showcasing this as a “winter short” over tights, but I wish I’d had this for summer!  With the addition of some pockets, it would be perfect for the super hot days we’ve been having.

The third pattern in this issue is a simple dress:

3A – I think this is a simple dress, but Burda has done a lot to amp up the pattern by adding pockets and having such a cute, delicate collar.  I also think it was smart to showcase it in a dark floral print, which seems to be one of the hot trends this fall.  I think it could read a little dowdy, but styling could do a lot for this dress.

3B – I liked it in the print, but I’m much more intrigued by this mixed fabric version.  I love how it looks like a sweater and skirt combo.  Super cute, and super practical for fall.

3C – I’m not the biggest peplum fan, but I really like it on this sweater top.  The turtleneck is also a fun feature for the fall.

Option 4 is another top/dress pattern:

4A – The print is a bit out there, but this is actually a really simple, practical blouse pattern.  It lacks a lot of the details that typically come on a blouse, which could make it a good pattern to learn to work with shifty blouse-weight fabrics.

4B – I like this version with the removable neck tie even more though!  I think it looks really classy and chic, without being too overdone.  The removable tie also could help tone it down if you feel like you are drowning in fabric.  Sadly, I was really hoping Burda would give us those pants though.  Burda, those pants – I need them!

4C – I really love how this dress utilizes the tie as both a neck scarf and a belt – it’s a fun way to make the dress multitask and perhaps also have a bit of a day-to-evening transformation.

The fifth pattern is a loose fitting jacket:

5A – Not much to say about this simple, tie front jacket.  I think Burda’s been smart in its styling, I love seeing it as both and exercise cover-up and as something a bit more formal.

5B – Nothing different here, but I do love that fabric!

5C – I love the idea of having chiffon on the jacket; it’s such a unique detail and a fun feminine touch.

Finally, we get a very basic skirt pattern:

6A – Basic elastic waistband skirt, the short version.  I do like Burda’s choice of using bold prints here – it’s different from the typical fall/winter heavy fabrics we often see.

6B – The midi length.

6C – And the maxi.  This version does have a slit in the back as well, to preserve the smaller silhouette but allow for leg movement.

And that’s it!  If I wasn’t already subscribed, I don’t think there is anything here that would compel me to go out and buy the magazine (especially since it isn’t in English any longer), but I’m not going to complain about having the patterns for that red coat, shorts, or that convertible salmon colored dress in the stash.  What do you all think?  See anything here that makes you want to add some basics to your fall or winter wardrobe plans?  Do you have any interest in picking up this magazine?  Would it be more appealing if it were still published in other languages?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Fall/Winter 2018 Burda Easy Magazine

  1. I’m a huge fan of Burda Easy and was so disappointed they stopped producing them in English. I agree with your top choices as well, I do like the simple tie-in-the-front jacket as well. I also prefer the pant in either the shorts length or the cropped. The long version looks quite dowdy to me, I think because of the leg taper, very grandma. Some really great, easy to sew basics here. I might try to find this one in French if they have it, it’s easier to translate.

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  2. The blouse with the strange color mix is actually really nice! And the little tie jacket (love the fabric), those are two patterns I’d definitely add to my stash. Not sure I can find the magazine though. On ebay, I suppose.

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  3. Thank you for your review! I really like that coat and I think that is why I am going to buy this Burda, love it with the hood. The pants are also very nice and I have a similar pattern that I want to try first. La maison Victor magazine has it and it looks like a very nice one, with nice pockets too. I don`t know if they still make it in Dutch but even heaving it in German is ok for me ( not that I speak more than 2 words German :)))

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  4. It sounds like it won’t be easy for me to find a copy of this and I know I already have similar patterns. However, what I really love about these magazines is the styling and the inspiration for taking a few simple patterns and creating a wardrobe from them. It is a shame it is no longer available in English, I’m all for getting more Burda converts!

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