Blog Post 1000

When I started my blog (the OG blog, Sew Skate Read) back in 2011, I sort of thought it would be a temporary diversion from the pressures of grad school.  I thought I’d be sewing a lot of costumes and cosplays, and that this blog would serve as a sort of open source notebook that would help me keep track of all my sewing projects.  Although it has somewhat fulfilled that third purpose, over the past 1000 blog posts, I’ve spent the majority of my time analyzing new pattern releases, sewing up non-costume clothing, and whining about the lack of sewing time I have in summer due to the skating commissions I can’t seem to make myself stop accepting.  There have certainly been times I’ve wanted to throw this whole thing out the window (sewing machines and fabric stash included), but I find that I keep coming back to the blog time and time again.  It’s been 9 years of sewing and 7 years of blogging at this point, and though my progress and passion has been inconsistent at best, the blog has always been on the back burner, regardless of changes in lifestyle, activities, and other interests.  At this point, after 1000 blog posts, I’ve accepted that this blog is something that is more than a temporary diversion.  I don’t think it will ever be one of those glossy, polished, professional level blogs, and I’m ok with that.  Sure, I’d love to give it a bit of a facelift, work on “personal branding” and achieve the aesthetic I was looking for when I switched over to WordPress several years ago, but, as with so many things, when it really gets down to it, I’d rather spend my time and money on actual sewing.  Maybe it will happen by the time we get around to blog post 2000.  Besides, as with so many others in the online sewing community, I know that the real benefits are from the friends I’ve made and the community I’ve become a part of.  I’ve always been grateful for the support and digital friendships I never would have made without this blog, especially during the rough times, when I really didn’t have much else to look forward to.  It’s been exciting to watch my little band of followers grow, and see that, even though “blogging is a dead art form” people keep coming back for news on pattern releases and to leave a nice comment about my occasional new makes.  Social media is constantly changing, so it’s hard to say what will still exist in the next 5-10 years (I mean, if GRRM can keep Livejournal alive this long…), but for now I just want to say a big thank you to all my readers who have been along with me on this journey.  It’s been an interesting road and I appreciate all of the support the sewing community is so willing to share.

And with that, I will say thank you for allowing me this slightly self-indulgent post, and we will shortly return to our irregularly scheduled program – there’s a September Burda review headed your way soon!


24 thoughts on “Blog Post 1000

  1. Congrats on the milestone! I look to your posts, whether on your projects, your color analysis or posts like this one… all part of this treasured community. Thank you.

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  2. I came to your blog via an ice skater’s blog (The Ice doesn’t care) and have enjoyed it for many years now. The information you had about roller skating was fascinating, especially your posts about the equipment (boots, wheels etc). I don’t skate as much anymore but I do still sew. I really appreciate your pattern review posts and your posts about special garments you make.

    Thanks for keeping on going!

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    1. I love The Ice Doesn’t Care! I’ve also backed off the skating a bit – after 20 years the body just isn’t as cooperative as it used to be, though I still like to go to practice once in a while. I’m happy that sewing is something I can see myself continuing for many years to come, and hopefully the blog will keep going too!

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  3. your pattern reviews are some of my favorite things to read! Especially for Burda I will go back and read older posts whenever I’m looking for sewing inspirations.

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  4. I only found your blog ( and indeed blogs generally) about 2 years ago so haven’t been following you that long. I love your pattern reviews , especially the Burda style ones each month. It’s one of my favourite reads.
    I’ve also started a blog too. Same initial intentions- I want to keep a record of my sewing.its been running just over a year. Not sure if I will ever get to a 1000 posts though. That’s quite an achievement. Well done

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  5. Dear Doctor T – your blog is wonderful and big congratulations on reaching 1000 posts! I’ve only been with you for two years worth, but they are all excellent and really inspire me with my own sewing. I love your Burda reviews, and the seasonal pattern release previews. It’s all great stuff, and you come across as a real and honest person that I can really relate to – with foibles and favorites just like the rest of us. Well done and a big thank you for your brilliant blog – here’s to the next 1000! Go you!!

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  6. Well done for getting to 1000! I also have an unpolished blog – tho much less posts. Although I suppose if you count the previous 4 blogs I have had then probably amounts to around the same number. Less readers than you but I also never really blogged to get readers. I do it for me. When people comment and give me ideas and help I also really like it and find it amazing to connect with people all over the world. Some comments are also very insiteful and useful. I hope blogging does not die – seems to me its pretty much alive whatever the official stance says – because I also like to read them as well as I use mine to keep me on track and actually sewing. Blogging for me gives me the extra something I need to get me to sew instead of just dreaming of what I can make. Also I am a regular visitor to you because I find the Burda reviews really useful. I decide wherther or not to buy an edition mostly based on your blog review. Have to say here 🙂 I mostly disagree with what you like or hate but does not matter. Its very useful to know what is in there. Keep going. I for one will miss you if you stop blogging.

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  7. I especially love your Burda blog and start to search for it before the next magazine is out. I generally agree with your views – especially on some of the best and the most ghastly. I generally have to send off for the magazine as it’s not widespread locally in my area of the UK and it’s your blog that enables me to decide whether to or not. Please keep your blog going – here’s to the next 1,000.

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  8. Livejournal… lol… Hey, Geocities was a thing when I joined the internet… 😲

    Congratulations on 1000 posts! Your posts are always the first thing I click when they arrive – love your reviews as well as seeing what you’ve sewn, it’s very inspiring. The Burda reviews are also always highly anticipated, and very much appreciated. Here’s to at least 1000 more! If you ever do change things, I hope you’ll let us all know so we can keep following along. 🙂

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  9. Awesome! I have loved reading reviews and lurking around your posts. It’s fun to both agree and disagree with your opinions and helps me see things differently. I also think it’s helped me to think if I’ll really make this and does it fit into my life now…not just , Oh! Shiny! I usually don’t feel brave enough to comment, but I have fun composing them in my head!

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  10. Congratulations! I enjoy your blog very much and have been reading for a long time, with a hiatus in the middle where I somehow lost it (perhaps because it was the old blog?). I was so glad to find you again. Keep up the good work! And I think you still sew more than some of us (me)…

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  11. I like your blog very much, it’s one of my very few favourites. I appreciate all the hard work you put into it and really look forward to your posts. It’s pleasantly down-to-earth and simple (as opposed to pretentious), while always informative. Thanks for all, but don’t exhaust yourself 🙂

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  12. I love reading your opinions on new pattern releases. I have an unreasonable love for sewing patterns and your blog is perfect for poring over all the new designs and deciding what to pick up on sale. 🙂

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