BurdaStyle Accessories 2018

This year it looks like Burda is publishing a special accessories issue, at least in Germany.  I’m not sure how easy it will be to acquire this magazine, or put together the patterns if it is only published in German, but I figured the content was at least worth a look…

I haven’t quite figured out if this is a reversible bag or if Burda just wanted to show off the inside, but either way it looks like a fun, easy bag for summer.  I love that it has a zippered pocket and a perfect phone-sized pocket.

This pencil/makeup case is also quite practical for summer travel or as a back to school gift for fall.

I’m less impressed by this tie up boho sack bag.  It doesn’t look the sturdiest.

I do think this large duffle is great for travel though!  Smushy bags are great for getting into that awkward overhead bin space.

I don’t use a sleep mask, but apparently the are great for blocking out ambient light and improving sleep quality.  Maybe I should try using them…

This also looks like a super practical travel bag.  From makeup to electrical cords to having a separate underwear bag so TSA doesn’t accidentally leave your drawers on the floor, I could see a lot of packing uses for this.

I don’t think I need Burda’s pattern to make this, but I really want to make one.  It would keep brushes way more organized during travel, and it would be easy to wash after the trip.

This clutch looks very on-trend for the summer.

This is… just a giant rectangle.  A giant rectangle with a zippered top.  What?

I don’t use a separate coin purse, but this could be a cute gift or a fun way to use up fabric scraps.

I like the size of this bag, but I like have zippers on my actual purses.  Sized up it could be good as a reusable shopping bag.

I’m not into the whole shoe-making aspect of clothing construction yet, so these hold little temptation for me.

A great classic beach bag is always practical for summer adventures.

The line drawing is weird, but this seems like an interesting pencil pouch alternative if you hate zippers.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 5.33.50 PM

I feel like I’ve seen these sorts of bags elsewhere?  The geometry of it is cool though.

The jewelry all seems a little… crafty?  The bracelets are ok, but the necklace beads are way too massive to be comfortable.

Scarfs and scrunchies to complete a look.

Business card holders and earbud holders could be practical if you like the look of these.

Finally: tassels.  Lots and lots of pompoms and tassels.  The tasseled pompom shoe clip-ons are a bit nuts, but sort of fun, I guess?  The necklace is cool, and the keychains are fine, but what’s up with the long garland of pompoms for no reason?  What?

And that’s it!  On the whole, I’d have to say if it were in English and easy to pick up at a store I’d probably get it because I’m a Burda fangirl.  Practically speaking though, I don’t have much need to track down this issue.  I could draft a lot of these patterns myself, and hunting this down and translating it really won’t be worth the effort.  So overall I think this is going to be a pass for me, but in the long term I’d love for Burda to step up their bag-making game and come out with some really snazy bag patterns.  It’s been impossible to find a bag I like, and I’m so fed up with my current work bag situation that I’m really tempted to make one myself just so it can have the features I want.  As is, I think this magazine would be good for people just starting to sew who want to learn new techniques (like installing zippers or hardware) on small projects, or for someone looking for small gift ideas.  Again, of course, this is assuming you could read German (or whatever other languages this might be published in).  I think it’s fairly successful for what it is, but I do with there were a few more intricate accessory patterns in this special edition issue.

What do you all think?  Do you like to sew accessories?  Or does mixing RTW accessories with handmade clothes feel like an easier way to elevate your own personal style?  Would you use any of these items?  Or does it feel like slightly pointless crafty nonsense?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

14 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Accessories 2018

  1. Hee hee I love the pompom shoe clip ons and my kids would totally love me wearing them. But otherwise, very simple patterns that I recon there are a heap of google tutorials on how to do out there already.


  2. Actually I like the pompom garland idea. Great for kitchen windows at Christmas or for festivals. Its available free somewhere ona blog tho so not new. The rest tho not for me. I already have loads of free downloaded patterns and I do not need to use Google Translate to make them. The internet is littered with free bag patterns so I cannot see any reason to waste money on this. I already also have a free copy ( given away a year or so ago on one or other Burda site and in english) of how to make the shoes and the Lion Brand knitting wool site regularly has both patterns and videos of how to make shoes and boots using crochet with flipflops for soles. There are several companies selling kits for espadrilles too. I think this one is definitely not for me tho could be a fun intro into accessory making for someone I suppose.


  3. Meh. I like the duffle bag and the beach bag and I looove the idea of shoe clip ons. But I am a real beginner at sewing bags, the one I self-drafted is a bit of a fail. I am sure I need a bit more hand holding than Burda can give. I also rather prefer bags with real hardware… If you are looking, there are a ridiculous number of patterns for purses and bags and some are very innovative too and many simpler projects are free. Just browse Pinterest, especially for Sew Mama Sew.

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  4. The only ones I would really want to make are the clutch, triangular pouches, card holder, and scrunchie. The card holder and scrunchie patterns/tutorials are free on the German BurdaStyle website because they’re very simple I guess. I could try and figure out the patterns for the clutch/triangular bags on my own, but their patterns are <$2 on Burdastyle.de, and for me, that's a reasonable price to pay for convenience.

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  5. Hi! For information, this magazine is available in france since this week 🙂 maybe i’ll buy it, they are simple, true, but it is always great to not have to think and directly cut and sew quicky a small bag like the pink floral one

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  6. I loved the shoe pom poms – so cute! I could see myself wearing them… Agree with others here that these bag styles are a little basic, but it’s great that Burda is thinking along these lines and perhaps they will give us something more elevated in future – go Burda!

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