BurdaStyle May 2018

The May BurdaStyle Magazine announcement is up, and at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I’m really excited!  Burda has been killing it this year – and May looks to be no exception.  I especially love that they’ve really brough May back to being “the dress issue” – there are an overwhelming number of great spring and summer looks in this issue!  I’m also excited because they are doing a nice feature that mixes the regular and Burda Plus looks; although it would have been nice to have patterns extended through both size ranges, I think using the same fabric in two different looks is a nice way to present the patterns in this issue.  There is a lot of yummy Burda goodness to get through, so let’s take a look:

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.43.29 PM

Although there aren’t many in this issue, I figured we’d start with the jackets:

We get a designer pattern this month, and I think it looks great.  I’m not the biggest fan of the peplum look, but I do like the collar and the cool buckle on the front of this blazer.

This sort of boxy jacket isn’t normally my style, but I actually really like the use of stripes, and the model photos are amazing.  Plus, there are a few sewing bloggers who I can imagine totally rocking this, so I’ll be excited to see if they make it up first.

Normally I think I’d prefer a jacket with a collar, but this time I think the collarless striped version wins it for me.

This probably doesn’t technically qualify as a jacket, but I really like this cardigan.  I even think the fringe looks cool!  Burda also seems to have tapped into some amazing fabrics – this print is gorgeous!  I’d actually really like a 3/4 sleeve cardigan for work; it tends to get cold in the air conditioning, but it feels ridiculous to be wearing coats in the middle of summer.  This would likely be a quick sew as well.  It’s definitely on my list.

Ok, time for the main event!  Next up we have the onslaught of May dresses:

I am obsessed.  Granted, the fact that this is exactly the sort of fabric I’d buy isn’t hurting, but I’m also dying to make this dress pattern!  I’d all the sleeve trends but I don’t care.  It’s gorgeous.  I need one in my life.

I also really like this sexy sheath dress.  I think the use of the print was quite strategic in making the top look more like a sweetheart and less like a bra peeking out.  There’s lots of great seaming here, and the gathered sleeves are a nice detail.  If I’d only seen it in the line drawing I would have liked it, but seeing the garment and model photos definitely bumps this up a notch on the sewing wishlist.

I really like how this dress is shown both dressed up (in the green fabric) and more casual (in the stripe).  It points out the versatility of this cute sheath dress.  I like the waist tie detail and the cut of the neckline.

Another swoon worthy dress!  This one is all about that criss cross back detail.  Again, I probably would have passed by the line drawing, but the model photos are selling it to me.  Props to Burda for their styling game this month – it’s making me want all the things.

I also really like this dress as well.  This one is quite similar to the blue dress from the December 2016 issue, but it has enough different features that I’ll take it.  I think the tie back detail is lovely, and the sleeves and skirt are soft and floaty, which is really nice for spring.

I’m not that into all the off the shoulder ruffles and other trends that have been popping up, but, I really like this dress.  I think it is the combination of the subtle features that really sells me on it.  Plus, it looks pretty comfortable.

This sailor inspired dress is the petite look for the issue, and I think it is adorable!  I love the neck tie/collar, and the slant pockets on the skirt.  Another winner – this dress is too cute!

I feel like we’ve been getting a lot of these asymmetrical, menswear inspired dresses lately.  The other styles didn’t quite do it for me, but I really like this variation!  The asymmetrical collar and button placket are nice, but not overdone, nor are the slightly puffed sleeves.  The proportions are great here, and I really like how Burda styled it with some regular flat tennis shoes.  Love it!

Even this dress, which could seem dull in comparison to the others, is pretty great.  I feel like this is possibly one of the most versatile patterns; totally wearable in spring or fall.  I also really love how the border print was used on the waistband – it’s a great feature.

Although the clear stand-outs this month are the dresses, there are also a few cute tops:

I think I prefer this as the dress, but the top version is alright.

Another one that I’d be more likely to wear as the dress.  Though I do think this top actually is pretty cute, but, still, I prefer the dress.

I do like this top though.  It’s the sort of think I think I’d originally ignore, but then come back to, and wear a ton.  The ribbon tie detail is super cute, and I love the play on the direction of the stripe.

Same pattern, but in a solid.  I feel like the fringe *should* feel like a crazy Burda WTF, but instead it sort of feels high fashion.  I’m really digging the fringe.  Am I nuts?

This tunic is fine, but sort of blah in comparison to the rest of the offerings.

As with the tops, there aren’t a ton of bottoms, but they are fairly cute:

I really like this culotte jumpsuit.  It’d be pretty easy to lengthen the legs to full length as well.  I really like both the use of the print (left) and the use of the trim on the pant legs (right) – both are fun details.

I like the nautical themed items this month; I’m digging the button detail on these trousers.

Normally I’d rail against the ruffled hem, but I think this fabric actually disguises that feature. Plus, I want that fabric!  Not my favorite look of the month, but I don’t dislike this pattern as much as I think I normally would (because I want that fabric).

I like the embroidery detail on the pocket flaps.  I think Burda’s been including more details in the patterns lately, and I really like it.  Definitely inspiring.

I think I like this longer version slightly better than the mini skirt.

The Burda Plus section is full of even more dresses, and while I don’t think they are quite as good as the regular size ranges, there is still plenty of spring goodness:

That maxi (aside from utilizing the fabric I love) is great.  It’s got the cold shoulder and ruffled sleeve trends going on, but the overall silhouette has an easy vibe that is lovely.

I want this dress!  The use of the diagonal stripe on the skirt is great, and neckline and wrap are nice features.  I’m tempted to grade down on this one.

This dress looks pretty simple, but the slit neckline gives it a little bit of drama.  Plus, it looks great in a boarder print.  I think it could look really sophisticated in a more formal fabric too.

I don’t usually like a sleeve ruffle, but I think the proportions here are perfect.  The dress is simple, but cute.  It looks fabulous in a print, but I think it’d look equally as good in a solid.

This dress is probably my least favorite of the Plus options.  The sleeves seem stuffy for spring, and there isn’t much else to this design.  It isn’t bad, but it isn’t particularly exciting either.

I don’t usually have much of an opinion about the Kids section, but this month everything is pretty cute:

The little lemon jacket and striped shorts are super cute!  Plus, I could see that fruit handbag being popular with many more than the kid set.

And that’s it!  Obviously this month is very dress heavy, but that is typical for May.  I’m just happy to see that Burda is keeping it strong this year.  There is so much goodness it made picking a top pattern difficult, but it had to be done.  So, without further ado, the Best of BS for May 2018 goes to:

original (26)

The rainbow halter neck dress!  I love this dress.  It is sooooo pretty.  The design is playing into all of the current trends, yet it doesn’t feel like every other cold shoulder puff sleeved dress on the market.  Granted, the wild print of awesome probably helps with that, but I think the design would be eye catching even in a different fabric.  It is giving me spring vibes all over, and I love it!

On the other hand, the BWTF for the month goes to:

original (5)

The tunic top.  To be fair, in any other month, this shirt likely wouldn’t have been in the bottom.  But this month was pretty stellar in terms of pattern options, so this top is just boring enough to be the bottom of the heap.

What do you all think?  Is Burda crushing it this year?  Or are the designs too impractical?  Is there too much spring frippery in the May edition?  Or just enough to make you want to do some spring sewing?  What are your top and bottom picks for the month?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

24 thoughts on “BurdaStyle May 2018

  1. They are on fire with this issue! I have a crazy amount of magazines and I shouldn’t need anymore…but I will be buying this. I want the sailor dress…not sure about the collar but I’ll be making it anyway. Love the asymmetric button dress, love the jumpsuit, love the mini skirt…. I’m regretting looking now!

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  2. Great issue. Agree with you pretty much except for the BWTF winner; it should be the curtain-fringed top. That thing is truly kindergarten-craft ugly.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so making that sailor dress, reasonableness be darned!!!! 🙂 There’s so much to love this issue. I even like the tunic! I don’t like their fabric choice but…

    I must have that tie-waist dress. MUST. Have. And the off shoulder with the ruffle and spaghetti straps. And the tee with tie detail and yes, the fringe is awesome. And I love the jumpsuit.

    So. Much. GOODNESS!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I totally agree with you. This Burda issue is fantastic! I love all the designs, even the kids´ clothes – they are so cute. I just loooooooove the May issue and I absolutely adore the rainbow halter neck dress!! I just don´t have the time to sew all the patterns:-)) I´d love to though.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I also love this issue. Most of the dresses are fab. I think the ruffle shoulder tropical dress and the plus size arm ruffle dress have really interesting backs that I love. ( See the Russian site magazine article). I would size down and leave off the arm ruffles on the plus one though. The halter dress and the asymmetric dress are awesome as is the plus size wrap that l also want to size down. I can’t wait to see June. May and June are usually me favorite issues of the year.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. My picks from this issue would be the plus size blue wrap dress, graded down, the longer version flared skirt, the dress styled with tennis shoes, and jumpsuit, already a decent amount of styles for the magazine price. Thanks for such a comprehensive review!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Can’t wait for this issue! LOVE the sailor dress, also really like the off-the-shoulder ruffle dress, but I’d make it as a top (I’ve learned now that as much as I love dresses, my closet doesn’t need too many). Actually a couple of these could be made as tops, methinks… My other picks would be the BWTF choice (sorry!), I actually like the lines and think it could look great in a fabric one likes. I REALLY like the Tee also, but without the curtain fringe. Love the idea and lines of it though. And the skirts with the pocket flaps – I’d really wear that… Great issue! Now I just have to finish that bomber jacket (I can’t wait to show it, the fabric is totally “me”) – the instructions are HORRIBLE this time though, I have no idea how to insert the lining. Youtube is indispensable at the moment… :-p

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  8. The fabrics, styling and phitography are awesome. As a short waisted busty woman, I am getting a bit irked that the models are SO tall and willowy these days that the fashions are hard for me to “read” or get my head around for my body type, in the photos. But there is a lot to like here for sure. I love your early takes on the issues, thanks.


  9. The plus dress with a “bed skirt” sleeves appears to me as a very good pattern too, regardless of fabric choice. Quite often nice pictures don’t get translated to well fitted garments, but this dress is a promissing one. There was a similar dress (fitted bodice with ruffles on sleeves) in “Ottobre” 5/2011 featured on the cover which I liked back then too (surprise surprise). As to BWTF choice of the month I both agree and disagree: style wise I’d probably place it there too but fit wise I think there is a good fit longing for more creative interpretation. And thank you for your review. Happy sewing!

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  10. I don’t know why I am only seeing your post now, but I don’t yet have my May magazine so it is still a preview! Yes, another great issue, my list of things I want to make from 2018 is already almost overwhelming! Nice problem to have though!

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  11. My copy arrived! I’m afraid I’m going to be the lone dissenter and say this was a fairly disappointing issue for me. Too much floral, too many frills, way too many bare shoulders. But not all bad: I like the designer jacket a lot, despite the peplum, and I’m wondering how to add pockets to the sailor trousers. And I’m a bit sad that the wrap dress doesn’t come in my size.

    One thing that’s bothering me a lot. The pocket flaps on the mini skirt are positioned nicely, but the same feature in the longer skirt looks to be placed far too low – and yet they must be the same pattern pieces. Something very odd about the proportions on the longer version.

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