McCall’s Spring 2018

Spring has sprung for McCall’s patterns!  The latest releases from McCall’s are here, and, somehow, despite rehashing all of the top trends from the past year or so, I think this is a fairly successful release.  At first I was like, I want to buy all the things!  Well, ok, maybe not all the things.  Actually, upon closer inspection, maybe only a few of the things.  But I’m really surprised at the designs which are resonating with me.  I’m not sure how or why this is happening, but it feels like McCall’s is really ramping up the style this spring.  Let’s take a look:

M7749 – Beaute’ J’Adore adult/child trench vest.  I feel like this pattern has been everywhere on my social media feeds this week.  I like this pattern (we all know I’m a sucker for a trench coat), but I don’t think I need it.  The lack of shaping on the coat is a bit of a let down for me, even though I like the collar shape and back flap details.  I sort of feel like I could replicate something similar, with perhaps a better fit, using one of my existing BurdaStyle patterns.

M7740 – A cute dress for spring.  I like the idea of the open backs, but I think these in particular would be really hard to wear with a bra.  Again, BurdaStyle has had a few similar patterns in the past that were a bit more bra friendly, so I’d likely go with one of those.

M7746 – I think the bishop sleeve is the style for 2018.  It’s odd because I like components of this dress – the collar, the dropped shoulder seam, the silhouette – but all together it feels like too much.  I think there is (at least) one too many elements going on here.

M7741 – The line drawing is incredibly dull, but the model is rocking this dress.  Definitely something where the drape of the fabric is going to be key to pulling off the look.

M7747 – I’m oddly obsessed with this pattern.  I really like the neckline, and I love the ruffle shirt in view A.  It’s light, pretty, and perfect for spring.

M7745 – Custom cup sizes.  I also really like this dress, even though it reminds me much of the dresses I was forced to choose from in the early 90s.  I think the use of the ruffle sleeves is really effective here, and the maxi dress is lovely.  Definitely giving me beach goddess vibes.

M7743 – Khaliah Ali.  I rather like the neckline in view A and B; view C feels a bit simple.  I’m not in love with the fabric they’ve used for the sample, but the line drawing has nice features.

M7744 – Normally I’d be like “boring sack dress with crazy sleeves, moving on,” but props to McCall’s for styling on this one – the belt adds nice shaping to an otherwise boxy dress.

M7742 – This is a much more appropriate pattern to give the boring sack dress with crazy sleeves, moving on” label to.  I do appreciate McCall’s attempt at styling here; I very much expect some blogger to make/wear something similar and look fabulous, but these boxy dresses just hold no interest for me.

M7755 – Learn to Sew for Fun jumpsuit.  Ok, so this looks like the easiest jumpsuit pattern ever, and I want it.  But I can’t fathom why!  Maybe it’s just the pretty abstract print on the left?  Or something?  I can’t say what is drawing me to this pattern, all I can say is I really want to make it.  I mean, I’d wear it with a belt, clearly.  Maybe it is the whole secret pajamas thing going on?  Although this is another style were bra choice is going to be complicated.  Hmmmmm….

M7756 – With the floral choice, this reminds me very much of M7577, though I like M7577 better.  The tie at the bust seems like an accident waiting to happen.  Another style where bra choice is going to be a bit more complicated.

M7757 – I love this, but I’d never wear it.  Truly, the proportions are great, and I’m actually digging the ruffle trend here.  But I don’t need to buy this pattern for an elastic-waisted wide-legged pant, and, as much as I am enjoying the vintage vibes off the cropped tops, I know I’d never actually wear such a thing out of the house.  Or in the house for that matter.

M7758 – Nicole Miller.  I think this is a case of too much volume everywhere.  The top is a bit ruffly for me, and the culottes are fine, but the combination of volume with the slightly cropped proportions really does look like she is wearing a child’s pajamas.  I’m trying to find something to enjoy here, but it isn’t working.  The pants don’t even have pockets.

M7759 – I really hate where the ruffles seam sits on the body.  It just doesn’t look right.  I think the duster could look cool, but I think the fabric would have to be much less stiff than what McCall’s used for the sample.  It stands away from the body in a really awkward way.

M7760 – Melissa Watson for Palmer/Pletsch.  I actually really like this top/cardigan.  The ruffle is a fun way to play with volume, but the rest of the top has a nice relaxed fit that skims the body.  I don’t think I need to add this to the collection, but I like it.

M7751 – Nancy Zieman.  There are aspects to this shirt that I like (the 3/4 length sleeves, the split cuffs, the use of color/print blocking), but I’m still not a fan of back buttons.  Totally unnecessary.

M7750 – Ok, another pattern I’m drawn to, but I’m shocked how much I like it!  The red top is super boxy, but I really love the clean likes that it makes with the open shoulders.  This one is on the maybe list.

M7752 – Create It! top pattern.  I feel like this is one of those patterns that has a certain youthfulness about it.  It’s not for me, but I think it could be cute for the younger generation.

M7753 – Normally I like an asymmetric top, but I’m not in love with the ruffle here.  I like the concept of the tilted notched collar, but I’m not sure how much I enjoy it in the model photo.  I think using a woven fabric ties in with the idea of converted menswear, but I don’t know how successful I think the result turned out to be.

M7754 – Palmer/Pletsch jeans.  While I think the scalloped waistband is a novel idea, I don’t think it can hide the fact that these are 100% mom jeans.  While the 15-years-old crowd seems to enjoy wearing them (ironically, perhaps?  It’s hard to say), and despite my recent foray into the high-waisted jeans department, I’m going to give these a pass.

M7738 – Learn to Sew for Fun kids clothes.  Somehow I feel like most parents aren’t going to want their kids running around in crop tops?  But I can also see the practicality of this pattern for dancewear or other purposes, so who am I to judge?

M7737 – Learn to Sew for Fun kids dresses.  A bit boring, but it should be really quick to whip up.

M7748 – The Archive Collection circa 1957.  SWOON!  I love this!  Both views are stunning.  I do wish we could see the original pattern artwork, but regardless this is joining the stash.  The neckline details of both views are absolutely beautiful!

M7763 – Costume pattern.  I rather like this.  I’m sure our historical costumers could tell me 20 ways in which it is not historically accurate, but I think it is a rather nice costume.

M7764 – Outlander costume.  Very pretty!  I feel like Outlander has been getting the pattern love from all of the companies, and from what I’ve seen online, the costuming in the show is gorgeous.  I just wish I could watch it without having to take up yet another online subscription service.

M7762 – Outlander costume for men.  I do wish it included the kilt, but the coat itself is rather impressive.

M7765 – Yaya Han cosplay pattern with custom cup sizes.  I always like the Yaya Han aesthetic; it is clearly “costume” but there is an element of fashion to her looks as well.  I really love the bolero – the sleeves are super dramatic!

And that’s it!  Sadly, I feel like my initial reaction of “oooh, yay, new patterns” got squashed a bit as I went through the release more closely.  My common complaint seems to be the lack of options to wear with a normal bra; I love so many of the looks, but I don’t know if I love them enough to go through the effort of making them, then trying to find/make/convert undergarments to wear with them.  What do you all think?  Are the floral prints and filmy fabrics enough to convince you to jump into spring sewing?  Or are you as dissuaded by the thought of dealing with complex underpinnings as I am?  Aside from the Archive Collection dress release, which I’m sure we can all agree is stunning, what are you all excited about?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

12 thoughts on “McCall’s Spring 2018

  1. I totally agree with you about the undergarment issue with so many of the patterns in this release. Unless you don’t have boobs how could you wear some of these?

    The only one I actually like and might buy is 7760, the rest I could not possibly find less interesting. I really wish pattern companies would get past the ridiculous huge sleeve obsession, the ruffle obsession and the cold shoulder obsession, and of course the ruffled cold shoulder with balloon sleeve obsession. Enough already. Please.

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      1. I love that I made you laugh.

        See McCalls 7723, 7724, 7722, 7563,7412. It really isn’t much of an exaggeration.

        M7723 view D, has to be the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life. The worst thing is people have made it!

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  2. 7750 is kind of cute, but otherwise not much really catches me. So much volume! The shorts did make me look twice, because I don’t really have any patterns for that. Much as I love Burda, they haven’t put out a shorts patterns that suits me (or I missed it, which is possible),

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  3. I found out whats wrong with pattern M7746… its the buttons! It would be pretty cute if there were no buttons down the front, if it had a zip in the back, and the hem ruffle had no split. I might make it…

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  4. Is the crazy sleeve trend as big as the pattern companies think it is??? I’ve literally seen no one at work or out and about wearing styles like this. I usually like McCall’s for being more trendy, but I can’t wear bra-less styles to work. I feel like the pattern companies are following the sleeve and cold-shoulder trends too closely at the expense of other styles. I’ve been buying almost no patterns for the last year when usually I’m a pattern-a-holic!

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  5. Ugh, so much wrong with so many of these. They look like designs a first year design student would put together. They seem to be something from someone sitting behind a computer screen pasting together the component parts: big sleeve, check; ruffle, check; off-shoulder, check; oh, let’s add another ruffle at the hem because the only thing better than one ruffle is two, check. Many of these designs are stupid-looking and unwearable. Nothing sophisticated here.


  6. I really like a lot of the fabrics and the styling here, but when I actually look at the line drawings I realise that I don’t need anything (not that that always stops me buying mind you!). There seems to be quite a bit of repetition (cold shoulders and ruffles galore) – I think my Burda magazines have everything I need for Spring covered.

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