Butterick Spring 2018

The spring patterns from Butterick have been release!  My initial thought when I scrolled through the New Patterns page was somewhere between a yawn and a don’t-need-it-not-gonna-buy-it response.  However, upon closer inspection I do think there are some worthy purchase-when-on-sale patterns in this collection, so let’s take a look:

B6554 – This raglan sleeve ruffle wrap dress is pretty cute.  I find the style lines similar to other dress patterns I own (looking at you Simplicity 2369), so I don’t need it add it to the stash, but I do like the style.

B6551 – Fast & Easy dress.  This is one of those dress/tunic patterns that I wouldn’t personally wear, but I can think of a few sewing bloggers who will likely make and rock this pattern.  The back yoke detail is subtle, but a nice touch.

B6555 – This pleated dress also feels very familiar – it makes me think of a few Vogue patterns based on a similar idea.  Another style I think it pretty, but doesn’t need to joint the stash.

B6568 – Lifestyle Wardrobe.  Not my favorite wardrobe collection from Butterick, though I do think they’ve styled it well to show versatility for spring.  However, none of the individual pieces are particularly intriguing, so it’ll be another pass from me.

B6558 – Custom Cup Sizes dress.  Ok, this is one that I can immediately appreciate as being very similar to other recent releases, but the blue gown is so pretty I just may have to get it anyway.  I’ve hit that point where there are weddings all around me, so having a stash of fancy dress patterns isn’t the worst thing, and I really like the silhouette of the long gown here.

B6557 – Another pretty dress pattern that’s going to join the stash.  I really don’t care for the ruffled sleeve floral version, but the black and white draped top is totally something I’d wear, and the gown is also on my radar.  Seems like I’ll be picking up all the impractical patterns at the next sale.

B6553 – I think the use of fabrics is really interesting here, but I’m not sure how well the shape would work for me.  I think this could be really cute though and a fun way to mix fabrics; I hope we get to see some versions on the blog-o-sphere before too long.

B6571 – Connie Crawford.  I actually really like the contrast binding on the blue dress, and the seam lines of this dress/top intrigue me.  It’s going on the maybe list.

B6552 – Fast & Easy dress.  I’m sort of torn here because I think this could look super cute as part of my Spring Hunchback inspired Sew Geeky capsule, but I also know that I probably won’t get around to it in my sewing plans, and I’m not sure how motivated I’d me to make it past that.  Another maybe for me.

B6556 – Patterns by Gertie.  This dress is really cute, and has the vintage flare that Gertie is known for.  I don’t know if there is enough here to make it stash worthy, but I do like the square neckline.

B6567 – Lisette dress.  I’m actually super intrigued by all of the seam lines and (presumably) curved pockets on the front of this dress.  I think it looks comfortable and classy; very chic for spring and an interesting sew to boot.

B6559 – This caftan/dress pattern is a bit of a miss for me, though I can see the use of this pattern if you are going on a tropical vacation in the near future.

B6560 – Another ruffle sleeve top.  It’s a total pass for me.  At this point there isn’t much to say about the crazy big sleeves, except that they are crazy big sleeves.

B6563 – Patterns by Gertie.  Another vintage inspired look.  I’ve realized that button up shirts just aren’t my favorite thing to wear, even though I *still* want to make one just for the skate of getting a perfected pattern and the skills of making one. And I do think I look good in them, but they just feel cumbersome and restricting compared to knit tops, and this high collared version would likely drive me nuts.  I do think it is cute, but in the spirit of using my wardrobe journey to better know myself, I know that this won’t be one of my go-to wardrobe pieces, so I’ll pass on this one.

B6561 – Lisette top.  I do like the contrasting yoke collar on the blue version, but I’m not in love with the giant sleeves here.  It’s definitely an inspiration to be mixed into another pattern perhaps though.

B6562 – I’m pretty sure we had a few similar styles last year from the BMV.  The boxy shape of the tops isn’t that appealing, even aside from all the ruffles.

B6569 – Katherine Tilton jacket.  I actually think this looks pretty cool!  I like the hoodie features that are mixed in here.

B6564 – Katherine Tilton tops.  Definitely in the Katherine Tilton aesthetic.  Despite my recent Butterick success, I’m still not 100% sold on the loose fitting top, but I do appreciate the added visual interest at the hem.

B6565 – Katherine Tilton pants.  I actually rather quite like these.  The style looks really chic on the models, and there are some nice details on the trouser legs, but not too over the top.  Also, the pull on pant seems to be the norm now in RTW, so that should appeal to everyone who likes an easy no-closure pant.

B6566 – I actually find myself liking this jumpsuit pattern, even though I know I have others that I like more.  I think it’s the fabric that just makes it so happy and spring-y.  Although I’m sort of over the ruffled tops, I think they work well here.

B66572 – Love this dress!  This Making History costume is so pretty.  The lace on the skirt is divine.

B6573 – Love this!  This Making History man’s coat is super dapper.  I’m totally adding this to the stash, even though I’ll probably never have a chance to use it.

The following are the See & Sew pattern, re-releases that I typically don’t have much to comment on (as they aren’t new, exactly), but want to include for completeness sake:

B6541 – Should be a nice, quick sew.

B6543 – Similar to the first dress in the main release.

B6546 – Meh.

B6547 – I like the wrap skirts, they are pretty cute.

B6548 – I do like the proportions of this jumpsuit.

And that’s it!  What do you all think?  Is this release a total snoozefest?  Or are we all lusting after impractical party dresses?  See anything you are going to add to your spring lineup?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Butterick Spring 2018

  1. I was not interested but then saw the Lisette instragram posting with ideas. The top (6561) had some cute ideas. The one with the front yoke had a pic of a 2 layered bottom (top layer being 1 to 2 inches shorter than the underneath layer) with just short sleeves. This top has possibilities and I don’t like all the big flouncy sleeves either. Also that Making History Mans coat could be cute with a pair of pants or skirt maybe in denim. The fit would have to be altered but I could really see someone looking fantastic in that over a pair of jeans.

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  2. The Lisette dress is kind of nice, and the Connie Crawford cold shoulder top is something I’d try when they are on sale… There’s a dress up there I might try too. But there are a tone of patterns in front of me just now, and finally finished a skirt pattern.

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  3. I agree with you, it seems like the same old same old. I think that I only picked up 2 of the Mccalls release. Not much interesting with the big 4 right now. I been looking at Indie patterns and found them more interesting lately.


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