Spring/Summer 2018 Burda Easy Magazine

The Spring/Summer Burda Easy Magazine has been announced!


Burda Easy is now only available in German (at least through the US subscription service), but the patterns can be pretty simple, the instructions tend to be more cohesive, and the pattern sheets are much easier to trace off.  Typically there are a few base patterns, each of which has several variations, and this release is no different.  There are actually some pretty cute styles this season, so let’s take a look!

The first style is this kimono/wrap shirt/dress.  I’m in love with the yellow dress variant, but I’d totally wear the tops too! I’d make the skirt a bit longer, but otherwise I think it is a great dress for spring/summer.  Looks cool, casual, but still rather chic.  The only question is how the wrap is attached, but based on the vertical drop in the line drawings and the close fit in the garment photos, I’m thinking there may be a hook or some other sort of closure there.

These pants/shorts are exactly the sort of thing I’d wear around the house in the summer.  The high waistband is a nice feature too.  The only think that is concerning is how strained the crotch looks in the yoga pose… These probably don’t have the range of motion for athletic endeavors, but they’d be fine as lazy about the house pants.

This is a pretty basic top/dress pattern.  I do rather like the dress from the front (the print is so happy and fun!), but the back view feels like a Burda PSA about strategic print placement.  This would be super simple to sew though, especially if you were using a coverstich and serger on a knit fabric.

I want all of these in my closet, like, now.  I’m even obsessed with the floral dress, and I’m neither a huge fan of skirt ruffles nor florals!  The striped top is totally my jam though, and the red dress (with a bit of added length) is 100% me.  I love the option to have a cowl or an exposed shoulder neckline – very fun.  And, yes, I know there are similar patterns on the market (I have a McCall’s and Vogue with a similar neckline, and a Burda with the ruched sides), but I really like everything about the pattern.  For me, this alone would justify the cost of the magazine.

Boxy raglan top.  I really like the sporty version (the black one) – super cool.  I’d probably add length, personally, but I can definitely see the modernity of the proportions here.  I’m not a huge fan of the ruffled armpits – I tried that on the December sweater and the style just did not suit.  The dress is a bit boxy and quite youthful, so I’m not as impressed by the variations here, but the basic raglan tee is pretty sharp looking.

The final pattern is a waterfall front cardigan/jacket.  It seems very similar to the patterns Burda was producing circa 2011, but I guess that means it’s time for it to cycle back around and have it’s comeback moment?  It’s a perfectly fine pattern, and I do like the way Burda has styled it with the jeans, but I wouldn’t run out an buy the magazine just for this.

And that’s it!  Overall I do rather like this issue of the Burda Easy Magazine.  I could definitely see myself wearing at least one variant of each of the base patterns, even if it was just around the house to clean and chill.  I think this would be a very stash-worthy issue, if you aren’t troubled by the lack of English instruction.  What do you all think?  Are these the sort of simple sews that you’d want for a summer wardrobe?  Or is Burda Easy too basic (and too hard to come by) to justify seeking it out?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

Also – yes, the March Burda preview is coming soon!  I’ve been crazy busy with sewing skating costumes and trying to whip out a few pieces for the Wardrobe Contest (2/6 are finished – reviews coming soon!), so I have been a bit delayed in the posting of things, but there is definitely much more heading to the blog, so stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “Spring/Summer 2018 Burda Easy Magazine

  1. I really like the wrap variants, and I find the yoga crotch worrying–it shocked me that it’s seen as ‘high-waisted’. The other versions of those pants are much more attractive to me.

    And that ruffled armpit thing looks like funny eyebrows sticking out of that shirt to me!

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  2. I really like it and would definitely pick up an issue if it was more widely available, even though I probably already have very similar patterns already!

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  3. Some very cute patterns here. The kimono and Japanese-Asian influence is strong this year everywhere. This issue is full of basics that can be aged up by fabric choice. I have been disappointed that Burda Easy is no longer available in English, but I do have a French version of one issue, which is easier for me to translate (using google translate as a last resort if necessary). The thing about Burda Easy that is great, is that the patterns are full patterns on white tissue, no tracing necessary at all, unless you want to preserve the original pattern sheets. Also the instructions are fully illustrated, step by step. Very easy to follow along in another language if you have some sewing experience already (and google translate when necessary). I think I will pick this one up or order it from German Canadian News (USA – GLP News). Thanks for the review, I too can see myself lounging around in several of these this summer.

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  4. Lots of nice things there. The kimono top/dress styles are the standouts for me. And it wouldn’t be Burda without something peculiar like the armpit ruffles. What were they thinking? Might be just about wearable in a single colour, but pink on grey? Anyway it’s a good collection aside from that.

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  5. At first glance, it was “well….” But the more I look the more there are several I would totally wear. The striped top = I love so much! And the ruched red dress… ♥ ♥ ♥ (though I’d sew it in black or dark blue). Now I understand how to sew the ruched thing.

    The “sleeveless” wrap top looks really nice too, actually. I’d bet there is some sort of inside button or something in the front? Or maybe it’s not necessary with all the wrapping… But I’d try it for sure. And…. I can’t believe I’m saying this… but those yoga pants, well, they are actually kind of nice… That kind of waist band is nice for little kangaroo pouches like mine. 🙂

    Though the T-Shirt is quite nice, the T-Shirt in the current issue with the shoulder petersham thing is, in my humble opinion, even nicer and that one is one my to-sew list…

    Great review! Will keep an eye out for the issue somewhere. Maybe at Fabricville (though it’s far from me).

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  6. These are all good. The wrap top reminds me somewhat of Burda 6664, which I have already used to make two tops and will be using to make more. That red dress pattern is a standout. A dress like that can go so many places. It’s impressive that such great looks can be made from easy patterns.

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  7. LOVE the pants/shorts. I could imagine making and wearing these. The wrap tops are nice but are just not me. Just like the wriggle dress.
    I really like the shorts – now plotting how to draft them for me.

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