Spring 2018 Simplicity Patterns

The latest patterns from Simplicity have been announced!  I feel like I’ve been a bit down on most of the Spring collections this year, and I can’t say this release has changed my mind.  I think there are lots of nice patterns here.  Certainly plenty of things that I think people will make and wear quite a bit.  But I don’t think there is much that is really outstanding.  It is nice to see more patterns in the extended size ranges though, and it looks like there are new Cosplay designers entering the Simplicity offerings.  Let’s take a look:

8590 –  A pretty basic knit maxi dress, but it is nice to see Simplicity offering more patterns in their extended size range.  I could see a very popular summer pattern.

8591 – 1960s Vintage reprint.  This is cute, but almost too sweet for me.  I guess all trends do come around; the ruffle sleeves could be from any recent pattern from the past year.

8592 – 1950s Vintage reprint.  I do like this dress, but it looks very similar to many of the other 50s reprint or 50s inspired patterns we’ve had in the past.  I think this is something I would have jumped on when I was starting my pattern collection, but at this point I think I’d give it a pass.

8593 – 1940s Vintage reprint.  Interesting to see how the shapes of the tops were much simpler then.  The top still looks really chic on the model though.  Very cute.

8594 – Probably my favorite of the dresses in this release.  The necklines are nice, and the style lines are quite flattering.

8595 – The traditional sized version of the Plus sized dress above.  I still think this will be a popular pattern.

8596 – Leanne Marshall wedding dress.  The cut of the skirt panels is quite lovely, and I think this could be quite pretty using a bias cut fabric.

8597 – I do like the shape of this skirt.  I’m sure there are similar in Burda and elsewhere, but it does look like it has nice flow and drape.

8598 – A top pattern that presumably would be paired with the skirt pattern above to create a party look.  I’m not the biggest fan of these tops; they seem rather shapeless and short.  Plus the idea of a stand alone shoulder ruffle feels like it would be really annoying to wear.

8599 – Cynthia Rowley dress.  Even though it’s just a dress with bell sleeves, Cynthia Rowley always has a certain polish to her designs that makes even my least favorite trends look more elevated.  The proportions of this are very nice.  Personally, I don’t need to add this to my stash, but I could see it being another popular pattern this spring and summer.

8600 – I’m sort of bored by this relaxed fitting top.  I like the neckline options, but I’m over the sleeve ruffles, so I’m a bit bored by this design.

8601 – Another loose fitting top.  I guess the ties add interest?  I’m not really sold on it.

8602 – More boxy tops with sleeve ruffles.  Pass.

8603 – This top reminds me of the Marcy Tilton styles from Vogue, except less cool.

8604 – Threads jacket pattern.  I do like the longer cardigan style version, but on the whole I’d skip the peplum and sleeve ruffle details.  Probably don’t need to add this to my collection, but there are some nice bones to this pattern.

8605 – I do like a nice wide legged trouser, but I think I have enough similar that I won’t be needing to add this one to my list.  I do like the silhouette though.

8606 – A wrap skirt.  I would be paranoid about a wardrobe malfunction, so I think I’ll pass.

8607 – Basic tunic and trousers.  Perhaps I’d be a bit more excited if the envelope wasn’t so grey, but, then again, perhaps not.

8608 – Romper/wrap dress combo pattern.  I do think the bodice is cute, but I’m not in love with the sleeves.  I’ve also got similar patterns from McCall’s which have more features that I like and fewer features that I don’t like, so I’ll be trying those out first.

8609 – Interesting wardrobe pattern.  I do think the pleated skirt is nice, and for those who like crop tops, the overlap here is pretty cool.  My crop top days are over (let’s be honest, I never had crop top days) so I wouldn’t add this to the stash myself, but there are some more daring fashion sewing bloggers who could totally rock this look.

8610 – Another wardrobe pattern.  I think the kimono style jacket is very on trend at the moment, and the jumpsuit is a nice backdrop for it.  I’m not wild about the fabric pairing in the model photo, but the silhouettes of the pattern look nice.

8611 – Mimi G. dress and romper pattern.  I’m not in love with the overlap skirts, but the neckline is fun for summer.

8612 – Ashley Neil Tipton wrap skirt pattern. Looks like Simplicity is bringing back the wrap skirt?

8613 – Mimi G. men’s raglan top.  Love this!  I know it’s just a basic man’s raglan top, but it looks both stylish and like something many guys would wear.  Definitely adding this one to my stash.

8614 – Baby clothes.  I am never much of an opinion on baby clothes, so, um, functional?

8615 – Mimi G. men’s overalls and jumpsuit.  Again, the model looks super stylish, but, to be blunt, I don’t know any men in my life who are fly enough to pull this off.  I’ll stick with the raglan top; I’ve got more of a use for that one.

8616 – Kids dress up dresses.

8617 – 1950s Vintage reprint kids dresses.  The artwork for this is pretty cute, but who isn’t a sucker for vintage pattern drawings?

8618 – More kids dresses.  There is a lot more seaming and shaping in this dress than most.

8619 – The ruffle trend seems to be trickling down into the kids wear quite a bit this release.

8620 – American Girl leggings.  I think this could be a very practical pattern for someone with active girls.

8621 – Kids wardrobe pattern.  Kind of cool to see something that could be a starting point for kids jeans; it doesn’t feel like we often get fully pocketed trousers for girls.

8622 – Baby crib accessories.  Again, practical?

8623 – Bear faced baby accessories.

8624 – Madalynne underwear set.  She does come up with very interesting bra shapes; I just always wonder how functional they would be for the larger busted?

8625 – Tati stuffed animals.  The bunny is actually pretty cute.

8626 – Lace up corset pattern.  I always feel like these sorts of corsets are all for show and not at all for function?  The styling over the simple top and pants is sort of interesting though.

8627 – Disney princess skirts for girls.  Cute, and I’m sure kids would love to dress up in these.

8628 – Disney poodle skirts for adults.  Actually pretty cute; I could see people going nuts with these for Dapper Day.

8629 – Fairy ice princess costume.  I’m not sure if there is supposed to be a specific reference here, but it is nice in a generically interesting costume sort of way.

8630 – Jackie Craft Cosplay armor pattern.  I may actually pick this up; I’m curious to see if this has thermoplastic instructions or if it is meant to be used with other materials.

9553 & 7173 – Vintage Reprints.  Can’t say I’m particularly excited by either of these.

And that’s it!  On the whole I think this is a bit of an underwhelming release from Simplicity.  Can’t say there are a lot of patterns I’m dying to add to the stash, though there are a few patterns I think will be very popular for the spring, and it’s nice to see new costume designers entering Simplicity’s range.  What do you all think?  See anything that has you ready to start spring sewing?  Or are you going to turn to your stash for inspiration this year?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

16 thoughts on “Spring 2018 Simplicity Patterns

  1. Once again, so many of the patterns seem the same as what is already out there. That said, I’m oddly fascinated by the 8593 poncho blouse, it looks like an easy way to have a more “fitted” top. I could see myself trying anything from t-shirt fabric to a really nice cotton thing with drape. Probably woudn’t work but I’d try anyway.

    The men’s t-shirt is definitely on my to-buy list. My son is 6 ft 3 and skinny as a needle, so it’s really hard to find t-shirts that fit him proper, so I’ll give that one a try for sure.

    Thanks for the review! I look forward to all of these!

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  2. Did you notice on 8615 (the men’s coveralls vintage reprint that MiimiG is doing a sewalong for) that the BF modeling it (he is her BF, isn’t he?) is sporting a completely different pants leg shape than what the pattern shows? They don’t match at all. What’s going on?

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    1. Yeah, I thought it was a bit odd because his trouser looked very tapered and the pattern envelope looks super bell-bottom-y. I’d be curious to see what the actual pattern pieces look like, but not curious enough to get the pattern.


    2. In the Envelope it says instructions for the slim leg can be found in some video… So options, I guess?
      I kind of like the thought of different styles for men… Men’s fashion is so samey and boring, in comparison… Now: jumpsuits for men years after jumpsuits for women. I am waiting for the ruffles to trickle down to menswear, is what I am saying. Lol.

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    3. I found the BF’s website awhile ago (http://norrisdantaford.com/) and it looks like he sews too. He puts together really colourful and fashion-forward outfits, and it is kind of fun to see something so different–and brave!–for men.

      I actually thought the wedding dress would be a cute summer dress in a shorter length. But I never get what you’d wear the Madalynne designs with, although they are really creative!

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  3. I was hoping to find something I liked here especially since I didn’t find much in the other pattern company releases but I can see Imma be sewing from the patterns I have for the foreseeable future. The good thing though is that I don’t have t make a trip to the craft store…which in my life is a good thing!

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    1. Agreed. I’ve been wardrobe planning, and thus looking through all of my pattern stash quite a bit, and I’m really appreciating the stash I do have; I’m even working on a Burda pattern from 2003 right now! I’m always sad when a release is kind of boring, but then I look at what I do have and I’m happy that I’ve been fortunate enough to build up a stash which doesn’t make me completely reliant on new patterns and trends.


  4. I felt almost all of this collection was a snooze. The vintage top is nice and the LM wedding gown is beautiful. I usually add CR patterns to the stash because like you say, her designs are typically so polished. But as I’m limiting myself to 18 patterns for the year(!), there is nothing motivating me to hit the store.

    That tee is a less cool version of a Tilton pattern, the Threads jacket is nice enough but nothing special, I might be interested in a Madalynne pattern for comfort around-the-house wear but am never motivated to buy because she doesn’t fit bras to her A-cup bust well…I have little hope that she even remotely understands fitting an F-cup like me! I think the men’s tee was a smart release. So many men’s patterns are camp shirts or button front shirts or pajamas. I do not like the two Mimi G patterns. The tied tee/top looks cool, but I think the girl looks cool and the black and white fabric looks cool! 🙂 It seems easily reproducible…

    S8609 with the cut-outs would’ve looked cooler with raglan sleeves.

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  5. I thought there was actually a bit of imagination going on here. Very hit and miss, more miss than hit, but at least not totally boring. The wardrobe patterns have a little variety. The vintage reprints…at least they aren’t the usual 50s and 60s ultra feminine stuff but why that poncho, of all the vintage patterns they must have access to?

    And I really liked the all grey 8607 envelope styling; it’s something I could immediately see myself wearing.

    Doubt I’ll be adding any to the collection though. Good try Simplicity but not there yet.

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  6. I actually really like the polkadoted reprint and the jumpsuit-wardrobe-pattern. As mentioned I also like the jumpsuit for men, though I know no one who would wear it either. But what really stole my heart is the jumpsuit/dress for the babygirls… I might just get it to have it and squeal over, because I will probably never take the time to make it for my friends daughters…

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  7. P.S.: That bra is not for me, but it seems oddly shaped for a spring pattern. Like there is two necklines to wear this with, the circle-halterneck (what is it called?) And turtlenecks. For spring, sleeveless turtlenecks?

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  8. Hi there – the comment section on your blog about make-up was not working for me, so I’m commenting here. I also have very sensitive skin and have been using mineral powder based formulae for a while. I have roseacea and need red-cancelling stuff before the foundation. I really liked a product that smash box had but then discontinued.

    I set about learning about mineral make up and discovered that it is really easy to mix up yourself at home. So now I do this for colour correctors and foundation. Considerably cheaper and always matches my skin tone. I don’t wear many colours so haven’t branched into eye shadow or lip colours yet.

    As for moisturisers and cleansers – I use Cetaphil or QV products.

    Simplicity patterns – big yawn!

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