February 2018 BurdaStyle Magazine

The February announcement of BurdaStyle Magazine has been posted!  While I don’t think this issue is quite as good as January, I do think there are plenty of great patterns this month too.  Where January felt like there were a lot of bold, stand-out patterns, this month I’m more impressed with the sort of supporting garments that help make a stylishly polished, but not too over the top sort of outfit.  There’s plenty to see, so let’s take a look:


There are several great casual dresses this month:

From the line drawing, this isn’t something I’d normally be drawn to, but I really love the look of the garment on the model.  Very subdued, but chic, while still being fairly casual.

I do rather like this wrap dress, though I find it odd to style it over top of those capri pants.  I am liking how much topstitching detail Burda is putting into their looks lately, however.

From the line drawing, this dress feels like there is a bit much going on, but I really love the way it looks on the model.  The solid pipping is a nice feature to highlight the design lines as well.

Another cute dress!  I especially love the look of it in the print, and it has a nice balance of details and simple classic lines.

This dress is certainly a bit more formal than the others, but it does have a lot of interesting details on the front.  It would be great if you need a more formal work wardrobe.

I’m really excited by the designer dress pattern we get this month.  I love the shape of this dress, and the sleeves are a great shape.

There are also lots of great tops to add to your wardrobe this month as well:

The front of this top is fine, but all the great detail in on the back.  That simple waterfall feature is a lovely soft detail.

Not much of excitement to this top, but it looks super cute on the models.  Definitely one of those tops that would looks great with a variety of different skirts and trousers.

I love this!  The line drawing is sort of odd, but the way it hangs on the body is super cool.  I’m definitely adding this one to my sewing wishlist.

Another great top.  The front is simple and pretty, and the back has a lovely tie feature.

This is one where I feel as thought the pattern looks great (I love the line drawing) but the fabric choice and styling makes it seem like it is made from cheap quilting cotton.  I think there is a lot of potential here though.

I think I prefer this in the dress version, but it is still cute in the top version.

A perfectly acceptable button-front top.

I find that the flap placement seems high on this top; yet the similar style doesn’t bother me as much in the dress version.

I also like many of the jackets presented this month:

I really like this jacket!  It’s like an elevation of a bomber jacket, and I think the combination of details looks super fresh and really chic.

We’ve seen this sort of robe inspired wrap/kimono jacket before, but it looks really fabulous in this print.

This jacket is rather simple, but the pipping gives it a nice subtle pop of color.

The pleating on this jacket is lovely.  I really like the design features here.

This isn’t my favorite parka that Burda’s ever done, but it does have a nice hood and seems very practical.

The bottoms this month are are pretty cute:

This is a nice pattern to showcase the ruffle trend in a subtle way.

I like the shape and practical nature of these cargo pants.

I’ve never felt comfortable wearing button front skirts, and I’m not the biggest fan of the fabrication here.  The pattern itself is fine, but not overly exiting.

I do love this pencil skirt though; the seaming details at the waistband are very nice.

The Burda Plus section this month is pretty fantastic:

I love this loose fitting trench coat; it has lots of nice design details while still having a nice easy look about it.

I’m obsessed with this shirt dress!  I love the shape, the collar, the sleeves… I’ll have to grade down, but I really love it.

I also like it in a simple shirt version as well.  Very casual chic.

This twist top is also super cute!  It looks simple, comfortable, and still very stylish.

I don’t love the fabric chosen for the shorter version of the jacket, but the style lines are quite nice.

This dress is cute; I think it might be more exciting in a print though.

I really like these pants!  The details are super cool.

The kids section is also full of really great practical designs this month:

And that’s it!  There is a lot of great stuff this month, though it seems rather simple at first glance.  After looking through everything more closely, I’m even more excited for this magazine to arrive in the mail.

And with that, it means it is time to choose the Best of BS for February 2018:

nc_original (4)

The bomber/tweed jacket mashup! I don’t think this is my personal favorite pattern from this magazine, but I do think it is the most innovative design and most fashion forward piece.  It is one of those designs that can be styled up or down, and that versatility makes it the top pattern for the month.

And, finally BWTF goes to:

nc_original (19)

The button front skirt.  There isn’t anything wrong with it; but comparatively, it just isn’t as exciting as the other offerings this month.

And there we have it, another month of Burda in the books.  While January was full of bold, colorful designs that were really exciting to look at, this month is all about simpler styles and subtle details that are very wearable and classic in design.  I’m really excited to add this magazine to my collection; it is the sort of issue that I think will be great to have in the future, as I think many of these design styles will be fantastic to come back to.  What do you all think?  Are you excited to get sewing from February?  Or is this issue too boring when compared to the January issue to be of interest?  Feel free to discuss this month’s issue in the comments, and be sure to stop back on Friday when I will be discussing the Spring/Summer catalog release from Burda!

24 thoughts on “February 2018 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. I do like those cargo pants and the pink trenchcoat, and a few of the tops are clever. I wish i could see more of the top above the pencial skirt. Even though it is not seemingly featured, it looks good to me. I am old enough to know that the strip of film the person is looking at is veryvery likely sideways, since that’s how they always used toread, side to sidee, so to me it looks rather silly. I agree about the skirt–I am not a fan of the fabric and I don’t think it makes the design shine at all. Enjoy what you make and show us please!

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  2. I’m completely in love with this issue. I ordered a 3 month subscription based on this issue alone. Even though I don’t fit in the Plus sizes, I’m totally going to transfer both the jacket details and the pants details to a similar pattern I already have.

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    1. Could you help me please because I d like to make the superb dress number 113 , workshop art. He end of the magazine but it seems that there s an error about the pattern … I don t find the different pieces on the c part as told ..
      I m quite disappointed . Thanks for your answer !!!


      1. It looks like this is the “extra” pattern – the pieces are shaded in pink on the pattern sheets. They typically don’t overlap those pieces, so they might extend to all the sheets?


  3. I’ve got high hopes for 2018 based on the first 2 issues although I get what you mean about this being a less bold issue. Lots of great stuff in here, the tops and jackets especially for me. I think I will start with that cream jacket with the pleats and that weird shaped jersey top has to be worth a go, really fast to make I imagine. Thanks for a great review as always!

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  4. I just recieved the January issue (yesterday!) and now I can’t wait for February… I loved the shirt dress and I’m thinking abount grading down. I’ve never done it before, any tips?

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  5. I love a lot of patterns in this month’s magazine as well, esp. the shirt dress with interesting collar.I think a shirt like this was in an issue years ago for regular size – maybe 2005/6/7, I have to dig out my collection of Burdas.I might be able to lengthen the shirt to make it a shirt dress and add the patch pocket!

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  6. On first glance I wasn’t too captivated, but upon a second look, there are a couple that stand out to me. Gotta say though, like others have mentioned, there seem to be more and more “wearables” in the Burda magazine…. Can that be?
    That business dress is really nice and looks clever, but isn’t something that fits into my life. Would be cool to someone’s make of it though… The top with the ruched neckline is definitely on my to-make list – the yellow counterpart with the shoulder-line buckle is really cute, and is on my wishlist.
    The cargo pants, strangely enough, make me want to try making pants! I ♥ cargos and haven’t had a pair in years. Maybe later on this year I’ll give it a try.
    That wonky tee shirt… it’s confusing… lol… Oh, maybe it will go on my tee shirt list. (…but… who in their right mind goes fishing in WHITE pants??)
    DEFINITELY making that pencil skirt! Love it and have been looking for just the right pattern.
    The plus size shirt dress is really, really nice! Not sure I’ll go to the trouble of downsizing, but….

    Is anyone doing the #Burdachallenge2018? I’m giving it a try and have almost finished a tee-shirt (with ruched waist) and might do a dress version if time allows, for January… I might try the shoulder-buckle-top for February…

    Oh and the jackets are awfully nice in this issue! I’ve been discouraged by my last make so will wait a bit for the next jacket.


    1. I’m not doing the Burda challenge this year, as I think I already use a lot of Burda, but this would be a good year to do it! I’m focusing on wardrobe planning, but I know I’ll sneak a few of these projects into my plans.

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  7. The buttoned front skirt would be also my “last winner”, it made me almost sad and I’m not sure why. After having “digested” this issue, the jacket with front diagnal pleating’s became my favorite: it has such a “designer” vibe in it. Thank you for your review!

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  8. This is an awesome issue. Lots of things I want to make and also a lot that doesn’t appeal to me personally but I can appreciate the design of. I am bemused by the presentation of that camouflage skirt. In the instructions there is an interesting waistline detail that they simply haven’t shown in the photos.

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