Pattern Review: BS-11-2016-109 Blouse (Stash Contest Entry #4)

I’ve been making a rather leisurely attempt at participating in the Pattern Review Stash contest, but the way I figure is that it’s sort of a collective effort to sew as much as possible, so in that sense, at least I’m contributing a bit.  This next piece isn’t much of a stash buster, using up just 1.5 yards, but I think it will be a nice addition to my wardrobe.


Here’s my version:






Here is my official pattern review:

How long has your fabric been in your stash?  I bought this fabric from Fabric Mart this year; one of my few fabric purchases.  It was a 2yd pre-cut, and has been in the stash for about 7-8 months.  I used 1.5 yards, so I’m counting this as 1 yard and will carry over the extra 1/2 yard to the next project.  Of this fabric I’ve got 1/2 yard leftover, and I expect I’ll use it as trim or pockets on another project.

Why did you make this item?  Just for stash busting or was it in your queue anyways?  I specifically bought this fabric to use with this pattern, so it was always in the queue.  It wasn’t really near the top of my list, but when I came across the fabric I thought it would be a good project for the stash contest.

Pattern Description: Women’s V-neck blouse with gathered shoulder yokes and back zip.

Pattern Sizing: Burda sizes 34-44.  I made a 40 at the shoulders and graded out to a 42 at the hip.

Were the instructions easy to follow? The instructions seemed pretty good; I sort of partially followed them but mostly put it together without them because this was a pretty simple pattern.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the envelope once you were done with it?  Yes, except the garment in the photo is a chiffon, any my fabric is opaque, and I raised the neckline.

What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern?  Likes: Quick and easy to sew, decent instructions, very chic looking top.  Dislikes: The neckline seemed super low, so I raised it.

Fabric used: A blue and white print polyester fromFabric Mart.  It has a nice hand and drape, and is a really lovely blouse weight woven.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I raised the neckline about 2 inches; Burda loved those low neckline… I do not.  Otherwise I made this top as drafted.

Would you sew it again?  Would you recommend it to others?  I might sew it again; I do like the style.  I have a lot of other patterns I want to try though, and I usually prefer knit tops to woven ones, so it might be a while before I sew some more of these.  I would recommend this top though – it is very easy to sew, and has some nice design features.

Conclusion: Really pleased with my new top!  I think it will look great with my white pants that I made for the Sudoku contest earlier in the year, or even paired with jeans.  I like the neckline, sleeves, and yoke details (even though they may be difficult to see in my crazy print fabric).  Overall I’m really happy I decided to pull this fabric out for the contest!

7 thoughts on “Pattern Review: BS-11-2016-109 Blouse (Stash Contest Entry #4)

  1. Hi, I have made this pattern too but with short sleeves as I didn’t have enough fabric. I left the neckline as per the pattern and I can honestly say it was not too low at all

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  2. Sorry to leave a comment on such an old post, but for this top, do you think I could omit the back zipper? My fabric is pretty flimsy and I’m not sure it’d support an invisible zipper, even with interfacing. (I also have a small head.)
    Thanks for any thoughts you had!


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