January 2018 BurdaStyle Magazine

The December Burda has barely been out and the January Preview is up!  I’ve been pretty excited by most of the issues from 2017, and it looks like this is going to roll into 2018 too.  I can’t wait for this issue!  I love so many of the patterns coming out next month, not to mention the styling and brighter color choices in the photography.  I’m really excited, so let’s jump into it:


Even though January might be a bit late to start sewing winter wear, there are some lovely coats in this issue:

I’ve been obsessing over this coat ever since I saw the sneak peak in the back of the December issue!  It is absolutely gorgeous.  The fringe tassels are perhaps a bit on the funky side, but I love the added details and trim.  It certainly adds to the stand out style of this coat.

The shorter version lacks some of the flair of the longer version, but it is still quite pretty.

Originally I was thinking that this was perhaps not my absolute favorite trench coat from Burda, but I find it growing on me the more I consider it.  I do like the relaxed style and flap and pocket details, as well as the very classic collar.  The raglan sleeves are a nice feature as well.

Although this jacket isn’t my personal style, I do appreciate the bold graphic design features.  It looks as though the sections are pieced together as well; it could be a fun sew for all the details in this design.

I love this!  It’s a super wearable hoodie, but the curved hem prevents it from being dull and boring.  I’d wear the heck out of this.

The dresses in this issue are also gorgeous:

I. Love. This. Dress! The drape, the simple twist details, the overall silhouette… I’ve got some solid ITY in the stash, and this pattern is demanding to be sewn up in it.  I also love that Burda did a feature in bright, bold colors – so fun!  Especially in winter when everything is so gloomy outside.

Oooh, another win for me!  The neckline detail is interesting, but not overwhelming.  I love how the seam line of the top blends into the pocket on the skirt as well.  Gorgeous!

I’m not usually a fan of the sack dress, but this does look quite nice with the belt.  The sleeves are perhaps a bit much, but I actually think the volume of them balances out this fabric print really well.  I’m oddly charmed by this dress; it’s not my usual vibe, but I’m rather drawn to it here.

We get a vintage reprint this month!  The drape of the collar is such a pretty, yet subtle detail, and it has pockets.  The sleeves are quite interesting as well, and really sell the vintage vibe for me.  It’s a pretty dress and would be quite versatile for either nice events or a more formal work environment.

Burda gives us a lot of tops this month, and I really like most of them:

Ok, so I’m not loving the volume of the sleeve as much in a plain version as a top.  In the dress, the bolt print and longer shape really create a nice balance, but here the sleeve feels like a bit much.

I know this is just a basic rectangular oversized t-shirt, but I want it!  I’d totally wear this to the gym, or just, you know, for real life.  I love the unexpected shoulder detail in the back too – a nice touch for a basic design.

I also really like this pintucked top.  Often, I feel that Burda goes over the top with pintucks and the styles feel very dated, but here I think there is a nice balance between design feature and overall style of the top.  The version with the decorated yoke is perhaps a bit western cowboy for my taste, but I could see it being very pretty in a different colorway and style.  I love the drape of the pink fabric they chose, and the collar and cuffs are a beautiful proportion.

Another basic sweater top that I’d wear obsessively.  I like it styled with the chunky belt as Burda has shown it, but I’d also wear it loose too.  It would be easy enough to add or remove the fringe trim depending on your preference, and it would likely be a very quick sew.

We get a yoga/exercise feature this month, and I have to say I actually rather like a lot of the designs there.  This top has an interesting drape on the back, which may not be the most practical for those of us with a protruding derriere, but the design itself is more interesting than just a basic oversized t-shirt.

I sort of think this top is too fancy to use for exercise, and I prefer the style as a dress, but I would consider making the top version as well if the pattern works out for me.

It’s a really simple cardigan, but it looks cozy!  It would be a fast sew, and the curved hems give it a nice flair.  I’d definitely consider adding this to my list.  I’d also consider lengthening it to wear as a robe around the house during the winter, as I’m often cold.

The bottoms this month are something of a mixed bag, ranging from exercise wear to more of a fashion statement:

I really love this skirt!  The simple fold of the fabric is a really interesting detail without being too crazy or voluminous.

This skirt is also catching my eye.  The pleats work well to create a nice shape, and pockets are always a welcome feature.

This isn’t my typical silhouette for a trouser, but I do like the way Burda has styled it here, and the belts are a fun addition.

I’m not sure how practical these leggings are?  Wouldn’t you be worried about slipping?  On the other hand, as a skater, I could see a use for it, as it would prevent the boot from rubbing around your ankle, which could be cool.  I don’t know, maybe I’m crazy.  Any yoga people out there?  Are footed leggings a thing?  Do they work?  Are they a safety hazard?

This trouser/romper pattern is the dropped crotch style I’m rather dubious about.  Clearly, they intend it for yoga/exercise, but wouldn’t the dropped crotch restrict movement?  Again, might be a weird skater quirk, but I hate a saggy crotch, as it restricts motion.  Perhaps, once again, a yoga expert could enlighten us further?

At first I wasn’t too excited by the Burda Plus selection, but as I looked at the details and overall 1930s-ish sort of vibe, these designs really started to grow on me:

The double collar on this coat is gorgeou!  The piping detail highlights it wonderfully, but the tweed version offers it as a nice, subtle detail as well.  I also love the angled welt pockets and back waistband.  Super classy.

This dress is pretty cute, especially if you love a nautical vibe.  In the floral it is just a clean silhouette, but in the solid with piping all of the design features absolutely shine.

I really like this dress too!  It would be very pretty in a lightweight, draped fabric, and it would be great in a print or solid.

I do not like the top as well as the dress, but the addition of the piping is again a nice detail that could be used on the dress version to give it some extra pizzazz.

I see what Burda was going for, but this knit top feels a bit out of place compared to the other looks in this set.  I like the neckline though, and it would be easy to toss on with a pair of jeans.

This skirt is cute!  I’m a sucker for this sort of button detail, and the pockets and waistband are nice additions to the design.

The kids section is all crazy carnival looks, but I’m actually sort of excited by some of the patterns they used:

“Ice princess and snowman” aka Elsa and Olaf.  I’m a bit surprised it took Burda this long to make an Elsa costume, but the sort of great thing is that this isn’t so costume-y that it couldn’t be used for other kids clothes.

The mermaid tail is super cute!  Pirate costumes are pretty ubiquitous, so, you know, they feel sort of whatever.  The vest is kind of cute though.

YOU GUYS IT’S RAINBOW BRITE!  AND TWINK! AND STARLITE(ish)!  Ok, 80s child blast from the past freak out is over.  But man, I would have loved this when I was a kid.  Would kids today even know what this is?  Probably not, as they seem very fixated on Youtube videos of babies receiving avocados as gifts.  But I get it, and even though none of these are costumes for me to wear, I’m going to have my nostalgia moment and be happy.

And there we have it.  Although I’m perhaps a bit too gushy over this issue, and feelings of nostalgia are swaying my sound judgement, I’m going to attempt to pick out the first top and bottom looks of 2018!

For Best of BS January 2018 I picked:

nc_original (11)

The yellow embellished coat!  How could I not?  I love it.  The contrast of the trim detail, the overall silhouette, even the tassels are a fun detail.  Burda is elevating its game, and I love the result.

Although I’m setting myself up to be told off by all the yoga experts out there, I’m giving the BWTF award to:

nc_original (25)

The dropped crotch romper.  I mean, she’s doing a stretch here and the crotch already looks strained.  It just doesn’t seem practical, and outside of an exercise context, it just isn’t a look I see a lot of people gravitating towards.

And that’s it!  The first Burda for 2018 is in the books, and I’m excited!  2017’s been a good year, but I can honestly say that, for me, this issue blows it out of the water.  I want to make almost everything.  On top of that, I’m finding that Burda’s styling choices are really selling me on styles I might have otherwise overlooked, so yay for inspirational garment photos.  What do you all think?  Is this issue too far into crazy fashionista land?  Or did Burda strike the perfect balance between style and wearability?  I love to know everyone’s thoughts, so please leave your opinion in the comments section!

32 thoughts on “January 2018 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. Oboy my list is long now… nearly all the tops are really nice, I want most of them for sure! Finally, a t-shirt that is simple but nice. The sweater top is super nice too! And the cardigan, and strangely – I like the pleated skirt, not normally my thing.

    Those leggings with the feet I might try in spring. Personally I wouldn’t worry about slipping – you’ve got your heel and front of the foot on the floor. I thing the idea is to let you not wear socks (I could be wrong). I would definitely wear them, would would be obliged to sew them, I’m too tall to buy those.

    The floor crotch things, gads I see them everywhere here. I do not like them at all.

    For sure for sure I’m doing some of these tops! Got to finish my short jacket first. For the coats, there is one in the December issue I want to try first…. The coat you sewed for your dad was beautiful and inspired me to try!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Please tell me the floor crotch thing is not a trend. It could make me nostalgic for ruffles and big sleeves when that trend finally goes.


      1. Usually Burda throws in one of these every few months, but the American pattern companies don’t usually have this style. I attribute it to Burda being a bit more fashion forward and European, but I don’t think this is a major trend about to sweep the world by storm. Could be wrong though; you never know.


      2. I’ve no idea whatsover if it is a trend, but here in Canada I have seen a good number of them in stores like Zara, Sport Expert, and H & M, while window shopping with my daughter. She does a lot of jogging and exercising, so we do visit a number of stores with sports clothing. There is a new canadian sport store with affordable sport clothes (not durably sewn at all, but it’s affordable) that I can’t remember the name of, and there was a line of these floor crotchers in a bunch of colors.

        I think it was the 90’s or so when those floor crotch jeans came out? Blech. But hey, to each their own, I guess.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The plus section is fantastic. I adore the double lapel jacket.

    I like the harem pants as loungewear, no way for actual yoga. I like the leggings without the feet because of the waistband.

    I like the twist front dress but that neckline + boobs would probably make me sad. The other one I also love but the idea of an FBA makes me nope myself right out of it. I also like the crazy sleeves way, way more as a dress than a top.

    I am making that t-shirt as.soon.as.my.mag.arrives!! It looks PERFECT for lounging! I had ignored the rectangular sweater in the preview, but based on the line drawing it seems like another Burda win. One of those plain looking patterns that end up being really nice. And the hoodie is super fantastic. SUPER FANTASTIC!!!

    So I guess I’m more into the athletic/athleisure wear this issue. Though I love the plus section. I like the long version of the coat (yellow) but I am assuming I like the color and the lovely hand stitching more than wanting the actual pattern.

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  3. Wow this issue tacks so many things from my wishlist! From simple t-shirts and throw-ons I can wear when I just don’t feel like thinking, to super intricate one-of-a-kinders I want to make just for the details. This was the best issue I’ve seen in a while.


  4. Believe me speaking as a European the dropped crotch thing is not a trend here. It’s something that Burda feels the need to do every so often. I also do not find it’s designs particularly fashion forward but feel they actually vere on the edge of frumpy.

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  5. I also really love this issue, but like most here would never wear the dropped crotch. I am on the short side. Think you would need to be very tall to pull this off. Can’t wait for my issue!

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  6. I sooo appreciate all the views you give of a pattern; it allows me to get an excellent idea of what it is and hence, I can easily see if it is something I am interested in!


  7. I do yoga and NOPE on those harem pants… no no no, that would be so annoying. Same for the foot cover tights. You would slip all over the place but agreed for skating I think it would be ok. Weren’t they originally made for skating to make sure the tights didn’t ride up… that’s what I thought in the 80’s anyway. The top with the big sleeves, no for me as I feel overwhelmed but take the sleeves off and a lovely cut in arm hole for a singlet top. The yellow coat and the nice red dress.. yes yes and actually there are many nice things to make..oh for time.


  8. I think those pants are a trend in a way. At least I kow that some German etsy patternstores basically subsist on patterns for those pants for knits and wovens, they get sewn a whole lot in the Beginners Facebook-Group, though they are “controversial” each time. But isn’t every trend? I also know them to be very popular with the “Organic-Everything”-Crowd, though more in natural-dye-linen.
    Those toed leggings are more like stirrups, since the toes and heels are free, and stirrups were a thing in the ugly Nineties… as far as yoga goes, it is better to do it barefoot, but maybe this is a solution for people with cold feet?
    Otherwise I don’t know about this issue. I like the dresses and tops, but high necklines don’t look good on me and I’ll be too lazy to draft my own…

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  9. Mine finally arrived! I agree it’s a great issue. So many things I want to make. That bishop sleeve dress isn’t my usual sort of thing but it really appeals right now: super 1970s. Also the vintage dress and the one with the asymmetrical twist front. Although sadly what looked like pockets on that one are just seamlines. Easy enough to convert though.

    One frustrating thing about this issue is that there are mistakes in the translation. Something has gone seriously wrong with the fabric suggestions. The bishop sleeve blouse is described as poplin in one place and stretch crepe in another. It looks like a lightweight crepe to me. The vintage dress is described as wool jersey and also as stretch gabardine. Also does anyone know what ‘Nicky velour’ is? It’s down as one of the fabric suggestions for the hoodie.


  10. Best Issue in a while! And although I do agree with you on the BWTF award, I already have plans to make this up –
    jumpsuit version but with cropped length – for summer and wear it every dang day. LOL But not for yoga. Definite no.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, sometimes the BWTF I have to pick out just because of how they present it… But I’m sort of excited to see how it turns out in the real world! I don’t keep stats, but I think I’ve seen more of my BWTF picks made up over the years than my Best of BS picks for sure. And a lot of times they turn out pretty cute! I could see this for hot summer day, but, no, this is not for yoga. Can’t wait to see your version.


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