November 2017 BurdaStyle Magazine

The full preview of the November BurdaStyle Magazine has been out for over a week now, but I was so rapped up in Bee sewing and fleeing natural disasters that I didn’t have time to get a review up.  But I’m having something of a sewing hangover, so rather than being actually productive, I’m just mass-scheduling blog posts and pattern previews.  Happily, I’m excited to say that the November Burda looks really good, especially if you sew in the Burda Plus size ranges.  Honestly, Burda’s been having a really great run this fall – lots of very wearable pieces that would be great to use in a fall wardrobe.  Aside from the Burda Plus section, there aren’t any real knockout designs again this month, but there isn’t really anything terribly bad or offensive either.  Let’s take a look:


November is traditionally a great month for Burda coats and jackets, and this year is no exception:

It’s another bathrobe style coat, this time with a hood.  Honestly, with the photo on the sand, my first thought was that this would be fabulous to wear to the premier of the new Star Wars film.  I’m totally getting an Obi Wan Kenobi vibe.

Cute!  Love this little jacket.  It would be very practical for California winters, and it’s got nice details.  I really like the soft gathers at the waist and the collar looks pretty cool.

This longer version of the yellow jacket is also really nice.  Even more yummy details with the zipper pockets and tie waist.  Definitely a practical outdoor coat.

This coat isn’t something I would wear myself, but I do appreciate the combination of fabrics and front snap detail.  One section is dedicated to what I’m going to call “elevated athleisure” and I really respect how Burda was able to achieve that vibe perfectly in this coat.

One one hand I think the side closure is cool, but on the other I’m not the biggest fan of the exaggerated silhouette reminiscent of the 80s power suits that’s going on here.  I know that’s the decade we are swinging back around to, and I understand and respect the social motivations for it, but it’s just not my favorite decade for fashion.

I’m always a sucker for asymmetrical details, though I think this isn’t my favorite asymmetrical jacket Burda’s ever done.  I do like all of the seaming details, but I think if I were to make it I might add some sort of a collar.

The dresses this month all seem to be variations on a theme of sheaths and flounces:

This month’s designer pattern is a bold red sheath dress.  Looks like it has lots of nice details at the seams, but the overall silhouette is quite classic and wearable.

More sheath dresses, but with a neck ruffle.  I’m not sure if I find that the flounce at the neck adds much to the design, but Burda is putting it on all the dresses this month, so apparently it’s the hot trend.  Hopefully it’s a micro-trend for this month, and not something every pattern company will make 30 variations of next year.

I find this design more appealing than the previous one – the flounce exists, but is more tailored and controlled.  Also, the zippered bodice and leg slit are pretty fabulous.

Another item from the elevated athleisure section, and I love it!  It has a cool retro vibe, but looks really chic yet still casual and relaxed.

Here the flounce is on the skirt, rather than at the neckline. I must admit I’m sort of liking this design, though I’m not fond of the colors that Burda used to put their look together.  I think with fancy fabrics this could be a beautiful dress for holiday festivities though, and with a very forgiving waistline.

The tops this month aren’t overly exiting for the most part, but they do coordinate well with the other pieces this month to create cohesive looks:

It’s hard to see what effect the tuck details have on this blouse in the photos, especially with the print, so I’ll have to wait until the magazine arrives to get a closer look.  Basically, it looks like a pretty simple blouse though.

This shirt is one that I know won’t be the best for me (I really look best with more waist definition), but it is exactly the sort of thing my sister would wear a ton.  So it’ll go on my list of things I’d like to sew for her.

Everything in Burda’s elevated athleisure section is really impressing me!  I’m not usually a huge peplum fan, but here I’m digging it.  Lots of fun ways to combine colors and fabrics in this look.

This knit top is one of those pieces that is fine – it’s got a nice little tie detail, and it’s obviously great for a print or a solid.  Nothing Earth-shattering in terms of innovation, but it is a nice top that would pair well with a lot of different trousers and skits.

This month has a nice mix of slim fit trousers and some really great skirts:

This style of jumpsuit is something I’d have bemoaned loudly just a few years ago, but I think I’m either becoming desensitized or more open minded when it comes to fashion.  That or else I’ve look at so much Burda that they’ve brain-washed me into digging their funky German aesthetic.  Regardless, I think this jumpsuit has some nice features, and I appreciate Burda’s styling it with both heels and tennis shoes.  Probably not high on my priority list, but, I think this look is pretty cute.

Enjoying the high-waisted feature of these ankle-length trousers.  The soft pleats look like this should be pretty comfortable to move around in, while still having a very classic retro feel

I sort of really love these pants!  I’m not into the whole stirrup thing, but I understand why Burda used that in the elevated athleisure look.  However, I think all the seaming details on the ankle-length trousers are fantastic, and I really want to make a pair.  These are totally on my sewing wish list.

Love this skirt!  I know it’s just a basic shape, but the seaming details make the look for me.  Love it!

I also really like this skirt.  While I’m pretty sure the gathers won’t be very flattering on me, I do like the overall look of the design.

The Burda Plus section, while somewhat small, is definitely where all of the fabulous is located this month:

Love this coat!  This is the beautiful detail that I’ve come to obsess over in Burda pattern. Look at all of those seams. And the waist detail.  And the cuffs!  Stunning.

It’s bad if I want this version too, right?  It’s the same outline, but with much simpler details.  Still love it.  I might have to grade down from a 44 because I’m pretty sure I need this coat in my life.

This shirt dress is practical look for fall.  Personally I’d go for the version without the neck ruffle, but perhaps not in that bold of a print.

This shirt looks to be the last vestige of the sleeve trend – it’s the only one with a sleeve feature this month!  With the collar it looks a bit too covered up, and makes me feel slightly claustrophobic.

The skirts this month are great – especially the longer one with the soft ruffle at the bottom.  Very pretty, and a great compliment piece in a wardrobe.

The Kids section has lots of practical pieces that are vaguely reminiscent of popular 90s fashions:

The oversized coat looks a little ridiculous, but it’s also got attitude.  The other pieces look pretty loose fitting; very practical for an active kid that’s gonna run around all day.

And that’s it!  On the whole I think it was another great issue from Burda.  There are definitely a few pieces I’d be excited to add to my fall wardrobe, but I thought it was pretty easy to pick out the top and bottom patterns for the month.  For me, the clear choice for Best of BS November 2017 was:

nc_original (24)

The gorgeous Burda Plus coat!  Honestly, this is fabulous.  I love every feature of this coat from the seaming, to the waist belt loops, the single-breasted buttons, and the contrast trim.  It would be a massive undertaking as a project, but the result would be stunning.

This month’s bottom pick, the BWTF goes to:

nc_original (26)

The Burda Plus shirt design!  It just feels stuffy and stifling.  Though, apparently, this could mark the end of the sleeve trend, which I am a little bit excited about.

There we go!  Another month in the books.  I think the general consensus is that Burda’s been hot this year, and I think this issue continues the streak.  Aside from the Burda Plus coats, there isn’t anything I’m drooling over, but there are certainly a lot of great looks that have interesting details that would also play well in a fall wardrobe.  What do you all think?  Are any of these patterns making it into your fall sewing plans?  Or is everything in this issue too much on the understated side?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

19 thoughts on “November 2017 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. Why are all the best designs in the plus section? The coat is fabulous. Just recently I feel all the best wearable designs are in the Plus Section with the standard size section tagged on. C’mon Burda please do a lovely tailored coat in standard sizes rather than the usual offering of a dressing gown or drop sleeve cocoon coat. If Burda magazine do another V neck shift dress I shall scream.

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  2. I love that yellow outerwear jacket. And I love that 80s style jacket! That kind of thing works well with a pear-shaped figure as it balances out the shoulders with the bigger hips and shows off the small waist.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great review, as always! Can you tell if the Russian Burda editions have English instructions? I’m having trouble getting my hands on Burda mags here but there are Russian editions on eBay etc that are much cheaper than the English versions available.


    1. The Russian versions have instructions in Russian. All of the pattern sheets have all of the languages (like where they put word instructions like “zipper” or “placement” or “waist,” but the instruction sheets are only English in the English version. I’ve got a couple in Russian and German, though I’d do better to get it in Spanish I think. I’ve used google translate a few times to figure out what pieces to hunt for.


  4. Begging to differ, but I think my stand outs are the paper bag trousers and the asymmetric cross tuck top with the lace sleeves. I would get this issue just for those ones, but a lot of really good options overall!
    Thank you for taking the time to review every issue, it really is helpful to get a preview.

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      1. I just love Burda. Period. Incredible value. Good drafting (mostly). Great style! And now that my sewing is at an acceptable level, I don’t even mind the dodgy instructions. I have issues going back to 2009 and I still pull them out and find styles I like making. May they long continue!

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      2. Agreed! When my family had to evacuate I totally grabbed what I consider to be the golden years of my Burda Collection, 2006-2008. I love their patterns, and the fit for me is so great at the start that I barely have to adjust.

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      3. So glad you’re safe! Though I was so surprised you are in California, I was convinced you were Russian! Probably based on all those Russian Burdas 😬

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Haha nope. I’m a California girl through and through. I just grab the images from their site because I find the layout easier to see the new releases. And Google Translate is a miraculous thing. Though I’m pretty sure by this point if I was stranded in Russia I could read the words “journals” and “jacket”!

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  5. Totally agree about the puffy forearm sleeves and the bust enhancing flappy ruffle. Seriously hope they go away and don’t hang around like the peplum trend.

    And before I read your text I wondered why you had a stars wars picture…

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  6. I loved this issue. The coats are great and I am even considering making one of the sheath dresses. They are just that bit more interesting than most officewear. Even the styles I’d never wear (twist front velvet skirt, I am looking at you) are distinctive. Well done Burda!

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